Transcension Bioenergy Crystallization

Transcension at a Glance …

Focus: spiritual subtle body
Minimum Eligibility: 42-week mark following Elucidation session
Duration: 42 weeks (9+ months)
Some Reported Benefits: oneness; unity consciousness; unconditional love (of self and others); heightened faith; inner knowing; higher guidance; greater patience; peace and tranquility; youthing; professional transformation; dramatic abundance; daily miracles

Supercharging the Blueprint

Emerging from the same “torsion” energy principles applied to human genetics as Potentiation, Articulation and Elucidation, Transcension is designed for the spiritual seeker.

Both Articulation and Transcension increase the activity of kundalini. But the degree of kundalini stimulation in Transcension, while still safe and manageable, far exceeds that of Articulation.

Indeed, Transcension “supercharges” the bioenergy blueprint.

Another important difference between these two DNA activations is that Transcension energizes a cyclical movement of torsion energy through the bioenergy blueprint similar to that experienced during Potentiation and Elucidation—whereas Articulation radiates kundalini from a fixed position in the second bioenergy center.

“As Above, So Below”

In discussing the unifying effects of Elucidation, we were touching on an understanding of the “Unified Consciousness Field” as an example of divine paradox: of the One simultaneously being the many, and vice versa.

It was stated that while the Unified Consciousness Field is experienced as a gestalt, so much so that it often is seen by clairvoyants as pure white light, this Field remains a composite of eight bioenergy fields and chakras.

The bio-spiritually balanced structure of the Unified Consciousness Field can be understood even better using the analogy of the rainbow, which serves as a model of creation.

Each bioenergy center has a native harmonic frequency whose visible equivalent manifests as a true color of the rainbow. Many esoteric traditions refer to these colors as “rays.”

Starting with the first bioenergy center, these colors/rays are always the classic ROYGBIV of high school science: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Crucially, the eighth “color” in this model is the amalgam of all true colors—white—and corresponds to the eighth bioenergy center.

In a potentiated person, the all-important eighth bioenergy center subsumes all others and links directly to the Master Field—which is the Unified Consciousness Field.

As a microcosmic representation of the greater consciousness field of the Creator, the eighth bioenergy center, when “elucidated,” becomes capable of maintaining the individual’s own Unified Conscious Field—which permeates one’s lower bioenergy centers with universal creative consciousness.

As we connect more fully to our Source and experience further healing and transformation by its unifying influx into our own bioenergy blueprint, conscious personal mastery can be understood as a very real phenomenon—encouraging a more self-actualized way of being—experienced by a relatively evolved individual.

Bioenergy Crystallization

As in Potentiation, Articulation and Elucidation, Transcension employs specific vowel combinations of sound and light to stimulate a metamorphic potential in human genetics.

The main difference (other than the time it takes to perform Transcension, forty-five as opposed to thirty minutes) is that the sound and light codes used in Transcension are themselves more “crystallized” (ordered and harmonious) than in previous activations.

By focusing on the spiritual subtle body, which acts as a “consciousness shuttle” between our Source and ourselves, Transcension establishes the possibility of a thoroughgoing transmutation of the emotional, mental and physical subtle bodies.

This fourth and final DNA activation draws in torsion energy directly from Source to transfigure the individual’s bioenergy blueprint.

Conscious evolution accelerates exponentially as the bioenergy centers—which are maintained in balance through the Unified Consciousness Field established via Elucidation—are “crystallized,” or activated to an even higher order of consciousness.

This level of conscious personal mastery—when fully integrated throughout our body-mind-spirit—allows us to live the fundamental truth that there is no difference between self and other since, in the grand scheme of creation, there is only the One.

The reality-restructuring concept behind Transcension is that it is only by knowing and experiencing who we truly are, and then allowing the Creator in us to express its wholeness through our individual lives, that we heal the world.

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