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Pay It Forward

If you would like to help spread the word about the Regenetics Method, please submit a personal Testimonial and/or review of our latest book, Potentiate Your DNA, here.

Those desirous to share Potentiate Your DNA with family and friends may be interested in our “Pay It Forward” program—which provides big discounts on orders of ten or more paperback copies.

10 Copies for $224.91 (10% Discount of $24.99) + Shipping
25 Copies for $531.04 (15% Discount of $93.71) + Shipping
50 Copies for $999.60 (20% Discount of $249.90) + Shipping
100 Copies for $1874.25 (25% Discount of $624.75) + Shipping

Books purchased through our Pay It Forward program are shipped directly from the publisher.

Please contact us with the number of books you are interested in purchasing so we can include a shipping quote with your invoice.

Also, be sure to provide us with your current mailing address when you place your order.

Thanks for being inspired to empower others with this powerful book!

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Conscious Healing

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Potentiate Your DNA

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Activate Your Potential

Reset Your Bioenergy Blueprint.

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