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DNA Monthly (Vol. 9, No. 3)

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May-June 2013 (Vol. 9, No. 3)


Download sample chapters or order your copy today at [url=][/url].Download sample chapters or order your copy today at Cayce said sound would be the medicine of the future—and I say the future is now.

Sound healing is the frontier of true holistic medicine, for sound gives us access to the quantum realm of bioenergy and empowers us to consciously modify our quantum biology for personal (and even planetary) healing and transformation.

The results I have been privileged to witness through simple applications of healing voice have been mind-boggling and at times verged on the miraculous—starting with my personal experience and extending to thousands of clients over the past decade.

Using SCIO and related technologies, independent researchers have verified that the Regenetics Method—which uses specific vowel sequences to activate DNA—significantly enlarges and brightens the aura, adding more bioenergy to the human system and encouraging detoxification and strengthening across the body-mind-spirit spectrum.

In my own case, this form of sound healing literally saved my life, resolving my mysterious autoimmune illness, while simultaneously reinventing my life by setting me on a path of profound metamorphosis in which I have become ever more fully self-realized.

My work focuses on the primacy of sound over all other energies. If light is associated with the head and has to do with information, sound connects with the heart and is about transformation.

In my opinion, it is time for us, individually and collectively, as Dennis Holtje put it, to move from light to sound.

Sol Luckman
Phoenix Center for Regenetics


1.Twelve Reasons to Have Hope in These Dark Times,” by Sol Luckman

2.Smart Phone App Fooducate Could Be Beginning of End for GMOs,” by S.D. Wells

3.Synchronicities, Energy Healing & Other Strangeness in the Field,” by Amy L. Lansky

4.Have We Already Won?,” by Ida Lawrence

Featured Video … Dr. Suzanne Humphries on the Dangers of Vaccines

1. Twelve Reasons to Have Hope in These Dark Times

Sol Luckman

Mainstream Media Peddles Lies & Hopelessness

One necessary stage of conscious evolution on our minutely manipulated planet, if we’re to be perfectly honest with ourselves, is to become a “conspiracy theorist.”

In fact, in this day and age when official lies have become the new normal, if you haven’t cultivated at least a personal “conspiracy theory” or two, you can’t consider yourself very consciously evolved at all.

Many people have swallowed the official version of the world hook, line, and sinker—and at this point, are too full of misinformation and disinformation to be able to see the plain and simple truth.

Take chemtrails, for instance. That aircraft in skies the world over are spewing toxins, including poisonous heavy metals, into the very air we breathe has been solidly established by a number of freethinking scientists and researchers.

We can debate why chemtrails exist—but surely, given the photographic evidence alone, there’s no room to doubt that they exist.

Yet skeptics abound. Some doubters are assuredly paid government shills. It has been documented that the Powers that Be employ pseudo-skeptics to spout pseudo-science to steer public debate and shape public opinion on a wide range of issues.

But most people who scoff at the notion of chemtrails are simply regular folks in denial. And who can blame them?

Denial is our first line of defense against scary stuff. What could be scarier than the idea that our planetary controllers, both in established governments and in the so-called shadow government, support and carry out a range of genocidal initiatives from chemtrails to vaccines to water fluoridation?

It’s sad but true that the world situation can be, and has been, purposely spun by the mainstream to seem utterly hopeless.

Boston Marathon Bombing

Nowhere has this phenomenon been clearer than in the laughable—if only it were not so tragic—theater of the absurd that ensued in the wake of the recent Boston Marathon bombing.

This article isn’t the place to attempt to prove or disprove who did what. Rather, I merely wish to call attention to some of the shocking inconsistencies in the official story that should raise red flags in even semiconscious spectators that this tragedy could have been a false flag.

In the words of Mike Adams, “Do we begin with the lockdown order that was actually martial law? Do we begin with the militarized masses of armed police rolling down the streets in bomb-proof assault vehicles, all in the hunt for one teenager? Or do we even attempt to examine the spectacle of the mainstream media’s agenda-scripted coverage of all this and its failure to try to blame the bombing on so-called ‘right-wing extremists’?”

To which questions I would add …

Do we recall that, despite CNN’s illogical labeling of the show a “hoax,” a past episode of Family Guy did, to quote Adams, “show the character triggering explosions with his cell phone [and] murdering Boston marathon runners by mowing them down with his car”?

Do we talk about the FBI’s being caught red-handed in a tangled web of documented lies relative to the bombing?

Do we discuss why President Obama already delivered a guilty verdict, extrajudicially and unconstitutionally, in this case, bringing Gitmo “justice” right here to the streets of America?

Or do we strap on our tinfoil hats and examine the possibility that the Boston bombing actually was a piece of theater, a wagging of the dog, which Dave Hodges has argued closely followed the “New World Order formula for false flag attacks”?

Problem, Reaction, Solution

In this scenario, which can be understood using David Icke’s famous formulation, problem-reaction-solution, the Boston Marathon bombing first created a “problem”: terror.

The “reaction,” fomented by the corporate-controlled press, which scientists recently discovered traces back to a very small nucleus of entities some call the Cabal and others refer to as the Illuminati, is one of shock, outrage, and the desire for more protection from such acts of terror.

The “solution,” presented by the savior state, which is actually Big Brother in a thin disguise, will be to introduce more rules, regulations, surveillance, and control measures.

Sound familiar? It should. It’s the exact same playbook that ran in any of number of previous false flags, from 9/11, which was obviously an insider job, to Sandy Hook—which was such an historical event it apparently caused CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s nose to disappear!

Such “solutions,” let it be noted, are always waiting in the wings before the “problems” are even introduced. The obviously prefrabricated, multi-thousand-page Patriot Act, for example, was magically produced out of thin air in record time following 9/11.

Importantly, “solutions” also have nothing to do with protecting people. Just ask the good folks of New Orleans how protected they felt in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath.

Rather, “solutions” are designed to tighten the noose on individual liberty in order to ring-fence the corrupt and parasitical System itself from the people, who are known to be awakening to its deceptions in greater and greater numbers.

Planetary Controllers Fear Global Awakening

Have you ever asked yourself why we’re seeing such an avalanche of anti-constitutional, patently fascist activity and legislation these days?

Could it have anything to do with fear, on the part of the so-called Cabal, that the somnolent masses are finally waking up to their underhanded schemes to create a one-world government to control every aspect of our lives?

Not long ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a top shady character in the global elite, expressed outright alarm relative to this global awakening while speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations—admitting that the Cabal was losing the PR battle and risked outright defeat.

Returning to the present and the Boston Marathon bombing, PressTV reported that the false flag meme has gone viral, with even Yahoo News asking who was behind this tragedy and presenting four multiple-choice answers: 1) Islamic jihadists; 2) Right-wing militia types; 3) A criminally-insane lone wolf, or 4) The Government.

Curious, no?

Beacons of Light

As a society, we are, no doubt about it, in a dark tunnel right now. But that doesn’t mean the tunnel goes on forever.

Most tunnels have an end—and that end, with its proverbial light, is usually bright indeed.

It has been said that all the darkness in the world can’t extinguish a single candle. Fortunately, there are many candles, and even some torches and bonfires, shining on our benighted planet right now.

If we can manage to drop the media-manufactured lens of fear (which, after all, stands for false evidence appearing real), it becomes clear that the actions of the Cabal are those of panicked cockroaches scurrying away from all the flashlight beams being directed at them by truth-tellers and whistleblowers everywhere.

With so much fearmongering in the mainstream media, it’s easy to believe that there is no opposition to tyranny, that the loss of our liberties is a foregone conclusion, and that it’s only a matter of time before we’re all microchipped and dragged off to FEMA camps.

But it’s not that simple. Not by a long shot. Freedom initiatives and hopeful signs are everywhere for those with eyes to see.

Taken individually, such beacons of light appear wholly overmatched by the machinations of Big Brother and his close cousin, Mammon.

Looked at together, however, these small points of light begin to shine brighter and brighter, weaving a dazzling tapestry that will, in short order, in this writer’s opinion, illuminate and erase the dark.

Following are twelve such beacons of hope that, collectively, suggest there is indeed light at the end of our existential tunnel.

1. Despite recent passage of the “Monsanto Protection Act,” courtesy of one very corrupt senator who has yet to meet his karma, pushback against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food is increasing by the day. As studies about the dangers and nutritional deficiencies of GM food keep pouring in, multiple states are pursuing aggressive GMO labeling laws, Whole Foods just announced it’s phasing out GMOs altogether, and the smart phone app, Fooducate, will potentially render such labeling superfluous. In all probability, we’re witnessing the “end days” of GMO and the dawning of a healthier food culture worldwide.

2. The failed policy of prohibition of marijuana, like that of alcohol before it, is on the verge of being put out of its misery. Nearly sixty percent of Americans favor legalization, almost half of the states have medical marijuana, and two states have legalized pot for recreational use. Regardless of where you stand as to the merits of cannabis, which is proven to address numerous medical conditions, the situation constitutes a huge victory for civil liberties. Legalization will also put real medicine in the hands of the people while weakening the market for pharmaceutical poisons. Additionally, legalization will provide fertile ground for industrial hemp, which has the potential to “green” any number of industries while revivifying local economies. Finally, the farcical “War on Drugs” will be put on life support and our prisons can be emptied of nonviolent “offenders” to make room for those who really should be incarcerated: our “leaders.”

3. On the subject of … gardening, guerrilla gardening is all the rage, both as a form of nonviolent protest against the “statist quo,” and as a way of bringing real organic food to people who need and want it. Ron Finley, who recently gave an inspired talk on the subject for TED, has led the charge, creating a new cultural phenomenon in the process. Writes Carolann Wright, “In an act of rebellion against the food desert of South Central Los Angeles, [Finley] began converting a small strip of city land into a free organic vegetable patch. To most, this may seem like the simplest of feats, yet the outcome brought a community together, roused children to make positive choices and launched a new movement of renegade gardening that transforms neighborhoods and lives.”

4. Even as the surveillance state encroaches into our lives with unmanned drones seeking to make privacy a thing of the past, many municipalities and states have enacted or are considering legislation to make warrantless drone spying illegal. Moreover, proving that even the good guys don’t have to let a crisis go to waste, one company is on the verge of making publicly available technology to disable the ability of drones to spy on us.

5. For anyone watching the steady erosion of individual rights and the encroachment of the police state, the abject failure of the federal government’s anti-constitutional attempts to deny Americans the right to bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment is a breath of fresh air. I don’t believe in violence, but I do support the right to defend oneself against tyranny (re: “enemies foreign and domestic”). With astounding foresight, our founding fathers built in this protection for the people by the people with exactly the type of draconian scenario we face in mind. For anyone who might have been persuaded by revisionist history to believe otherwise, Gandhi himself advocated the right to bear arms, writing, “Self-defense ... is the only honorable course where there is unreadiness for self-immolation.” Though a pacifist by nature, I’m comforted that many Americans—ones who haven’t been sleepwalking—have witnessed the rise of Big Brother and seen fit to arm themselves to the teeth in preparation for revolution, peaceful or otherwise.

6. Speaking of revolutions, there’s a major one underway in the field of 3D printing. If you’re not up to speed on this paradigm-altering technology, you can get a glimpse of how it works and its enormous potential by watching any number of YouTube videos on the subject. As a side note, 3D printing basically makes top-down gun control a moot point. Fortunately, the reach of this technology doesn’t stop here, as one inventor is nearing production of a 3D printed car that could revolutionize auto manufacturing (by taking it out of the hands of big corporations and turning it into a local cottage industry) and gas mileage standards (by making a cross-country trip possible on as little as ten gallons of gas). Other developments in 3D printing include printing medications and even human cells and body parts. Can anyone say “homegrown”?

7. “Free energy,” according to some, is a misnomer, since energy must come from somewhere. With this caveat, so-called free energy technology is popping up all over the place—starting with relatively mundane versions such as solar energy and the Green Turbine, and quickly evolving into more “exotic” working concepts: replacing silicon with graphene to produce energy, a new nanomaterial that can generate both clean water and energy, the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), and so on. If I were to pick the one development that could, in isolation, undo the entire despotic System we live under the fastest, it would be placing free energy in the hands of the people.

8. Perhaps this is why in the newly released disclosure film to end all disclosure films, Sirius, Dr. Stephen Greer puts such emphasis on free energy technology—which he makes abundantly clear already exists and could be made available in rapid order if the Powers that Be seeking to suppress it could be circumvented. In the process, Sirius leaves little room for logical debate, even from dyed-in-the-wool skeptics, about the reality of extraterrestrial life. Then again, skeptics, who are shown by author Brendan Murphy to routinely ignore massive swaths of evidence when it comes to the supernatural and paranormal, have never been very logical. Happily, the majority of people, being far more rational, can see and process the incontrovertible proof, presented in SIRIUS and elsewhere, that we’re not alone. Disclosure constitutes a major stepping stone to becoming not just earth citizens, but responsible galactic citizens, with all the advances in quality of life this evolution will bring about.

9. Clearly, for those not invested in the old materialism, a new scientific paradigm focused on the role and power of consciousness is on the horizon. I’ve been writing about this development for years—and am gratified to see it gathering steam. While the scientific thought police still try to keep freethinking scientists in check, as shown by the recent TED censorship of Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock (and even Deepak Chopra), the tide is turning away from pseudo-scientific delusion (“we are all just predetermined genetic robots inhabiting a mechanical universe”) toward scientific reality (“we are all active participants in a vast field of consciousness that is the universe”). This is good news for the people of the world, for it validates and empowers us collectively, while stripping the mendacious System—which has always promoted the dialectic lie of its all-powerfulness and our utter powerlessness—of its veneer of legitimacy.

10. Ever heard of MeshNet? If the Internet is ever truly compromised, it could be a blessing in disguise because MeshNet will replace the Internet in short order. Yet another decentralized platform designed to allow people to reclaim their privacy and sovereignty through open-source, peer-to-peer networking, MeshNet is, according to Josh Harkema, “an alternative to the Internet, with no centralized authority, making it impossible to censor or shut down.” MeshNet not only has the potential to level the playing field between large corporations and enterprising small groups and individuals; by creating a thriving underground economy, it will slowly but surely erode corporate power and return power to the people.

11. Speaking of the decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer revolution, unless you’ve had your head under a rock, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin. Tailor-made for a genuinely democratic network such as MeshNet, Bitcoin is already a success as an online payment system that, unlike Paypal, bypasses central banks and government controls while keeping transactions private and practically free. Bitcoin can be sent or received globally, from any country, with minimal regulations, restrictions, or fees. While some in the online trolling community would have us believe bitcoin is a Cabal-sponsored psy-op, its open-source design makes it very difficult for any hierarchy to control. Some have gone so far as to suggest that bitcoin (along with cryptocurrencies in general) represents an evolution in consciousness, in that we’ve gone from needing money to be tangible (gold and silver), to accepting paper fiat money, to embracing virtual currency. And if by chance an EMP wiped out the global electronic grid and erased all digitized currency, how would this be any different from the tradition—found in many ancient cultures and getting a lot of press these days as well—of the occasional “jubilee” when all debts are simply erased, giving people everywhere a fresh start?

12. Finally, we come to BRICS. For years independent researchers Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock have claimed that there exists a “global alliance” of nations who oppose the New World Order agenda centered on Europe and the United States. That this alliance, which reportedly came together during the so-called Monaco Accords a couple of years ago, is real in some measure can no longer be doubted—as the BRICS nations, including Brazil, Russia, India and China, have now established their own central bank to compete with the BIS and Federal Reserve, while unofficially destroying the dollar’s status as world reserve currency by creating numerous exchange agreements among themselves. Clearly, the era of the petrodollar is coming to an end—and with it, in my view, will end the tyrannical System of control that is Western finance.


There are so many other beacons of light I’ve not had space to discuss here: the states’ pushback against the NDAA, the death of TV culture, environmental breakthroughs such as new biodegradable plastic bottles, indoor urban vertical farming, Beppe Grillo’s rise to power in Italy.

In all, there’s a vast amount of evidence providing grounded hope that our world is in the process of profoundly transforming itself and our lives.

My hope is that I’ve given you food for thought that things aren’t nearly as bad as they seem—and that a new world, not a New World Order, awaits just at the edge of today’s darkness.

Copyright © 2013 Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

[Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method and Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method. For information on the “revolutionary healing science” (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method, check out View Sol’s paintings and learn more about his work at]

2. Smart Phone App Fooducate Could Be Beginning of End for GMOs

S.D. Wells

One of the biggest obstacles holding people back from eating healthy is easy access to resourceful information about chemicals in foods, natural remedies and supplements, and new choices that can be made right in the store.

If only technology made something for your phone so you could scan every product’s barcode and get a quick, reliable summary of what you’re really getting.

For instance, is it GMO? Does it contain gluten? Am I allergic to the ingredients?

Guess what? The smart phone app already exists, and has been around a few years, but hardly anyone knows about it. That's all about to change with Fooducate (

Planet Earth is chock full of natural resources, foods that heal the body, herbs and mushrooms that build immunity, extracts and seed oils that cure diseases.

If no food scientists ever took any of it into a lab and cooked it with chemicals, there would be far less disease and disorder, far less obesity and cancer, and far less need to put a huge filter on everything you consider purchasing.

Not everyone has a smart phone, but millions do. If you are not one of those fortunate owners of a smart phone, you might want to bring a friend or loved one who has one along with you when you go to the grocery store to buy food.

You see, most people don’t read articles every day about chemicals in foods and food agents that destroy health. Most people don’t do any research at all about what they ingest.

They just ask a few questions here and there and maybe look things up on the dreaded WebMD, or even worse, they watch The Doctors or Doctor Oz on TV and believe everything they see and hear.

But consider this: if a TV show, or an online allopathic reference, or some magazine runs pharmaceutical advertising for their revenue, then they will lie to you about food and nutrition, or they face the consequences of losing their “sponsors” and “big bucks” from advertising toxic medications.

These “resources” can only dabble in actual good health advice because they want you to believe everything they print or cover is the truth, but it is not. Often, it's just the opposite.

Remember the old saying, “Let your fingers do the walking”? In other words, let your fingers do the research, if you don’t have the time or energy.

The Fooducate smart phone app will uncover the lies, food toxins and food criminals—and expose them right on the spot! If you read labels at all, you can read the Fooducate app even more easily.

Now you don’t have to try to figure out what all those long crazy words or ingredients mean that you can't even pronounce.

You will know if foods include GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, toxic food colorings, aluminum (heavy metals), gluten, MSG, aspartame, or other cancer-causing, heart attack-breeding junk that’s in even many “natural” foods.

Even organic foods can be checked for a rating, so you can make a fast judgment call as to whether you want the ingredients of a particular product to get past your “body guards” and enter the temple of your soul.

Just Scan the Bar Codes of Everything You Consider Eating

Find out what is GMO or is non-GMO in seconds.

Find out if something is vegan, vegetarian, and organic—instantly.

Filter out wheat, gluten, food colorings, and food allergens.

Get a quick calorie count and fat content (specific to the good and bad fats).

Want to give it a try? Just go to the “play store” on your smart phone under applications and search for Fooducate, or click here.

No more excuses. It's time to heal your body and launch yourself into the natural and organic world of energy, vitality, and longevity.

“Fooducate” Yourself

Educate yourself. Realize that because of huge corporations, the United States sells the most toxic food in the world. But you can put guards at your gates by getting this free smart phone food app.

Don’t waste time wondering what you’re eating ever again. Just scan the bar code, read a short description, and look at the rating.

Fooducate rates foods and beverages on a scale from A to D. There are ten distinct grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, and D.

These grades are based on nutrition, ingredients, and processing (if any). Fooducate also accepts feedback if you disagree with the app’s rating.

Kill or Be Killed in the Land of GMOs

Take the “die” out of your diet right now. Get the bug killer and weed killer out of your food. Don’t buy pesticide food. You can “kill” disease before it starts killing you.

Never let it into your system in the first place. Protect your cells so they won’t mutate. Basically, if you filter out GMOs from every shopping experience, you’ll be filtering out the chemicals Big Food is putting in vegetable seeds and on weeds, all of which cause cancer in humans.

The long-term research is in, so it is reliable … and scary. Pay attention. Get this five-star app today and start scanning bar codes. It's that simple.

The End of GMOs?

The best part of the Fooducate app is that it gives concise explanations along with a grading system developed by scientists, dietitians, and concerned parents.

I believe that if everyone started scanning bar codes with the Fooducate app and used the GMO/non-GMO indicator, there could be a wave of millions of people who avoid GMOs entirely in the near future.

Then maybe, just maybe, we could put an end to GMO altogether.

Copyright © 2013 S.D. Wells. All Rights Reserved.

[S.D. Wells is a writer for Natural News at, where this article first appeared.]

3. Synchronicities, Energy Healing & Other Strangeness in the Field

Amy L. Lansky

[The following article is adapted from Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within.]

One piece of evidence for the holographic nature of nonstandard fields that have been proposed in recent years—the zero-point field (a candidate for the unified field), the psi field of psychic phenomena, Ervin Laszlo’s Akashic field, and the morphic field proposed by Rupert Sheldrake—is that they all share a common feature: sensitivity to similarity in vibration.

If a holographic image has many different holograms embedded within it, shining a laser of a specific frequency upon it will cause only those holograms made with lasers of the same frequency to stand out. That’s because things with the same vibration naturally resonate and reinforce one another—just as two violin strings at the same pitch resonate with one another.

This property of resonance has also been used to explain how each of us might interact with mysterious fields like the psi or Akashic fields … People pick up only that with which they personally “resonate.” Each individual’s resonant frequency, determined by one’s life experience, physical body and energy body, limits what one can perceive.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance also depends upon similarity in vibration. Members of the same species, being “on the same wavelength,” are able to tap into information that pertains uniquely to them.

And while members of an entire species might be able to tune into a fairly broad spectrum of frequencies (think of Carl Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious that humans supposedly tap into), smaller, more tightly connected groups—such as members of the same family or loving couples—resonate in more focused zones of vibration; they have access to their own “private frequency.”

In fact, Sheldrake goes even further and suggests that morphic fields can explain how human memory operates. Instead of being stored in our brains, he suggests that memories are stored in the morphic field. Our brains then pick them up via resonance, like radios tuning to their own private stations.

The existence and importance of similarity in vibration has also popped up in psi experiments. For example, individuals gifted at psychokinesis—the ability to affect physical objects with the mind—have described the experience as a feeling of resonance with those objects.

A fascinating body of evidence has also been uncovered by Dean Radin and his colleague Roger Nelson at Princeton’s PEAR lab. Researchers at PEAR found that connected couples can influence random event generators (REGs) more effectively than individuals working alone.

Because of this phenomenon, Radin and Nelson decided to test for even larger field effects by using these random devices as “antennae.” First they placed REGs at events where people were all focused on the same thing and therefore “vibrating” similarly—for example, at music festivals, religious events, and even at the Academy Awards. The results were as predicted; these venues did indeed cause the machines’ outputs to deviate from the norm.

Then, in 1997, they decided to place REGs at fifty locations all over the world, run them continuously, and see if they could pick up on major world events. The results were astounding.

Over the next ten years, Radin and Nelson studied the machines’ reactions to 205 major world events and discovered that they did indeed respond to events that were intense on a global level—especially those that were tragic.

The most striking effects occurred in response to the events on 9/11, which caused the largest daily average correlation between the machines’ outputs. Even more amazing, this correlation became noticeable a few hours before the first of the twin towers was hit! An instance of collective precognition?

Each individual’s resonant frequency, determined by his or her life experience, physical body, and energy body, limits what he or she can perceive.

Whereas world events less horrific than 9/11 probably evoke more varied vibratory responses in people (and therefore do not resonate and amplify each other as well), truly frightening events tend to evoke a more common, coherent response. As this study showed, when nearly all of the people on Earth “got onto the same wavelength” on 9/11, even machines noticed.

Synchronicity & Fields of Meaning

Similarity in vibration has also been used to explain the phenomenon of synchronicity—“coincidences” of seemingly unrelated events that share a common meaning. A well-known illustration of this phenomenon was described by psychiatrist Carl Jung, the originator of the notion of synchronicity.

One of Jung’s patients was recounting her dream about a golden scarab beetle when he heard a rapping on the window. When he opened it, a rose chafer beetle—the insect most similar to a scarab in Jung’s region—flew into the room.

Jung quickly put two and two together. He realized that the mythological meaning of the scarab—an ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth—was highly pertinent to his patient’s problems. And this was also the reason why the insect had appeared in waking life.

The phenomenon of synchronicity demonstrates a key point—the universe may not be operating like a cold, meaningless machine after all. Instead, the reality we experience each day may be flooded with fields of meaning. One field might embody the horror and violence of 9/11. Another field might be associated with hope for rebirth.

"Beckoning Sea" 2013 © Leigh Meredith"Beckoning Sea" 2013 © Leigh MeredithEach field of meaning has a particular vibration, and objects, individuals, emotions, dreams, and events with similar vibrations tend to resonate with one another and then co-occur. This is what creates synchronicities. In fact, various theories of quantum physics require the existence of synchronicities.

Think about it. There may be another fundamental mechanism at play in our universe besides cause and effect.

Most of us think that everything that occurs in our world is due to some causal mechanism. A causes B causes C. However, synchronicity—the co-occurrence of events within the same field of meaning—may be another fundamental reason why things tend to happen. Many things in life that we think are due to cause-and-effect or mere coincidence may actually be due to synchronicity.

Here’s an example that occurred while I was writing this book. My husband Steve and I had long admired Rupert Sheldrake’s work on morphic fields but had never met him. To us, he was a brilliant scientist living faraway in England. However, in September 2008, just as I was working on the section of this book that describes his work, Steve got word that Sheldrake would be giving a talk at his research laboratory at Sun Microsystems.

Now please understand: talks about things like the morphic field are not commonplace in computer research labs. In fact, Sheldrake’s talk was poorly attended. But it just so happened that one of the lab’s researchers had met Sheldrake in Scotland and had invited him to speak the next time he was in our area.

When Steve heard about Sheldrake’s visit, he asked if I could also attend, and we both received an invitation to have lunch with him the next day. Before I could even finish writing about Rupert Sheldrake, I was sitting and having lunch with him! Coincidence? Or synchronicity?

A Meaningful Cure

The powerful influence of similarity in vibration has also made its way into healing. In fact, it is the very foundation of homeopathy—an alternative medical system originally developed in Germany in the early 1800s.

The word “homeopathy” literally means similar (homeo) suffering (pathy), and practitioners of homeopathy choose medicines for their patients based on a principle of cure called the Law of Similars. This principle can be described as follows:

If a substance is shown experimentally to cause a specific pattern of emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms in healthy test subjects, then that substance can be prepared so that it can cure individuals suffering from the same pattern of symptoms.

In other words, homeopathy is the science of healing based on similarity of vibration. The Law of Similars essentially says: “likes cure likes.” Bring two things of like vibration together—a remedy and a patient—and the effect will be a cure of the patient’s disease.

Here’s a simple illustration. We all know the common effects of drinking coffee: wakefulness, a mind full of thoughts, excited happiness, acute senses, and sometimes heart palpitations and diarrhea. These symptoms are manifestations of the vibration of coffee, and coffee imparts these qualities to those who drink it.

Now, if a patient comes to a homeopath seeking help for chronic insomnia, and the insomnia is characterized by an overactive mind, excitement, acuteness of the senses, heart palpitations, and diarrhea, it is likely that the homeopath will prescribe Coffea Cruda—a remedy prepared from coffee.

That’s because this patient manifests the same vibrational qualities as coffee. And if the remedy is truly homeopathic to the patient—that is, if coffee’s symptoms match his or her overall emotional, mental, and physical state—it has the potential to completely cure the insomnia, not just palliate it as a sleeping pill would do.

Of course, the most controversial thing about homeopathy is not the Law of Similars, but the way in which homeopathic remedies are made. The process, called potentization, involves a sequence of steps in which a substance is repeatedly diluted and vigorously shaken.

In fact, for most remedies, these dilutions are so extreme that they do not contain even a single molecule of the original substance! Nevertheless, homeopaths have found that the higher the dilution, the more potent a remedy can be. They believe this is possible because the energetic signature of a substance is captured by the potentization process.

In other words, potentization enables the innate vibrational quality of a substance in nature to be unleashed and harnessed. It is this vibration that evokes the symptoms caused by a remedy, and it is also this vibratory signature that enables the remedy to cure a similar vibratory state in a patient. Like vibrations cure like vibrations.

Water: A Potent Carrier of Information

Although homeopathy has been the target of skeptics and critics since it was developed by physician Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s, open-minded scientists are finally beginning to get an inkling of how the remedies might be working.

Recent studies have shown that the encoding of information in homeopathic dilutions is not about their chemical composition; it’s more about the bonding structures between the molecules within them. Apparently, the shaking process (also called succussion) performed during homeopathic potentization is the critical step that develops these structures.

In 2007, a prominent researcher in the field of structured water, Professor Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State University, showed for the first time that extreme homeopathic dilutions are not mere water, but highly structured arrangements of water molecules.

In fact, various types of instruments in Roy’s laboratory were able to pick up the distinct signatures of different remedies, even at levels of dilution in which no remedy substance likely remained. Homeopathic experience has shown that these unique signatures can then be transmitted to dry pills, and that the power and distinct effects of these pills remain stable indefinitely if they are stored properly.

Interestingly, the potentization process can be used to capture the energetic signature of any substance, not just those used to make homeopathic remedies. This has been shown repeatedly by several independent scientists in replicated studies.

For example, consider the work of Jacques Benveniste, a French physician and medical researcher in the field of immunology who helped discover platelet-activating factor in 1972. Unfortunately, Benveniste’s career was set upon a rocky course when a colleague encouraged him to study the phenomenon of potentization.

His first paper about the subject described how antibodies of immunoglobulin E (anti-IgE) could be potentized beyond Avogadro’s number (the point at which it is unlikely to find a single molecule of a substance remaining in a dilution) and still cause substance-specific effects.

When Benveniste published these results in the prestigious journal Nature in 1988, he came under a barrage of attacks that lasted for the rest of his life. But perhaps this wasn’t surprising. Benveniste’s work had essentially shown that any drug could be potentized and still remain effective.

That means that billions of doses of any drug could be produced for pennies—information that drug companies would spend a fortune to attack and suppress. And in fact, there is evidence that a worldwide campaign to discredit homeopathy has been funded by the pharmaceutical industry for this very reason.

Despite the attacks on Benveniste and his subsequent loss of government funding in France, he continued his work and came up with even more astounding results.

Because he suspected that the potentization process conveys an electromagnetic signal into the water of a dilution, he developed an apparatus that could digitally record it. He then transmitted this signal electronically—via email—to a distant laboratory, and had it “replayed” into water there. Amazingly, the resulting water caused the same effects as the original substance.

Benveniste eventually conducted several blinded experiments using this protocol. He published a paper in the Journal of Clinical Immunology in 1997 that described one such experiment, in which a specific antigen was potentized, recorded, emailed to Chicago, and replayed into water in a Chicago laboratory.

This water did indeed cause antigen-specific effects on isolated guinea pig hearts. I saw Benveniste present this paper at Stanford University Medical School in 1999. The large lecture hall was standing-room only, but the audience was politely incredulous.

Of course, Benveniste’s new results in what he called “digital biology” were even more mind-boggling and threatening than his original paper in Nature. Not only could billions of doses of a substance be prepared cheaply using potentization, but its signature could be emailed and imprinted into water essentially for free.

Despite the fact that other initially skeptical scientists have successfully replicated his work, acceptance of Benveniste’s work remains for the future. Perhaps, with the growth of a new consciousness in the scientific community, that future will arrive sooner rather than later. Indeed, in 2009, new research conducted by Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier confirmed the same kinds of effects that Benveniste described.

The Meaning of Disease

The power of potentization is one of the landmark discoveries of homeopathy. It provides us with a method for capturing the energetic signature of any substance in nature.

But perhaps even more significant is homeopathy’s therapeutic principle, the Law of Similars—because it says something specific about how fields of meaning operate and interact. There may even be a direct relationship between the Law of Similars and synchronicity.

The late psychiatrist Edward Whitmont was a student of Carl Jung and eventually became a homeopath. In his book, Psyche and Substance, he speaks at length about the relationship between homeopathy and synchronicity.

Psychiatrists have long known that patients sometimes alternate between specific physical symptoms and specific mental or emotional symptoms. In fact, when mental symptoms are present, physical symptoms often vanish, and vice versa. This phenomenon is an illustration of the fundamentally psychosomatic nature of disease—that disease manifests in both the psyche (mind) and soma (body).

Homeopathy and other holistic medical systems have long recognized that disease is a body-mind affair. That is why each patient manifests a unique pattern of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms—a pattern that is an outward representation of his or her vibratory state.

As Whitmont points out, each homeopathic remedy is also associated with a vibration … The Law of Similars states that bringing together the vibratory pattern of a patient and the similar vibratory pattern of a remedy can be curative.

The reason this is true, Whitmont suggests, is synchronicity … Homeopathic remedies are curative because they share the same synchronistic field as a disease and therefore can replace it within a patient’s body.

Hahnemann proposed essentially the same explanation in the early 1800s for the operation of his remedies upon what he called the dynamis or vital force—the energetic etheric field that encompasses the physical body.

The fact that homeopathy has worked for millions of people for two hundred years says a lot about the power of the Law of Similars. But it also says something about fields of meaning and their relationship to us in disease and in health.

Just as the dream of the golden scarab said something meaningful about the psychological state of Jung’s patient, holistic practitioners recognize that each person’s unique manifestation of disease is not merely the result of genetic inheritance or the accidents of life—it is a reflection of a field of meaning vibrating at the core of one’s being.

Paranormal Medicine?

A couple of other phenomena witnessed in the homeopathic world are worth mentioning. Because they border on the paranormal, they are rarely openly discussed. Both tend to occur during proving—the homeopathic drug trials.

The object of these trials is to see what pattern of symptoms a substance will create in healthy volunteers. Today’s provings are conducted using modern techniques like double-blinding and placebo controls. Thus, some test subjects (called provers) are given placebo while others are given the actual remedy.

Since the trials are also blinded, neither the provers nor their supervisors, who collect symptom information, know who has been given a real remedy or a placebo, nor the identity of the substance being tested. Nevertheless, the following kinds of phenomena have been observed during many trials.

First, it has been noticed that the moment a prover forms the intention to participate in a proving, he or she often begins to experience symptoms that are later found to be characteristic of the remedy—long before the trial actually begins.

While this doesn’t happen to all provers, it happens frequently enough to be noteworthy. By simply intending to join a remedy trial, a prover may enter into the field of meaning of the remedy substance. Just as paranormal phenomena often defy the normal constraints of time and space, the fields of meaning created by homeopathic remedies may as well.

The second remarkable thing about provings is that the symptoms developed by provers often directly reflect the nature of the substance from which a remedy is made. This is most obvious in the case of remedies made from animal substances.

Consider, for example, the blind proving of Androctonus conducted in 1985. Even though the provers did not know that they were taking a remedy made from scorpion venom, they developed the following kinds of symptoms: overconfidence; contemptuousness and defiance; lack of feeling and cruelty; quarrelsomeness and deceitfulness; the delusion that they were about to be assaulted and a malicious desire to injure others; suspiciousness; a lack of impulse control; anxiety and fear ameliorated by walking around; aversion to company; and a feeling that one is alone or separated from the world.

Notice how evocative many of these symptoms are of scorpions—violent, cruel, and antisocial. Indeed, this remedy has been effective in treating patients with serious mental illness. In my book about homeopathy, Impossible Cure, I describe the case of one man who, thanks to Androctonus, experienced a cure of severe allergies and headaches, as well as a significant lessening of arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The man was an avid hunter, obsessed with guns and knives. He told his homeopath how he would wait until his prey came to him and how he could sense and communicate with them.

Interestingly, scorpions also let their prey come to them, and they can accurately detect their victim’s location by sensing its vibrations. After taking Androctonus, this hunter was not only alleviated of his physical problems, but he also became much less interested in his extensive collection of weapons.

Think about it. The process of potentization may provide us with a method for accessing the very essence of the natural world.

Just as Merlin the Magician showed the future King Arthur what it was like to be a fish or bird, a prover who takes a potentized remedy may learn what it’s like to be a scorpion, a dolphin, a flower, or even a mineral! Our entire universe may be intricately and intimately interconnected through vibration and meaning.

Copyright © 2013 Amy L. Lansky. All Rights Reserved.

[Amy Lansky was a NASA researcher in artificial intelligence when her life was transformed by the miraculous homeopathic cure of her son’s autism. In 2003 she published Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, now one of the bestselling introductory books on homeopathy worldwide ( Since then, Lansky has broadened her investigations to include ancient and modern teachings about consciousness, psychic phenomena, meditation, and our collective power to evolve and transform our world. The result is her newest book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within (]

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4. Have We Already Won?

Ida Lawrence

Years ago, in conversation with my martial arts teacher, I told about a dilemma I was experiencing and said to him, “I don’t know what to do.” He said, “Why are you thinking about it so much? Just do the right thing.” I muttered something like
Okay, thanks, realizing in that moment that I didn’t know how to just do the right thing.

I had to figure out what the right thing would be. I would have to think about the consequences of this action, and the consequences of that action, and the way people might respond, and how I would be affected. My process was to consider different perspectives and think it through, get it confirmed by a few other people, and then decide.

Reasoning, considering, rationalizing, doing what we think we should, getting the nod from others … These are normal behaviors in the Western world. Yet, by the condition of things, and considering how much time we put into such things, it appears we haven’t progressed very far in our “rightness” with this approach.

A young friend gave me this phrase: “You don’t know what the right thing is. I tell you what the right thing is!” He said that’s what they yell at you in the military.

We were in conversation about the powerless feeling he experiences when he looks at what’s going on in the world.

“What can I do about radiation from Fukushima? Nothing. What can I do about chemtrails, or pharmaceuticals in the water, or GMO poisoning, or false flags, or bank fraud, or prison for profit, or a hundred other things? Nothing. And then there’s all the stuff we don’t know about. It’s too much. Makes me feel defeated already, and I’m only twenty-six years old. I’m supposed to be building my life!”

My friend has enough self-respect and truth in him to admit that he has been had. He’s open to finding another way.

So, let’s talk about the mind’s method of determining good, which we’ll call the greater good. After that we can explore the potential of the heart’s good, which we’ll call the higher good.

In our world, the greater good is determined by a top-down system of control. The presumption that is sold to us is that the top knows what humanity requires. They must allow the few to suffer so that the many can enjoy a good outcome.

The people who are supposedly the best at this “knowing” make decisions that affect all who exist beneath them. Now, if the top 10, or 1000, or 100,000 were infused with love of all humanity, love of the earth, love of truth, well … we’d all be good, wouldn’t we?

But as it turns out, they’re not. What are they infused with? I truly don’t know … and I’m hopefully not going to meet one to find out. They live in a dimension I’d rather not enter.

They are responsible for so many deaths, so much suffering, so many lies, so many secrets, so much plundering, so much mass programming. Allowing the many to suffer so that they can gain more for themselves, they do the opposite of the greater good. As Stuart Wilde says, “It’s all backwards.”

Could there be light in this dark picture? Well, of course there could! We are not left without light. In fact, there are millions of lights across the world—some of them a flicker, some a bonfire. It appears we human beings are starting to break from the programming.

We’re eating better, foregoing the pills, turning off the TV, nurturing our spirit, rejecting the government’s official story, learning the extent of the darkness, and connecting with each other in a synchronistic, heart-centered way.

Do you suppose the people who make up the support structure for the elite ever question whether they’re doing the right thing? I imagine they do. They’re human.

While in their minds they may defend the choice of serving the powerful, in their hearts, in their quiet moments, they may be wishing they really could know what the right thing is, and once they know, have the courage to do it. We’ve seen a few, haven’t we? They are the heroes who spill the beans.

So, if the greater good, in this day and time, is code for “lock ‘em up tight, kill the light, and take everything,” then what is the higher good?

First of all, the higher good cannot be found by looking up to the sky or elevating your ego. Higher good is not higher than the mind. It’s lower: about a foot or two. What is bad, what is good, what is right and what is wrong can be known only on the inside—within the human heart.

The heart works differently from the mind. It does not climb up; it extends out. The mind’s ego breaks down as we examine our internal conditioning, become aware of external programming, and work to become more authentic … to be able to feel.

We want to be able to feel right and wrong directly without having to engage in reasoning, and without having to turn to someone on top to tell us. But as we begin to work on ourselves, we find there are many obstacles.

Self-interest is an obstacle. Fear is an obstacle. Laziness, emotions, rigid opinions, desire, hidden anger, self-destructive habits—as you can see, some dedicated cleanup is required before a new direction can be taken. We have to change our way of being.

Imagine a martial arts student who buys the uniform, purchases the book, and becomes intellectually engaged in learning, but is not willing to train or feel the muscles hurt or take hits.

Any time we want to change, we have to enter into the training, get hit, feel the pain, and stay the course. The inner journey involves dedication to making it real.

And the strange thing is … life really is a “life or death” training school. The life we achieve in this training is that of our spirit.

I started on this journey long ago, and chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been on it as well. My encouragement to you is to trust the work you’ve been doing, keep up your training every day, find a good teacher if you’re ready, and connect with people who share your love of the human spirit.

Yes, as my young friend realizes, we’ve all been had. It is all backwards. There is no greater good to be found in the system of control.

But there is a higher good to be found within us—and the control system cannot keep us from what is unfolding within and shining out.

Will we win in the end? No doubt. We have already won.

Copyright © 2013 Ida Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

[Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has authored two books on racial justice and human rights and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment, and related subjects. Ida is also a certified Tai Chi instructor with a special interest in helping seniors and the disabled with Tai Chi and Chi Kung practices modified for their use. Her goal in life has been to find answers to the question of “why” and then to explore the question of “what is.” More of her work is available at her personal blog,]


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