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Work with the Developers

Sol and Leigh, the Developers of the Regenetics Method, are available to facilitate remote DNA activation sessions for clients personally.

With over twenty years of combined experience with this Method, Sol and Leigh are Master Facilitators whose mission is the development, elaboration, sharing and teaching of Regenetics.

Contact us to get started on or continue your healing path today!

For international clients, a translation function is available in the sidebar. We also are able to communicate en français and em português.

Work with a Certified Facilitator

If you prefer to work with a certified Regenetics Method Facilitator in your country or who speaks your language, a complete and updated Index of all active Facilitators who have been trained by us is available here.

Make sure the Facilitator you choose for any Regenetics activation 1) is currently listed in this official database and 2) has certification in the particular level(s) of this work you wish to experience.

Read about how to become a certified Regenetics Method Facilitator yourself and earn income by offering this uniquely empowering form of sound healing to others.


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Conscious Healing

Read the Book. Experience the Method. Activate Your Potential!

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Potentiate Your DNA

Consciously Heal & Transform Your Life!

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Activate Your Potential

Reset Your Bioenergy Blueprint.

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Facilitator Certification

Become Certified in this "Revolutionary Healing Science" (NEXUS).

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