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Since 2004 Regenetics has proved to be an extraordinary blessing for tens, even hundreds of thousands of people around the world, many of whom had given up hope of ever getting back on their feet again (sometimes quite literally!) before learning about this uniquely powerful healing method.

You can check out out some of our absolutely mind-blowing Testimonials here.

Ever since 2021, as you may know, inflation has eroded the US dollar as deliberately engineered supply chain issues have increased the cost of doing business across the board on an unprecedented scale.

Simultaneously, we're regularly informed by clients and health professional colleagues that Regenetics remains significantly underpriced given the life-altering effects it can produce by way of as little as a single 30-minute session. Many far more costly modalities, while often beneficial, simply fail to provide the "bang for your buck" that Regenetics can.

Given these facts, we've made the difficult decision to increase our prices as of August 15th, 2022, at which point the fees for individual DNA activations, special packages, Facilitator certification courses, and shipping will all go up. This increase will also apply to Regenetics Gift Certificates.

If you wish to benefit from our current lower fees for any of our products or services, now's your chance before the new prices go into effect in August. Pre-purchasing activations, packages and trainings for later in 2022 and even beyond is encouraged. Lock in your lower prices today at ...


Keep in mind that you can still save 25% if you pay with bitcoin, but this may be changing in the future as well ...


You can also save with our sliding scale for Potentiation by registering for our next Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony at ...


Thanks so much for your continued support!


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