New Client & Existing Client Upgrade Special!

Now is the perfect time to begin or reengage your path of conscious personal mastery with the Regenetics Method. Accelerate your healing and transformation by taking advantage of our current Regenetics Upgrade & New Client Special!

Through January 31, 2021, new clients can take $25 off the first activation in the Regenetics Method, Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning
. If you are a new client, click here to purchase Potentiation. After submitting your payment, please contact us with your full name, date of birth and location (for timezone conversion) and we'll promptly get you scheduled for your session.

Existing clients of the Regenetics Method, as well as individuals who have performed their own Potentiation by reading POTENTIATE YOUR DNA or participated in a Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony, can upgrade to the Core Regenetics Series or Advanced Mastery Program at substantial discounts over sessions purchased one at a time.

Save money today on moving forward with the Regenetics Method by pre-purchasing your Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement, Elucidation Triune Activation, and Transcension Bioenergy Crystallization.

"If you wish to have a greater conscious experience of yourself as a spiritual physical being, the Regenetics Method is definitely for you."
David Masson, Montreal, Canada

Attention Self-Potentiators & Others Currently at the Potentiation Level:

You can experience Articulation at the 5-month mark of Potentiation and Elucidation in another 4.5 months, at the end of the 42-week Potentiation cycle. Transcension can then be experienced once the 9.5-month unfoldment of Elucidation is complete. You can pre-purchase an upgrade package, for which you will receive a receipt via email, if you are not yet ready for the next activation. Please see our Timeline & Principles for more information about the progression of the activations.

Upgrade Prices

For those who have only experienced Potentiation (whether through a Facilitator, our Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony or self-Potentiation):

Core Regenetics Series: $370
(includes Articulation & Elucidation)
Save $60 over purchasing activations individually

Advanced Mastery Program: $590
(includes Articulation, Elucidation & Transcension)
Save $100 over purchasing activations individually

For those who have experienced both Potentiation and Articulation:

Core Regenetics Series: $190
(includes Elucidation)
Save $25

Advanced Mastery Program: $425
(includes Elucidation & Transcension)
Save $50 over purchasing activations individually

For those who have already experienced Potentiation, Articulation and Elucidation:

Advanced Mastery Program: $235
(includes Transcension)
Save $25

Contact us with questions or to schedule your next session.


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