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DNA Monthly (Vol. 7, No. 8)

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November-December 2011 (Vol. 7, No. 8)

Notable & Quotable: Divine Synthesis

Clearly there is a wealth of evidence suggesting that the ancients were absolutely convinced that major events would be heading our way as we go through the shift into the Age of Aquarius. We’ve seen proof that the Maya calendar corresponds to real cycles in the solar system that may well be driven by the galaxy … We’ve seen many ancient prophecies describing the coming of a Golden Age, where humans would again be as gods. This obviously shows us much more is at work than just a major catastrophe …

“All these ancient traditions suggest that humanity is undergoing some type of evolutionary event. The Tibetan Rainbow Body observations give strong support to Biblical prophecies suggesting that we may transform into some sort of energetic body—the Perfected Body …

“Obviously there is no way to know if we will transform into a light body of some sort—but we do now know that we are going through a rapid phase of evolution, on a direct, biological level. Our civilization has grown by leaps and bounds within the last few hundred years … One thing is for certain: the old models of a human body as a random genetic accident that only showed up on earth by Darwinian mutations must be thrown out … [W]e have suffered under a variety of illusions about who and what we are that have kept us trapped in a prison of materialistic thought. Our bodies grow out of, and are nurtured by, a hidden energy field [which] ultimately unifies all of our thoughts together as One.”

SOURCE: David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations


1.Global Revolution Underway,” by Daniel Pinchbeck

2.The Importance of Being Imminent,” by Sol Luckman

3.Eleven,” by Richard Merrick

4.Cosmic Consciousness: The Evolution of the Human Mind,” by Mary Desaulniers

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1. Global Revolution Underway

Daniel Pinchbeck

The recent global rally in over 600 towns and cities worldwide was a momentous event. A month ago, the Occupy Wall Street movement managed to pierce the veil of the matrix. The puncture has now become an unsealable rip in the fabric of Empire. Gas is escaping rapidly from the balloon.

We are seeing the inception of a global insurrection that will not end until the dominant system is overthrown and replaced through a planetary metamorphosis.

The mainstream media continues to play down the Occupy phenomenon, critiquing its lack of specific demands. Specific demands are pointless, because the entire political, social and economic system in which we exist has rotted out from the inside.

Demands would suggest that there is a way to reform the present system, but no reformist initiative is possible.

As someone who wrote about the prophecies of indigenous cultures such as the Maya and the Hopi, I believe the time we are in is one of constantly accelerating transformation.

The process we are undergoing as a collective organism leads to an evolutionary leap of consciousness on a species level. This mutation happens within the next few years—it is already happening now.

As part of this process, we will develop an integral worldview, a holistic perspective that realizes the value of indigenous and traditional knowledge systems without rejecting the scientific and technical developments of modern times.

The Occupy movement has erupted as a planetary outcry against economic and social injustice. The consciousness movement has to discover its voice as a part of this movement.

The revolution will be spiritual in essence—or it is doomed to repeat the horrific mistakes of the past, and fail.

As of yet, we lack the language to express the new world that supersedes the old one, even though we feel it in our hearts. The new paradigm that is opening before us demands that we take care of the human family as a whole, redistributing wealth and resources equitably.

At the same time, we must cease our destructive assault on the planetary ecology, and engage in a deep practice of environmental restoration. Since the current economic system makes this impossible, we must develop, design and distribute a new system for exchanging value.

The technical genius of humanity needs to be redirected from creating state-of-the-art video games and stock trading programs to strengthening natural resilience, building self-sufficient local communities that grow their own food, and launching social technologies that support collaborative decision-making and nonviolent communication.

The path before us requires voluntary renunciation and voluntary simplicity to reduce our burden on the earth. Therefore, the old paradigm that sees accumulation of wealth and immediate material satisfaction as the goal needs to be rejected collectively.

We are going to step into a new realization of our purpose—of the meaning of human life, in itself.

We are going to remember, and relearn, what every ancient civilization and traditional culture tells us: that our lives have a spiritual meaning, above all.

"World Unfoldment" 2011 © Sol Luckman"World Unfoldment" 2011 © Sol LuckmanExistence in this world is an initiatory process to prepare us for the transition to other conditions of being, other worlds or bardo realms beyond this one.

The duality of spirit and matter also needs to be overcome. Indigenous people do not recognize this dualism—they do not imagine spirit to be above or outside of this realm, but within it.

Instead of a sky religion, their spiritual practices are rooted in sensuous connectivity with the earth. In a sense, indigenous cultures are much more truly materialist than our society, as they see the essential value of the natural world as an expression of the Creator, and do not try to impose abstract systems on it.

Our civilization has been ruled by a mindset that sees life as a means rather than an end. In the past, guilt and postponement were inscribed in a religious creed that put off redemption to some distant future.

Recently, science replaced religion with a fundamentalist vision of technological progress, leading to a time when humans merge with silicon or create artificial intelligences that succeed us. This is also a delusion that keeps us alienated from the living present.

We don’t know what it will be like to live in a society where life is realized as the end in itself—where we seek to benefit the collective by nurturing and supporting each individual. We can only anticipate that it will be wonderful to find out.

The consciousness movement has the sacred task of integrating our understanding of spirit and Psyche into the rapidly unfolding movement for planetary justice and social regeneration.

This global movement is part of an initiatory process for humanity as a whole that will bring about a transformation of both the individual and collective ego-structure.

The goal is not the destruction of the ego but the attainment of an ego-free state: liberation from the tyrannical demands of the ego, which can never be satiated.

Similarly, we don’t want to see the smashing of current institutions, but their alchemical transmutation, so they support our human community and safeguard the resources of the natural world.

Humanity, as a whole, is rapidly losing our appetite for violence and destruction. We are increasingly sick of the negative patterns of the past, and ready to overcome the inertia.

As part of this process, it would be great to refine messages that express the integrative state of consciousness in social and political terms, and use the viral power of social media to disseminate them.

Among the literature being distributed at rallies and occupation zones, a set of documents could explain the value of non-ordinary states of consciousness, initiatory experience, and shamanic practices.

It would also be great if holistic healers, yoga instructors and practitioners of a vast array of alternative spiritual technologies visit the Occupy encampments and offer their services, free of charge, along with other forms of advice and instruction.

I am sure this is already happening to some degree; it is increasingly a quality of this time that events proceed faster than my ability to articulate or respond to them.

While that is humbling for a writer, it is beautifully satisfying for anyone who has awaited and anticipated, so impatiently and for so long, the metamorphosis that is now underway.

Copyright © 2011 by Daniel Pinchbeck. All Rights Reserved.

[Daniel Pinchbeck is the internationally recognized author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism. This article originally appeared on Daniel’s blog on Reality Sandwich at and appears here with permission. Follow Daniel on Twitter at!/danielpinchbeck.]

2. The Importance of Being Imminent

Sol Luckman

An unofficial survey conducted by yours truly of Internet messages of hope over recent years from writers purporting to foretell our planet’s destiny reveals that our personal and collective salvation is eminently “imminent.”

Whether we look at the geopolitical writings of Benjamin Fulford or David Wilcock, or the channeled messages from Salusa, Saul or Matthew, to name only a few, by far the most rehearsed term to describe our fast-approaching turnaround to the light in the face of what seems to many a growing darkness is imminent.

To be imminent means to be impending, or about to happen. According to the aforementioned visionaries, Earth is on the verge of some dramatic improvements in many areas—inevitably leading to the long-prophesied “Golden Age.”

The problem for many readers is that such a global transformation has been “imminent” for years, and that little actually ever seems to change—unless, perhaps, it’s for the worse.

I myself have issues with the use of the word imminent, as well as its synonyms in various messages, where the planetary controllers are often described as being on their “last legs.”

Given that the planetary controllers, according to these hopeful prophets, have been on their last legs for years now, always on the brink of bankruptcy or some other collapse leading to a more equitable redistribution of power and wealth, the question begs asking, “How many legs do these guys have?”

Having vented as to my beef with the word imminent, let me clarify that, in the main, I actually agree with the messages that point to a happy ending—or happy beginning—for humankind sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Clever skeptics have suggested that these messages are a form of shadow government psy-op to keep the masses drowsy—and not taking to the streets—through regular doses of “hopium.”

But it’s one thing to get the exact dates of a transformational window wrong, and quite another to intentionally plant disinformation.

"Mitosis of Worlds" 2011 © Sol Luckman"Mitosis of Worlds" 2011 © Sol LuckmanFar be it from me to wholly discount such messages simply because their timing seems a little off. In the grand scheme of things, we’re talking about a monumental transition between World Ages, each lasting thousands of years.

What are a few months, or even a few years, spent in anticipation of a new beginning that, when it finally comes, will make everything we went through while waiting seem more than worth it?

And let’s not forget a crucial truth capable of turning even hopium into gold—or a Golden Age.

For years now, I have explored in detail how consciousness creates our individual and group realities. Indeed, I propose that consciousness plays the central role in generating a wide range of human experiences.

The fatal flaw in the hopium argument is that when you get enough people believing something—for example, that the world is about to change for the better—chances are the world will, in fact, undergo a positive transformation.

This is a critical mass, “morphogenetic” phenomenon capable of revolutionizing everything in an instant that is well understood by the planetary controllers—who would never, in my opinion, under any circumstances, play with this kind of fire.

Check out biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s groundbreaking research in morphic fields to learn more about the tremendous power of collective consciousness to alter outcomes.

In addition, you might enjoy googling the related concept of the Hundredth Monkey Effect proposed in the 1980s by biologist Lyall Watson—where when a new idea finally permeates group consciousness, instantaneous change can occur on a massive scale.

Then there’s the well-publicized Maharishi Effect, where a small group of individuals, by simply meditating, were able to lower such things as traffic accidents and violent crime rates over an enormous land area and population base.

So, you see, it ends up being of utmost importance that we remain imminent in our thinking and beliefs, our impatience be damned, and ride the wild tides of these times with some faith that we’ll reach the promised shore.

And if we can do so, inevitably we’ll move away from being constantly imminent, as we experience a profound shift in our personal and collective consciousness into being immanent—at which point we will learn to embody a much greater part of our true selves.

But that’s a story for another day.

Copyright © 2011 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

[Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His numerous books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method and the newly released Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method. For information on the “revolutionary healing science” (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method, check out Sol is also author of the Beginner’s Luke Series of seriocomic novels that hilariously foreground the role of imagination in creating our individual and collective reality. Characterized by Reader Views as a “modern-day Alice in Wonderland” and by Apex Reviews as a “mind-bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast,” Beginner’s Luke is also, as literature professor Niama Williams has written, a “spiritual journey that you do not want to put down.” Share the Adventure of an imaginary lifetime by visiting View Sol’s paintings and learn more about his work at]

3. Eleven

Richard Merrick

Something very interesting happens when we are in flow with nature.

Over the years, I have found that the more I trust my intuition, the more things seem to fall into place of their own accord.

Rather than try to control or force things to happen a certain way, I came to view events as all interrelated in some way—like harmonics on a guitar string—and my job was to find the potential harmony in them.

Living life like a surfer on an ocean of harmonic waves, my philosophy was to catch the right waves at the right time to make the most beautiful music.

While this may sound too abstract or metaphysical to be of use, I assure you that this worldview has proven to be very pragmatic indeed.

I have convinced myself time and again through both empirical scientific evidence and firsthand experience that events occur in an orderly way according to harmonic principles and not in an arbitrary fashion, as most believe.

Everything in society, from market and financial trends to our daily business interactions, is synchronized and inextricably bound.

I started noticing this in the late 1980s when I was hired into a product management position at a leading graphics software company. Since this job required greater responsibility and autonomy, I made many decisions every day about what was important to our customers and which features should be in our products.

As I began to pay closer attention to market trends, I learned to let the trends flow through me—imagining some as small ripples and others as large waves—while I performed the job of focusing them into a coherent and unified probability wave into the future. I came to call this process harmonic thinking.

Over time, this intuition about how the world worked became more and more a part of my decision-making, both personal and professional. When I started up an interactive multimedia company in the early 1990s and then later an Internet company, my harmonic thinking philosophy really made a difference.

Not that I didn't have to work hard at what I did and make personal sacrifices along the way, but my efforts were tempered by a deep belief in the physics of music.

Seeing myself as a conductor, I wasn’t so much forcing things to happen as I was trying to make sense from what was already happening. When I did this, things always seemed to fall into place.

During the final years of my last company, I noticed that things began to fall into place at an increasingly accelerated pace. The order in which various events occurred seemed strangely synchronized, as if everything were being self-organized to achieve maximum potential.

The right people would submit their resumes at just the right time or the company would win exactly the right client at the critical moment to move things ahead. Even turns in the financial markets, appearance of disruptive competitors or passage of new federal regulations seemed perfectly timed to help rather than hurt.

Recognizing these events as harmonically interrelated, I watched dumbfounded as a chain reaction of what Carl Jung called “synchronicities” guided me toward selling my company within an extraordinarily narrow window of opportunity.

But the synchronous events didn’t stop there. I immediately began writing my first book, Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory, triggering an even faster pace of synchronicities.

I began “stumbling across” the scientific papers I needed at precisely the right time to help me solve a problem. Or, someone would send me a link to an article or website that would open up a new area of investigation, crucial in retrospect.

Then the dreams began. I started having very lucid dreams where I would meet “people” who taught me things and even suggested what I should do next.

I would find myself in a library, a study, in an office, on top of a building or on a street corner talking with characters dressed in everything from medieval cloaks to business suits about what I was working on.

In every case, I would wake up the next morning with problems solved or new ideas to pursue, usually with no clue about how it would relate to my book, but it always did.

Whether these dreams were my subconscious (whatever that is) trying to work through an unresolved problem or a collective of independent intelligences trying to help me did not matter. The point was this uncontrolled series of dreams really did help me write a most difficult book.

But if this weren’t enough, one other thing started happening. I began to notice that whenever I would unconsciously glance at the clock, the minutes past the hour were more often than not the number 11.

Now, this would never occur when I really needed to know the time—only when I happened to glance over at the clock. It might read 2:11, 9:11, 5:11, or at unusually significant moments 11:11.

I mention this because this eleven synchronicity seems to be happening with other people, including my own daughter. A few months ago, my daughter of eighteen years said to me:

“Daddy, why is it every time I look at the clock, it always says something-11? This has been happening to me for months now and I don’t understand how that could happen.”

To be perfectly clear, I had not mentioned this to her or anyone else before then; nor had I written anything about it or discussed the subject with her.

Needless to say, I was shocked that she experienced this enough times that it had begun to worry her and eventually motivated her to work up the courage to tell me about it.

My only reply to her was: “I don’t know, honey. It’s been happening to me daily for about two years now. I think it has something to do with becoming more aware and connecting to Nature.”

To this day, we each continue to “see elevens” six or seven times a day whenever we glance at the clock unthinking. At first I thought this might be explained as a normal probability distribution, but I calculated the chances as follows:

Probability of seeing the minute hand at 11 in a given hour: 1/60 = 1.6666667%. If we assume: 1) twelve time checks a day, each in a different hour; and 2) six of these occurrences show the minute hand on 11, then the probability of seeing elevens in a given day is: 1/60/2 = 0.833333%.

Base on these assumptions, there is less than a one percent chance of seeing the minute hand on eleven in a given day. This is far more improbable than the 50% random occurrence we might expect.

If this were to continue day after day, then “seeing elevens” within a given week or month becomes even more improbable. Obviously, something else is going on here.

"Alignment" 2011 © Sol Luckman"Alignment" 2011 © Sol LuckmanI would like to suggest the conditions that cause this and perhaps other such synchronicities to occur, but before I do I need to properly define the word “random.”

Most of us think random is an unpredictable and purposeless event, totally disconnected from anything else. But the truth is this definition is a myth of Newtonian-Cartesian mechanics.

There is absolutely nothing in the universe that is random, even though most everything appears random due to a lack of understanding or information.

I discovered this mind-blowing fact during my graduate computer science studies, which I reconfirmed again and again in later years through linguistic analysis and a variety of online analytics. But rather than bore you with these stories, I will tell you another true story that illustrates what I mean.

Early in the morning hours, a hungry armadillo wakes up and decides to go foraging for food. An hour earlier, a bleary-eyed truck driver climbed out of his bed to get ready for a long day of cross-country travel.

As the armadillo happens near a freeway, the truck driver and his big rig appear on the horizon. Then, just as the innocent creature sets foot on the freeway, the giant truck runs him over, adding one to the littered bodies of other animals along the same stretch of road. Sad, but this is not a random coincidence.

If the driver’s passenger had been writing down the locations of the other road kill they saw during the day, adding this armadillo to the list, she might think it all random and disconnected. After all, look at the different kinds of animals and vehicles involved.

Consider the different reasons for the trips that day, the number of distractions and stop lights, pauses to refuel or grab breakfast. If this isn't the very definition of random, what is?

But contrary to what we might expect, when the road kill data is sorted and charted by the distance between each event, the graph will approximate a known mathematical distribution called a Poisson distribution.

With a small sampling of, say, 25 animals, it would create a rough approximation of a Poisson (or fishtail shaped) curve when graphed. But with a larger sampling of 100 or 1,000 such events, the distribution curve would be amazingly smooth almost as if each event had been timed perfectly to fit!

There are many more such examples of this same thing occurring all around us, but suffice it to say that the distance between events across a population is actually predictable and non-random.

In fact, it is impossible for the distribution to be anything other than a Poisson distribution, within some small variance. Thus, we might conclude that none of the events preceding this particular day is random either.

So what is it so magical about the Poisson distribution that it can reliably predict the frequency of something so “random”? Would it surprise you to learn that this is a special case of the more general Gaussian distribution, also known as the “Bell curve”?

And would it also surprise you to learn that both human eyes and ears focus incoming light or sound according to a Gaussian distribution and that our brain and body are shaped according to a reflected Gaussian distribution?

Would you believe it if I told you that the latest neurophysiological studies have confirmed that neurons in our brains always fire according to a Gaussian (non-random) distribution inside our brain’s cortex?

If you stop and think about it for a minute, how else could such statistical models predict so many different things in Nature?

It may sound incredible, but I convinced myself of all this years ago. While developing an early search engine in the 1980s, I noticed that every collection of magazines, newspapers, legal documents, letters and other correspondence (in any language) exhibited a word frequency that always followed the Poisson distribution, creating a remarkably smooth distribution curve.

I became so convinced of this observation that I input my company’s entire software source code library, finding that programming languages also follow the Poisson distribution and that this curve could be used to predict the number of bugs (software defects).

I was shocked to learn that there was nothing I could say or even think that wouldn’t fit beautifully into a predictable Poisson curve after a minute or two.

Again, what I am saying here is that nothing is random, at least not how people think of random. Everything happens as a result of other events which then occur as a result of things before that and so on.

Where does it all start? It starts with the very first thing that ever occurred: the creation of the cosmos as a single vibration.

I eventually found a way to prove that even harmonic waves on a guitar string follow a spatial Gaussian distribution. Music and our perception of it are directly tied to the non-random distribution of harmonics in all things, from the Gaussian distribution of electrons spaced harmonically in an atom to the Gaussian spacing of the planets in our solar system.

In this way, we can truthfully say that nothing is really random, unless we redefine random to mean “harmonically complex.”

Randomness should not mean things are disconnected or purposeless—only that we don’t know all of the connections involved. We simply don't have enough data to understand the purpose of many of the things that happen around us, but there is a reason.

This now leads me to my explanation for seeing elevens.

I suggest that the more aware one is of natural processes and thus guided by a natural, “built-in” intuition, the more one thinks harmonically in time and “resonates” with natural cycles.

I say this because within a Gaussian distribution the most resonant proportional location is, in fact, a 5:3 ratio, equal to 1.6666667.

You may recall from above that this is the exact probability of seeing an eleven in a given hour!

When we are at our most intuitive, anyone is equally likely to land on the sweet spot of the Gaussian curve—the region right around the Poisson distribution, as it happens—and start seeing elevens. When allowed, I would bet that any brain will maximize its potential at this resonant proportion.

Of course, it might be pointed out that all of this presumes a clock divided into sixty minutes in an hour (and twenty-four hours in a day) and that my argument would fall apart if we divided an hour by one hundred or some other number.

You would be correct; however, you would be presuming no rationale for why our clocks are based on sixty minutes and twenty-four hours over any other division.

The fact is a day is divided into 1,440 minutes, which is harmonically balanced as 120 x 12 and approximated in terms of the “squaring of the circle” as (Pi / Phi^2)^2 times 1,000.

Fortunately, those Gnostic timekeepers of yore understood something precious few do these days. They understood that harmonic physics forms the foundation for all things and really should be used to create a timekeeping system in accord with nature.

Maybe this is why the Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/12 at 11:11 AM.

Maybe someone knew all those market and financial trends, social and cultural priorities, planetary and atomic processes would unconsciously realign themselves at this moment, imploding in time toward a common purpose only to explode back out into something new, something more synchronized with nature’s cycles.

Of this we can only hope and wait.

© 2011 by Richard Merrick. All Rights Reserved.

[Richard Merrick is an independent researcher on the history, theory and applications of harmonic science. To learn more, visit]

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4. Cosmic Consciousness: The Evolution of the Human Mind

Mary Desaulniers

Richard Maurice Bucke’s claim that man is evolving from simple consciousness to cosmic consciousness is becoming evident in the current theories regarding 2012.

Born in 1837, Bucke immigrated with his family to London, Ontario, Canada, when he was one year old. At twenty-one, he enrolled in McGill University Medical School, later moving on to specialize in psychiatry. In 1877, Bucke was appointed head of the Provincial Asylum for the Insane in London, Ontario.

At thirty-six, Bucke had a sudden enlightening experience that changed his understanding of himself, the world, and consciousness.

Years later, he understood the true meaning of this experience—that it was not a form of mental aberration, but a sign of the emergence of a new, evolving cosmic mind.

In his book Cosmic Consciousness: A Study of the Evolution of the Human Mind, he presents a theory that explains the evolution of the human mind from simple consciousness to self-consciousness and finally to cosmic consciousness.

Simple Consciousness & Self-consciousness

Simple consciousness is defined as an awareness of the self in the world without recognizing that it is apart from the world.

According to Bucke, the lack of language in animals is evidence that they are capable only of simple consciousness.

While animals may be highly prescient, they have not shown evidence of metacognition—the ability to stand back and reflect on not only the world around them but on their own mental processes as well.

This awareness of self existing in a world that is apart from it places the human mind within the context of self-consciousness.

Metacognition and language are evidence of a distinctively human mind that allows man to develop a moral sense, a musical sense, and an eventual cosmic sense.

From self-consciousness, man is poised for the next evolutionary leap to cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness

The passage from self-consciousness to new consciousness has several characteristics:

1) An experience of subjective light and elation, called by some “ecstasy”;

2) Intellectual stimulation whereby man has a clear conception that the universe is a living presence whose foundations are love and wholeness;

3) The sense of immortality;

4) Loss of the fear of death and sense of sin;

5) A sense of sudden and instantaneous awakening described by many as a dazzling flash of lightning in the dark, illuminating the landscape;

6) Transfiguration in the person who experiences cosmic consciousness, which Bucke claims accompanies a marked and pronounced change in the person’s appearance; and

7) A much greater capacity to learn and initiate action on the part of the transfigured self.

Examples of those who have experienced cosmic consciousness include Gautama Buddha, Christ, Plotinus, Dante, Francis Bacon, William Blake and Walt Whitman, to name a few of Bucke’s chosen pantheon.

Bucke’s discussion of cosmic consciousness is relevant today within the context of 2012. The idea of the return of the Golden Age, when cosmic consciousness becomes universal, has been widely circulated by the spiritual traditions of ancient civilizations.

The Mayans, for example, developed an intricate map of man’s evolution from cellular matter to cosmic transformation. They calculated a precise schedule for the emergence of this change, which they claim will result in a holistic citizenship of the universe for humanity.

© 2011 by Mary Desaulniers. All Rights Reserved.

[Mary Desaulniers is a retired teacher whose passions are writing and running. She has been pursuing both for over thirty years and sees both as avenues to self-knowledge and balance. She has published articles and stories in Grain, Nineteenth Century Literature, The London Magazine, and various online publications. She has a Ph.D. in Nineteenth Century English Literature and has published a book on Thomas Carlyle with McGill-Queen’s University Press. Her most recent publication is Dear Sebastian: Reclaiming the Power of Metaphor (2009). Currently, she is a writer at]


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