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DNA Monthly (Vol. 8, No. 1)

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January-February 2012 (Vol. 8, No. 1)

Notable & Quotable: A Special Note on 2012 from the Editor

As we enter 2012, so much is going down all at once that it can be difficult to make sense of any of it—without a broader perspective.

For years I’ve maintained that the current breakdown, and imminent breakthrough, of our civilization is driven by a Shift in human consciousness that is of an energetic and spiritual—as opposed to purely material or political—nature.

It should be noted that the notion of consciousness, as I and others employ it, is often misunderstood. I’m not talking about IQ or anything by nature intellectual.

When I say consciousness must change for society to do likewise, what I really means is that, for any lasting social improvements to occur, we as a global people must experience a change of heart.

Call it a new “heart-based consciousness,” to replace the old “head-based consciousness” that has not so slowly been destroying the planet and its people.

To take the heart-based consciousness idea that we are all One and make it a reality that can transform our entire world and worldview, we must begin to live this truth.

On the one hand, I acknowledge that getting the word out about injustice is a crucial stage in putting all the cards on the table so that the House of Cards, at long last, can fall.

On the other, the widespread belief that recourse to purely political or materialistic strategies can solve all of our problems is like flat-world thinking. It’s just not true. It’s not how the universe is constructed and operates.

As I’ve written many times, consciousness creates. Consciousness is the ultimate cause for any effect we seek to understand—and offers the final solution to any dilemma we may experience.

We must learn to love the face in the mirror first while trying on the idea that we are Creators with more power, especially when joined together, to effect positive real change than we ever imagined.

This begins the consciousness Shift, the change of heart, which represents the first, all-important step towards a better world for everyone.

Only when we love ourselves can we find it within ourselves to love our neighbor. Only when we see ourselves as Creators can we see the Creator in everyone else around us.

This awareness begins to engender what I like to call unity—as opposed to victim—consciousness.

Unity consciousness empowers us to use the healing power of love, for self and others, to engender concrete, permanent change in our lives.

As has been demonstrated scientifically, love experienced as a coherent emotion is so powerful it can actually heal damaged DNA—and possibly even evolve it.

To our life-changing, love-sourced, genetics-enhancing potential in 2012!

Sol Luckman


1.Twenty & Twelve: Things that Won’t & Will Happen in 2012,” by Sol Luckman

2.Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World,” by Nicolya Christi

3.Neptune Trine Saturn: The New Earth Network,” by Salvador Russo

4.Future Reality: Living in Joy,” by Marie C. Barrett

Featured Video ... Visualize: An Artistic Meditation for Creating a New World

1. Twenty & Twelve: Things that Won’t & Will Happen in 2012

Sol Luckman

Here it is at last: 2012. The year so many have wondered so much about. The most anticipated solar cycle since Y2K.

Though I’ve written a lot about 2012 over the past decade, I consider myself a student, not an expert, on the subject.

Frankly, I wonder if there are experts on the subject. So I’m as eager as anyone to discover exactly what this year will bring.

Based on my study of current events in relation to 2012, below I present my best working predictions as to what won’t and will go down over the next dozen months.

I’m not a lawyer or financial advisor, and don’t play one on TV, so understand that my predictions are just that and shouldn’t be taken as investment advice—or any kind of advice, for that matter.

Based on what a wild ride 2011 was, 2012 looks to be a year beyond anything any of us have ever experienced—and perhaps a lot more positive in its long-term implications than most people have been conditioned to think.

So without further ado, for what it’s worth, allow me to present twenty things I believe won’t, and twelve other things I believe will, happen in 2012.

Twenty Things that Won’t Happen in 2012

1. First, the biggie. Let’s get this one out of the way before we move on to specifics. The world won’t be destroyed. Anyone claiming 2012 involves a globally destructive apocalypse is either spouting bilge or on the payroll.

2. Japan won’t become uninhabitable due to radiation. While I admit the Fukushima disaster wasn’t good news for anyone, the potentially negative consequences have been overblown in classic fear-mongering mode. One word to remind everyone that the resilient Japanese, to quote the Grateful Dead, will get by: Hiroshima.

3. On the subject of meltdowns, the nuclear holocaust so many have predicted won’t be televised for the simple reason that it’s not going to happen.

4. Related to the above, World War III won’t proceed as scheduled. We’re starting to realize that the planetary controllers desperately want WWIII to occur, for a laundry list of despicable reasons, but it’s just not in the cards. Awakening people everywhere are sick of war—and would rather watch hours on end of reality TV than support another senseless one.

5. The masses won’t end up in FEMA camps, despite the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act. Yes, it’s a piece of fascist legislation straight out of the Nazi playbook. But it also reveals just how panicked our “leaders” are at the increasingly likely prospect of a gargantuan public uprising in the none-too-distant future. Bottom line: they played their hand too soon. Probably, the situation will backfire, and the only people who will end up in FEMA camps will be … our “leaders.”

6. Obama won’t be reelected. I repeat: Obama won’t be reelected. I mean, seriously, after supporting the National Defense Authorization Act, how could he be? I realize this will upset many lightworkers and new agers who still somehow believe the man is a “white hat” in disguise, but so be it. I don’t hate him; but in the end, even as a writer, I’m forced to admit that actions speak louder than words.

7. The Internet won’t be shut down. In global finance we’re witnessing the top layer of a takedown of the Old World Order (essentially, at this stage, the shadow government behind the G5 Nations) by a worldwide alliance of countries, who are putting an historical squeeze play on the Western financial system. Since the West is running out of money faster than it can print it, and a lot of much-needed cash comes to these countries via the Internet, it’s a safe bet threats to shut down online access will remain empty.

8. Jesus isn’t coming back. The last time He was here, they killed Him. I think He had enough of this place. Besides, if I understand His teachings, the Christ spirit in each of us is what is slated to come back. As a people we don’t need a savior; we need to actively participate in saving ourselves. The same applies to any single person claiming to be the Chosen One. “As I do these things, so shall you, and greater things,” the Master said, speaking to all.

9. The Dallas Mavericks won’t repeat as NBA Champions. Wait, wrong article. Sorry!

10. The price of silver and gold won’t go through the roof. There’s a wealth of emerging “behind-the-scenes” information that gold in particular—joined logically by silver—exists in far greater quantities than the official numbers indicate. If this is true, even if fiat currency implodes, which it will, gold and silver won’t go stratospheric. Of course, their relative value should increase, at least in the short term (see below), but in proportion to that of commodities. Still, it’s not a bad idea to have some on hand for when the general festivities begin.

11. The housing market won’t improve as more and more pressure, legal and otherwise, is brought to bear on the banksters who conveniently forgot to put the mortgages in their “mortgage-backed” securities and screwed an entire global marketplace of homeowners and investors. As for “savvy” buyers taking advantage of other people’s misfortune by getting a “steal” (literally) on a foreclosed home, consider these two words before you sign on the dotted line: title dispute.

12. We haven’t seen the last of sovereign defaults. Far from it. I won’t be surprised if the European Union—and with it, the euro—goes the way of the watch fob by April. Good riddance.

13. For more reasons than I can enumerate, the nefarious Corporation masquerading as the United States won’t survive the year. You heard it here—well, maybe not first. But you heard it here.

14. Despite warnings out the wazoo delivered by a veritable army of folks such myself, many people still won’t have received the memo and will be shocked witless when the House of Cards finally implodes and, at long last, TSHTF. If you don’t know what TSHTF means, google it. Fortunately, I believe this difficult period will be brief and open like a garden window on sunnier days for the inhabitants of our world.

"Tinaja" 2011 © Sol Luckman"Tinaja" 2011 © Sol Luckman15. Official disclosure of the ET influence in global affairs won’t occur. Unofficial (or “soft”) disclosure, however, in both alternative and mainstream media, will continue to happen—and gather steam. Stay tuned. And keep the faith. The truth is out there.

16. A cure for cancer and AIDS won’t be announced. They’ve been known for a long time, but there’s no profit in a cure, so one won’t be announced. It’s just good business practice.

17. A “galactic superwave” isn’t going to knock out the global electronic grid. Given that such an event would solve a lot of problems by wiping out Big Brother control technology and erasing mountains of fake “bubble money” used to maintain the global police state in one fell swoop, allowing us to rebuild our society in a more sustainable way from the ground up, this is really too bad.

18. Carl Johan Calleman won’t stop defending his debunked interpretation of the Mayan calendar, which supposedly culminated with a life-changing discontinuity on October 28, 2011, but now seems to just go on and on, wave upon wave, in a cosmic effort to support the Swede’s book sales through the ages.

19. David Wilcock won’t be able to keep from crying on air at least one more time. But instead of tears for fears in response to a death threat for his cutting-edge journalism, David’s tears in 2012 will be ones of joy—because, at long last, he’ll be proven right about so many of the “woo-woo” things he has been saying, writing and singing for so long.

20. As for this writer, I trust I won’t be disappointed in seeing 2012 as the year humanity finally wakes up from the nightmare of history enough to break free of its chains and chart a new course into a happier future for all.

Twelve Things that Will Happen in 2012

1. The energy will continue to intensify as more and more of our outmoded systems—material and cognitive—break down in preparation for a major breakthrough. If you don’t know what I mean by “energy,” you probably shouldn’t be reading this article.

2. Speaking of energy, free energy technology will make its first official appearance in the public marketplace. This is already in the works with LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) systems—and will become even more widely available as the nanny state crumbles. At which point the old parasitic system will no longer be able to stop people from sharing free energy technology—freely—or committing other crimes against humanity such as drinking unpasteurized milk, growing gardens in their front lawns, building their own natural homes using time-honored techniques such as earthbags and strawbales, or choosing not to vaccinate their tender newborns with toxic cocktails containing heavy metals and diseased animal genetics.

3. On a related note, a number of strange concepts, having to do with personal sovereignty and individual freedom, will be reintroduced from the archives of American history. Some who have been conditioned over recent decades to a life of slavery (of thought and deed) will be unable to process so much liberty at once—and will spontaneously combust. Others, like David Wilcock, will cry tears of joy in spontaneous public displays of emotion.

4. Corporations will cease to be considered persons for legal reasons. The individuals responsible for this travesty, which has wreaked untold havoc on our planet and its peoples, will be classified as corporations for legal reasons—and punished accordingly.

5. Ron Paul will win the 2012 election. If there’s an election. Senator Paul is far from perfect, but he’s all we’ve got. Everyone else is bought and paid for and will be voted off the island.

6. The Wheel of Fortune will continue to turn as a lot of formerly wealthy “movers and shakers” used to wearing Italian suits will be wearing pinstripes of a different sort. At the very least, this fate will be better than hanging from lampposts. Maybe. Perhaps compassion will be shown and they will be allowed to watch American Idol while eating GMO foods during incarceration.

7. The basic storyline of the movie Thrive will become increasingly obvious and accepted by millions, perhaps billions, who will act in concert to thwart the genocidal agenda of the New World Order and begin creating a world where everyone can, well, thrive.

8. The fabled Philosopher’s Stone will start to be mass-produced and distributed widely by a network of modern-day alchemists. And you thought only Harry Potter possessed this ancient technology that not only can heal and provide longevity—but open a whole, big can of worms in the esoteric world of precious metal market manipulation. How can the wizards of Wall Street continue to suppress the price of gold and silver, when anyone can make them and the price is set permanently at … zero?

9. The architecture of the terminally corrupt Western financial system will completely collapse, to be replaced by a new architecture that, in my view, is yet to be determined. Eventually, I believe we’ll evolve into a society where money no longer exists. Until then, living in a world where money is still required will give idealists carte blanche to pass judgment when others charge reasonable fees for their valuable products and services in order to clothe and feed their families.

10. Student loan debt will be abolished, after the burst of this gigantic bubble contributes to the Western financial collapse, as universities in the United States and around the globe retool their faulty curriculums based on inaccurate history and myopic materialism and begin paying students to attend. With tangible proof that getting rid of onerous debt benefits the economy and society in general, a universal debt jubilee will ensue.

11. It is legalized. You know what it is. Don’t make me say it.

12. In the aftermath of the collapse, which shouldn’t last too long, a new world will start to be born out of the ashes of the old. The Golden Age will begin, officially and in earnest. A massive planetary healing will take place, on multiple levels, as we finally get to stop talking about 2012 ... and start talking about 2013.

Copyright © 2012 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

[Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His numerous books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method and Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method. For information on the “revolutionary healing science” (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method, check out Sol is also author of the Beginner’s Luke Series of seriocomic novels that hilariously foreground the role of imagination in creating our individual and collective reality. Characterized by Reader Views as a “modern-day Alice in Wonderland” and by Apex Reviews as a “mind-bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast,” Beginner’s Luke is also, as literature professor Niama Williams has written, a “spiritual journey that you do not want to put down.” Share the Adventure of an imaginary lifetime by visiting View Sol’s paintings and learn more about his work at]

2. Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World

Nicolya Christi

Breakdown Leads to Breakthrough

We are living in unprecedented times of accelerated change—change that is evident all around us and which we experience in every arena of our lives, from the political, economic and financial, to the social and religious.

More and more people are asking fundamental questions regarding their basic human rights and overall wellbeing, and beginning to question the influence that external “powers” have over our lives.

No longer content with dismissive answers from those in positions of “power,” people are beginning to recognize that they have the freedom to choose. The balance between “power” and empowerment is beginning to shift.

Humanity stands on an imminent threshold which is about to take it into a New Paradigm. We are witnessing the early stages of the birth of a New World.

As this New World emerges—as prophesied long ago by many advanced indigenous cultures, and portended by rare astronomical alignments currently taking place in our Galaxy, including the completion of a 26,000-year Galactic Cycle—everything is set to change.

We are now bearing witness to the collapse of political, economic, social and financial systems, as people respond to the call of the New World, the call of our time, and the call of their soul.

These courageous people are reaching out for a better quality of life, for equality, for their basic survival needs to be met, and for an overall sense of wellbeing, all of which are our fundamental birthright.

People are reclaiming their individual power; and if they can use this wisely, this will help to empower millions of fellow humans across the globe. We are bearing witness to a re-evolution, on a global scale.

The energy of change is sweeping the globe. People are “waking up” to the reality of their lives and to the current state of the world.

Under the spotlight of radical questioning and these sweeping changes is religion, or in a broader sense, spirituality. Are religion and spirituality one and the same?

At the center of all religion lies a spiritual heart. However, this spiritual heart, like the human heart, lies buried under thousands of years of conditioning and distortion, which has dominated and hidden the pure heart of religion.

The heart of religion and the human heart are not dissimilar in their historical fate. For the most part, both have remained buried under eons of fear-based constructs, which have manifested a distorted and unrecognizable caricature of religion, and of the human being.

It is said that all rivers lead to the same ocean and that, in a similar way, all religions lead to the same fundamental message and meaning: Love.

"Canyon Tree" 2012 © Sol Luckman"Canyon Tree" 2012 © Sol LuckmanContemporary Spirituality

What is Contemporary Spirituality? We could say that Contemporary Spirituality is an extraction of the purest essence of all religion.

It is what lies at the heart of all religion and at the heart of any spiritual practice or philosophy which has developed a complex doctrine, a fundamentalist and inaccurate set of scriptures and texts, and a dysfunctional set of rules and code of conduct.

Contemporary Spirituality is a current spirituality that speaks directly to us now in the times we live in. It is a Way which brings our spiritual focus into the Now.

Religion is an ancient system that was birthed in an unrecognizable (to our modern mind) and vastly different time in our ancient human history. Its rise to prominence took place when our conscious evolution was in its formative stages.

The heart of religion was adapted beyond all original meaning by those who held power, in order to control, manipulate and dominate the human being of 2,000 and more years ago.

Our conscious evolution has come a long way since then. We are no longer in the infancy stages of our conscious evolutionary development.

Therefore, it is entirely out of context to be following antiquated religious doctrine created by, and for, our less consciously evolved predecessors.

Contemporary Spirituality consists of a Way, which is uncorrupted, uncomplicated, and non-fundamental. It is an expression of spirituality and religion in its purest form. It represents the true heart of all religion, which was hidden by power hungry rulers long ago.

The heart of Contemporary Spirituality is open and available for all to see. It is a heart that is exquisite in its simplicity, transparency, beauty, and purity.

Contemporary Spirituality invites ALL, no matter what race, denomination or creed, to be inspired and seek to aspire and embody its proposals. It is a Way which is an infinitely pure and true expression of what lay at the heart of religion and certain spiritual paths.

Contemporary Spirituality invites us toward Self-mastery, in which we learn to master our bodies, senses, emotions, thoughts, and lives. It encourages us to cultivate self-discipline, self-love, self-awareness, self-knowing, and self-realization.

Contemporary Spirituality leads us along a clear path, devoid of rules, judgments, expectations, dogma, or fundamentalist belief systems. It guides us towards enlightenment.

Contemporary Spirituality requires no intellectual predisposition, as it is a language of the heart. It invites us to explore, practice and master the Seven Cornerstones of Contemporary Spirituality (see below).

The joy of Contemporary Spirituality is in its simplicity. It is a stripped back to the core spiritual Way forward for humanity.

It gently encourages and guides us to let go of dualistic and separatist religious indoctrination, and instead, embrace the concept of equality, unity, and unifying as one global family, with one “religion,” one spiritual practice, at the heart of humanity—that of Love.

This is something that we are now ready to embrace as contemporary, consciously evolving human beings.

The Light Shadow

Contemporary Spirituality embraces the human shadow, recognizing that when we explore ourselves with consciousness and awareness, and are therefore engaged in our own evolutionary process, the shadow is not dark, but indeed Light.

Contemporary Spirituality discounts the existence of a fundamentally dark nature within the human being, and instead acknowledges that there exists, within each of us, a primal wound, a separation from Source (God, Divinity, our Divine Nature).

However, this is not a wound we must bear as part of being human. We experience it only because we have been steeped in dualism, brought about by the misinterpretation or obscuration of what lay at the heart of religious and spiritual philosophies throughout human history.

The Light Shadow is referred to as such because by becoming aware of and healing the human shadow, its existence has brought us further enlightenment.

When compassion and empathy are offered as balms with which the human shadow can be healed and transformed, this results in its integration, and the conscious evolution of the human being.

For thousands of years we have lived under dictatorships, flawed regimes and a misinterpretation of the fundamental meaning of all religions, which is Love.

We have lived in duality, at a personal and collective level. We have been separated from the heart of religion and spirituality, and therefore our own hearts.

The primal wound of humanity, separation from Source, is one which can be healed. The way to healing all perceived sense of separation (for we have never truly been separate, only perceived ourselves to be so) is to become Love and only Love.

To live, breathe, sleep and live Love in every moment. To be a Master of the Heart. To reclaim and embody our natural state of being—which is Love.

This is what lies at the heart of Contemporary Spirituality: a new Way forward for a new human and a new world.

Seven Cornerstones of Contemporary Spirituality

The following is a list of the Seven Cornerstones of Contemporary Spirituality. Each is a teaching in itself, and all tend to be explored, practiced and embodied at the same time.

Each supports the transformation of the Light Shadow into a vast and beautiful Light which can surround and radiate from us.

The Seven Cornerstones are as follows: Unconditional Love, Empathy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Conscious Communication, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Compassionate Action.

When all seven of these foundational qualities of Contemporary Spirituality are mastered and lived realities, every day, we have attained Self-mastery.

This is when our true essence is fully awakened. This is when the heart has become fully transparent. When all humans embody this Way, as a lived reality, we will live in a transcendent world.

Copyright © 2012 by Nicolya Christi. All Rights Reserved.

[Nicolya Christi is Founder of WorldShift Movement, Co-founder of WorldShift International, and Co-initiator of WorldShift 2012. Nicolya’s focus is on human evolution, inner peace, and world peace. She is author of 2012: A Clarion Call—Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution. Visit her website at]

3. Neptune Trine Saturn: The New Earth Network

Salvador Russo

A lifetime’s rare alignment that will forever reshape the Earth has come into form. The trine between Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra is now active.

Starting December 7th, 2011, and lasting through February 2nd, 2012, two critically important themes will unfold across the planet: the reckoning of interpersonal disharmonies and the establishment of a New Earth Network, the framework that will serve as the basis for the future economic prosperity of all people.

As this benevolent energy will never return to us in this life, it is vital that we all properly align with it to maximize our futures, both on personal and collective levels.

Karmic Balancing

None will be able to escape the karmic balancing that comes wherever and however imbalance exists.

Those who have rebelled against harmony will experience sudden and disheartening losses that will disable their ability to further perpetrate their agendas.

The pure of heart who have long suffered at the hands of unjust personages or entities will soon find relief in the ways most dear to them.

The synchronicities that unfold during this time frame to exact this reckoning will be characterized by an unmistakable Divine signature. They will be mysterious, miraculous, and completely unexpected.

Since October 29th, 2009, Saturn has been transiting the House of Libra, which among many things, rules open enemies. Since that time we have all, in some way or another, had to openly battle an opponent of some sort in a very severe, grueling, and unbearable way.

The basic purposes for this transit are to see who among us qualifies for Divine gifts, and also, to alchemically refine our spirits, that we may emerge from our trials free from former blemish and radiant with ennobled qualities.

For those who have lived lives of virtue despite these hardships, Neptune’s universal love now comes to subdue your open enemies once and for all.

"Rio Grande Gorge" 2012 © Sol Luckman"Rio Grande Gorge" 2012 © Sol LuckmanNew Earth Network

Divine orchestration will ensure that all who belong together will find one another during this influence.

New alliances will form founded in the highest interests of planet Earth. These inspired partners will recognize one another when the connections are made. A trust founded in higher awareness will eliminate obstructions to a healthy working relationship.

These pre-ordained contacts will be formed unexpectedly, have global reach, and be life-changing in nature.

Brilliant talent will be matched with established authority to jumpstart dormant economic sectors. People will be empowered to bring their unique gifts to the world and use them in service to the greatest good of all.

With inspiration and spiritual guidance running high, viral networking will occur among authentic and fledgling lightworkers.

The forces of good that have lain dormant will be empowered to advance in coordination with one another. These connections will encircle the Earth on all levels and those involved will feel in their hearts an overwhelming sense of a higher calling at work.

With great certainty the parasite class has heard its curtain call. Social power will no longer derive from inhuman levels of greed and lust for power, but from the magnitude of one’s service to society.

In the world that comes, one’s authority will be directly proportional to one’s positive impact on the world in which he or she lives.

Neptune’s influence will guide the worthy into the halls of power, pre-positioning them to secure future victories on behalf of humanity.

In a way this is like a chess game where preparatory moves are being made for a future checkmate.

Ascension Insights

If there were a slogan for this alignment, it would be the classic spiritual directive to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It is an unfortunate reality that many have failed to adhere to this simple standard, but it is refreshing to remember that in good time what these types have measured unto others will be measured unto them.

Nobody is exempt from universal law. The blessed course is to embrace and live the virtues of mercy, charity, compassion, forgiveness, selflessness, and unconditional love, all of which find home in the higher frequency range of the planet Neptune. At this level of resonance, one opens to profound gifts of spirit that follow.

This is an influence of humanity, of unity among our people, a unity that transcends material illusions in favor of spiritual ideals.

Those whom karma smiles upon can expect to extend their networks, alliances and friendships into wonderfully uncharted territories.

Through collective effort we can obtain the unobtainable and chart a new course for our civilization—and we will.

Saturn in Scorpio

For those who rebel against harmony, this is the last and greatest opportunity for them to heal the discord that exists with others.

Once Saturn departs Libra for the House of Scorpio in October, 2012, such individuals will experience a tremendous, excruciating intensification of life adversity. They will be crippled with suffering in ways that risk or welcome physical death.

The House of Scorpio, as some of you know, is quite unforgiving and has broken many people.

Beware insofar as disharmony will be increasingly intolerable as the Earth is reborn anew.

I encourage all to be their neighbor’s keeper and to remember that blessed are the peacemakers.

© 2012 by Salvador Russo. All Rights Reserved.

[Salvador Russo is an Intuitive Astrologer whose destiny is to decode cosmic order for the greater good of humanity. Visit Salvador’s website at]

Featured Video … Visualize: An Artistic Meditation for Creating a New World

4. Future Reality: Living in Joy

Marie C. Barrett

It is time to birth the new reality of our future. We are creating a new world; what kind of world depends on our thoughts and our belief that we do in fact manifest what we think about.

I am finding it easier and easier to speak to others about living in a state of love and joy from the heart, because they are becoming more receptive to inner change.

If you consider yourself a lightworker, be courageous and actually live your love, walk your talk, love yourself, and maintain your high level of behaving.

When you speak and interact with others, see in the eyes of the other before you divine higher consciousness waiting to be expressed and allowed to flow.

Integrate your knowledge into your life in a way that you become a living expression of what you want to teach: be love, express happiness, and exude pure, flowing joy.

We are all teachers and we are all students of life. You are being called to connect to the deepest part of yourself, to feel into the depths of your being, and to share your inner light.

This inner experiential connection is the source of your power and wisdom, and the wellspring of your conscious creatorship. You are the creator of your life. You can influence and manifest reality according to your choice.

Your life does not have to be random, salt and pepper, hit and miss joy. Maintain joy deliberately and refuse outright to surrender it. Nothing and no one can take your inner joy from you unless you surrender it.

Be a teacher and live your teaching. Have the courage to express your inner joy outwardly as you embrace the challenges of life, and so fulfill your purpose for incarnating at this monumental time in human and universal history.

Stop and step out of your busy world. Take time to ground yourself in the ocean of infinite Light and Love. Experience this love deeply; you are love, so let nothing and no one ever convince you otherwise.

You are perfection choosing to experience imperfection for the joy of the drama. For the drama to be real for you, you have to forget that you are perfect and eternal.

Enjoy the games and dramas life offers, but grow more and more aware of your recovering memory that you are perfect love and joy experiencing being separate from who you really are.

Joy is the key to your awakening. Use your key to unlock your higher awareness and love.

Women of the world, step into your true vocation of being the nurturers of the new world wisdom. You are already this wisdom. Believe you are and become integrated with your higher and wiser self.

You create your children from a place of love. Now give birth, consciously, to the nascent and perfect love energies of our new and exciting future reality and awakening.

Men of the world, father through your focused intention and powerful leadership the new world order of creative love and joy energy.

You are the expression in physicality of the power to originate and manifest the thought into reality of our new and currently birthing future.

Believe in yourself. You have so much love and wisdom within just waiting to flow out, to be expressed as love and joy to this world.

When we speak of the world, we mean the interaction we each have with other people and our new and wider, deeper connections with the whole of creation.

Nurture your expanding awareness. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Walk lightly and with great joy into a new and delightful future, a future we are all creating with our thoughts and beliefs about what is possible.

Burst through your limiting beliefs and embrace infinite possibility. Dream big and manifest your dreams.

© 2012 by Marie C. Barrett. All Rights Reserved.

[Marie C. Barrett is a transformational life coach, author, and spiritual teacher. For personal coaching to discover real joy in your life, go to Follow Marie at]


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Disclaimer. The inclusion of articles, videos and other content in DNA Monthly does not necessarily denote or imply endorsement of such materials by the editors. The editors assume no responsibility, legal, medical or otherwise, for the information published as a free information service in their ezine. Articles, videos and other content appearing in DNA Monthly are not intended to provide medical claims, diagnoses, advice, or treatment.

DNA Monthly is sponsored by the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, facilitating conscious personal mastery as a bio-spiritual healing path through integrated DNA activation. For information on our unique products and services, visit


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