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DNA Monthly (Vol. 8, No. 3)

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May-June 2012 (Vol. 8, No. 3)

Notable & Quotable: Educating before Vaccinating

On the March 9, 2012, edition of Infowars Nightly News, host Aaron Dykes conducted an enlightening interview (view in three parts here) with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, founder and Medical Director of Homefirst Health Services. Eisenstein is author of Educate before You Vaccinate and Making an Informed Vaccine Decision.

Among other important aspects of this interview, Dr. Eisenstein, who is not only a medical doctor but a lawyer as well, introduces listeners to the empowering concept that we can write our own vaccine exemptions that have the legal power to protect our loved ones and ourselves from these toxic cocktails that, based on empirical data and hard science, are far more likely to do harm than good.

In my book Potentiate Your DNA, after describing my own crippling, nearly deadly experience with vaccines, I continue:

I relate the story of my rapid decline and panicked attempts at saving myself through hundreds of mostly ineffective therapies, “miracle cures” and the like in Conscious Healing, where I also cite a wealth of research proving that vaccines potentially cause genetic damage resulting in a variety of autoimmune conditions running the gamut from lupus to AIDS.

There is no doubt in my mind that, while I never tested positive for HIV, my illness, which involved disturbing fluctuations in my white blood cell count and a number of immunological problems such as systemic Candidiasis like that often observed in AIDS patients, had many similarities to AIDS—starting with the fact that it was induced by vaccines.

I often have asked myself why I chose to get vaccinated before my trip to Brazil, other than the fact that my travel guidebook recommended it, when there was already so much literature warning of the risks of vaccines that far outweigh the potential rewards.

But like many people, having swallowed the dubious logic of contemporary medical dogma hook, line and sinker, I simply neglected to do my homework.

I encourage skeptics to do their own homework on the subject of vaccines before subjecting themselves or their loved ones to this type of antiquated barbarism.

Autism has been regularly linked, unlinked and linked again (depending on which authors you read and whether they have ties to pharmaceutical companies) to vaccinations for years.

Throughout 2009 there was tremendous global opposition—from individuals as well as whole unions of medical workers—to the swine flu vaccine.

This vaccine, which the World Health Organization pushed to be included in regular seasonal flu vaccines, has been associated with a killer nerve disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).

Yet although this is undeniably the case, and swine flu before predictably petering out proved to be no more dangerous than normal flu, a fact even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted publicly, the medical-pharmaceutical establishment ratcheted up the fear for a year in an attempt to scare the population into being vaccinated.

What was really going on here? David Wilcock summed up at least part of the underlying rationale wittily in the title to one of his blogs: “Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$.”

Sure enough, the Washington Post later accused the WHO of 1) greatly exaggerating the H1N1 threat and, even more alarmingly, 2) having financial ties to two manufacturers of antiviral medications used against the swine flu virus.

In the words of the creators of one of dozens of websites devoted to telling the ugly truth about vaccines, “The most effective marketing strategy on the planet is to convince the consumer that if he doesn’t buy the product, he’ll die!”

This same website, which unfortunately went down shortly before publication of this book, contained a wonderful graphic showing how epidemic statistics traditionally have been made to lie.

If you just read the bottom of the graph, it appeared that vaccines were responsible for stopping particular deadly diseases. This interpretation is taught in our medical schools. But the whole picture suggested that the diseases went into decline all by themselves—prior to introduction of vaccines!

Moreover, many reputable studies have offered convincing evidence based on historical data that in all probability, vaccinations actually trigger a rise in infections and death.

After the polio vaccine became compulsory in the United States in 1959, the four states (Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee) and one city (Los Angeles) that kept records showed a marked increase in polio incidence in the year after mandatory vaccination.

In 1977, according to a number of sources, Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the first polio vaccine, testified with a panel of other scientists that mass polio inoculation was really the cause of the majority of polio cases in the United States dating back to its introduction.

Make no mistake: we are not talking about just polio vaccine. In the words of former United States Secretary of War Henry Stimson, in one half-year period at an American boot camp, sixty-three deaths and over 25,000 hepatitis cases occurred as “a direct result of the yellow fever vaccine.”

Even as this book was being completed, according to well-known “health ranger” Mike Adams, a mumps outbreak spread among people in New York and New Jersey who recently had been vaccinated against mumps.

While there is no hard scientific data that definitively proves vaccines protect people from anything, there is an overwhelming abundance of information indicating that vaccines cause many diseases.

This is an assertion with which many in the allopathic community would disagree. Yet a growing number of physicians, researchers and epidemiologists—among them, the outspoken medical doctor Joseph Mercola—have reached similar conclusions.

The simple, irrefutable fact is that just because vaccines create an increase in specific antibodies under a microscope does not prove, in a scientific way, that this translates into effective immunity in a live human being.

Many people get positively furious and claim that you are putting them and their children at risk by not vaccinating. Never mind that this is an untenable position, since these same people also believe themselves to be protected by vaccines!

I also understand that, for parents and others, it can be difficult (although by no means, impossible) to navigate in today’s world without vaccinating.

But regardless of whether vaccines damage our genetics through insertion of pathogenic genetic (or “pathogenetic”) material into our DNA, as suggested by a great deal of research, they remain a highly toxic cocktail—full of mercury (Thimerosol), formaldehyde, squalene and other potent toxins that damage nerves and decrease our natural immunity.

Watch Dr. Eisenstein’s excellent interview here.

Copyright © 2012 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.


1.Why Consciousness Is Not the Brain,” by Larry Dossey

2.The Art of Allowing,” by Sol Luckman

3.Torsion: The Key to the Theory of Everything,” by Brendan Murphy

4.Six Long-term Effects of Choosing Gratitude,” by Adela Rubio

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1. Why Consciousness Is Not the Brain

Larry Dossey

Physicist Freeman Dyson believes the cosmos is suffused with consciousness, from the grandest level to the most minute dimensions. If it is, why aren’t we aware of it?

“We don’t know who first discovered water, but we can be sure that it wasn’t a fish,” the old saw reminds us. Continual exposure to something reduces our awareness of its presence. Over time, we become blind to the obvious. We swim in a sea of consciousness, like a fish swims in water. And like a fish that has become oblivious to his aqueous environment, we have become dulled to the ubiquity of consciousness.

In science, we have largely ignored how consciousness manifests in our existence. We’ve done this by assuming that the brain produces consciousness, although how it might do so has never been explained and can hardly be imagined.

The polite term for this trick is “emergence.” At a certain stage of biological complexity, evolutionary biologists claim, consciousness pops out of the brain like a rabbit from a magician’s hat. Yet this claim rests on no direct evidence whatsoever. As Rutgers University philosopher Jerry A. Fodo flatly states, “Nobody has the slightest idea how anything material could be conscious. So much for our philosophy of consciousness.”

In spite of the complete absence of evidence, the belief that the brain produces consciousness endures and has ossified into dogma. Many scientists realize the limitations of this belief. One way of getting around the lack of evidence is simply to declare that what we call consciousness is the brain itself. That way, nothing is produced, and the magic of “emergence” is avoided.

As astronomer Carl Sagan expressed his position, “My fundamental premise about the brain is that its workings—what we sometimes call mind—are a consequence of anatomy and physiology, and nothing more.” Nobelist Francis Crick agreed, saying a “person’s mental activities are entirely due to the behavior of nerve cells, glial cells, and the atoms, ions, and molecules that make up and influence them.”

This “identity theory”—mind equals brain—has led legions of scientists and philosophers to regard consciousness as an unnecessary, superfluous concept. Some go out of their way to deny the existence of consciousness altogether, almost as if they bear a grudge against it. Tufts University cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett says, “We’re all zombies. Nobody is conscious.” Dennett includes himself in this extraordinary claim, and he seems proud of it.

Others suggest that there are no mental states at all, such as love, courage, or patriotism, but only electrochemical brain fluxes that should not be described with such inflated language. They dismiss thoughts and beliefs for the same reasons.

This led Nobel neurophysiologist Sir John Eccles to remark that “professional philosophers and psychologists think up the notion that there are no thoughts, come to believe that there are no beliefs, and feel strongly that there are no feelings.”

Eccles was emphasizing the absurdities that have crept into the debates about consciousness. They are not hard to spot. Some of the oddest experiences I recall are attending conferences where one speaker after another employs his consciousness to denounce the existence of consciousness, ignoring the fact that he consciously chose to register for the meeting, make travel plans, prepare his talks, and so on.

Many scientists concede that there are huge gaps in their knowledge of how the brain makes consciousness, but they are certain they will be filled in as science progresses. Eccles and philosopher of science Karl Popper branded this attitude “promissory materialism.”

“Promissary materialism is a superstition without a rational foundation,” Eccles says. “It is simply a religious belief held by dogmatic materialists … who confuse their religion with their science. It has all the features of a messianic prophecy.”

The arguments about the origins and nature of consciousness are central to premonitions. For if the promissory materialists are correct—if consciousness is indeed identical with the brain—the curtain closes on premonitions.

The reason is that the brain is a local phenomenon—i.e., it is localized to the brain and body, and to the present. This prohibits premonitions in principle, because accordingly the brain cannot operate outside the body and the here-and-now. But consciousness can operate beyond the brain, body, and the present, as hundreds of experiments and millions of testimonials affirm. Consciousness cannot, therefore, be identical with the brain.

These assertions are not hyperbolic, but conservative. They are consistent with the entire span of human history, throughout which all cultures of which we have record believed that human perception extends beyond the reach of the senses. This belief might be dismissed as superstition but for the fact that modern research has established its validity beyond reasonable doubt to anyone whose reasoning has not clotted into hardened skepticism.

To reiterate a single example—the evidence supporting foreknowledge—psi researchers Charles Honorton and Diane Ferrari examined 309 precognition experiments carried out by sixty-two investigators involving 50,000 participants in more than two million trials. Thirty percent of these studies were significant in showing that people can describe future events, when only five percent would be expected to demonstrate such results by chance. The odds that these results were not due to chance was greater than 10 to the twentieth power to one.

One of the first modern thinkers to endorse an outside-the-brain view of consciousness was William James, who is considered the father of American psychology. In his 1898 Ingersoll Lecture at Harvard University, James took a courageous stand against what he called “the fangs of cerebralism and the idea that consciousness is produced by the brain.”

He acknowledged that arrested brain development in childhood can lead to mental retardation, that strokes or blows to the head can abolish memory or consciousness, and that certain chemicals can change the quality of thought. But to consider this as proof that the brain actually makes consciousness, James said, is irrational.

Why irrational? Consider a radio, an invention that was introduced during James’s lifetime, and which he used to illustrate the mind-brain relationship. If one bangs a radio with a hammer, it ceases to function. But that does not mean that the origin of the sounds was the radio itself; the sound originated from outside it in the form of an electromagnetic signal. The radio received, modified, and amplified the external signal into something recognizable as sound.

Just so, the brain can be damaged in various ways that distort the quality of consciousness—trauma, stroke, nutritional deficiencies, dementia, etc. But this does not necessarily mean the brain “made” the consciousness that is now disturbed, or that consciousness is identical to the brain.

British philosopher Chris Carter endorses this analogy. Equating mind and brain is as irrational, he says, as listening to music on a radio, smashing the radio
s receiver, and thereby concluding that the radio was producing the music.

To update the analogy, consider a television set. We can damage a television set so severely that we lose the image on the screen, but this doesn
t prove that the TV actually produced the image. We know that David Letterman does not live behind the TV screen on which he appears; yet the contention that brain equals consciousness is as absurd as if he did.

The radio and TV analogies can be misleading, however, because consciousness does not behave like an electromagnetic signal. Electromagnetic (EM) signals display certain characteristics. The farther away they get from their source, the weaker they become.

Not so with consciousness; its effects do not attenuate with increasing distance. For example, in the hundreds of healing experiments that have been done in both humans and animals, healing intentions work equally well from the other side of the earth as at the bedside of the sick individual. Moreover, EM signals can be blocked partially or completely, but the effects of conscious intention cannot be blocked by any known substance.

For instance, sea water is known to block EM signals completely at certain depths, yet experiments in remote viewing have been successfully carried out beyond such depths, demonstrating that the long-distance communication between the involved individuals cannot depend on EM-type signals.

In addition, EM signals require travel time from their source to a receiver, yet thoughts can be perceived simultaneously between individuals across global distances. Thoughts can be displaced in time, operating into both past and future.

In precognitive remote viewing experiments—for example, the hundreds of such experiments by the PEAR Lab at Princeton University—the receiver gets a future thought before it is ever sent. Furthermore, consciousness can operate into the past, as in the experiments involving retroactive intentions. Electromagnetic signals are not capable of these feats. From these differences, we can conclude that consciousness is not an electric signal.

Then what is it? My conclusion is that consciousness is not a thing or substance, but is a nonlocal phenomenon. Nonlocal is merely a fancy word for infinite. If something is nonlocal, it is not localized to specific points in space, such as brains or bodies, or to specific points in time, such as the present.

Nonlocal events are immediate; they require no travel time. They are unmediated; they require no energetic signal to
carry them. They are unmitigated; they do not become weaker with increasing distance. Nonlocal phenomena are omnipresent, everywhere at once. This means there is no necessity for them to go anywhere; they are already there. They are infinite in time as well, present at all moments, past present and future, meaning they are eternal.

Researcher Dean Radin, whose presentiment experiments provide profound evidence for future knowing, believes that the nonlocal events in the subatomic, quantum domain underlie the nonlocal events we experience at the human level. He invokes the concept of entanglement as a bridging hypothesis uniting the small- and large-scale happenings. Quantum entanglement and quantum nonlocality are indeed potent possibilities that may eventually explain our nonlocal experiences, but only further research will tell.

Meanwhile, there is a gathering tide of opinion favoring these approaches. As physicist Chris Clarke, of the University of Southampton, says,
On one hand, Mind is inherently non-local. On the other, the world is governed by a quantum physics that is inherently non-local. This is no accident, but a precise correspondence ... [Mind and the world are] aspects of the same thing ... The way ahead, I believe, has to place mind first as the key aspect of the universe ... We have to start exploring how we can talk about mind in terms of a quantum picture ... Only then will we be able to make a genuine bridge between physics and physiology.

Whatever their explanation proves to be, the experiments documenting premonitions are real. They must be reckoned with. And when scientists muster the courage to face this evidence unflinchingly, the greatest superstition of our age—the notion that the brain generates consciousness or is identical with it—will topple.

In its place will arise a nonlocal picture of the mind. This view will affirm that consciousness is fundamental, omnipresent and eternal—a model that is as cordial to premonitions as the materialistic, brain-based view is hostile.

© 2012 by Larry Dossey. All Right Reserved.

[In The Science of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Help Us Avoid Danger, Maximize Opportunities & Create a Better Life, from which the above article was adapted, bestselling author Dr. Larry Dossey uses cutting-edge science to make a convincing case that premonitions are real, common, and helpful. He explores research on mindfulness and meditation to show readers how they can cultivate and take advantage of premonitions. Packed with compelling case studies and thought-provoking findings, this is a book for the skeptical mind and the believer’s heart, and will be greeted warmly by “anyone who is interested in knowing about the deeper meaning of our existence” (Deepak Chopra). To learn more about Dr. Dossey and his work, visit his website]

2. The Art of Allowing

Sol Luckman

In the lonely and starkly beautiful high desert of northern New Mexico, my apprenticeship in the ways of spirit intensified as winter approached.

For the first time, I glimpsed—if briefly and inchoately—a foundational truth that would go on to inform every aspect of my work in DNA activation:

Spirit is not just energy, as it currently is understood by most Westerners, but a form of consciousness that underwrites all being.

Download sample chapters or order your copy today at [url=][/url].Download sample chapters or order your copy today at healing, which I have called “wholing” but which also might be described as transformation, being fundamentally spiritual in nature, cannot be achieved without activation of higher consciousness through energetic means of one kind or another.

Since everything is a form of conscious energy, including our bodies, activating ourselves ener-genetically to raise our consciousness often, if not always, results in physical improvement.

Integrating this higher consciousness requires knowledge and acceptance of the fact that from the limited perspective of our egos, we really do not control much of anything in our lives.

To get at this important truth, I often say that “life lives us”—by which I mean something rather different from the old hippy adage to just “go with the flow.”

Going with the flow implies a lack of guiding purpose behind our existence, a disposition to let things happen as they may and accept whatever occurs with a detached expression and shrug of the shoulders.

When we acknowledge that life lives us, on the other hand, we still are riding the currents of our individual destiny.

But if I may reason oxymoronically, by embracing our true purpose and potential as beings embodying particular aspects of Great Spirit, which expresses itself through us, we embrace a decidedly more active role in our personal surrender and service to divine will.

Here, it is important to emphasize that unlike much Eastern spirituality, in no way do I advocate that we suppress, repress or attempt to destroy our egos.

Achieving healing and transformation does not mean that we instantly dissolve back into the primordial soup of Source where we completely lose all sense of individuality.

Rather, genuine wholing involves a willingness to evolve our perception of identity away from a self mired in separation and fragmentation, to an identity rooted in the Self from which all things of a seemingly individual nature flow.

Ken Carey eloquently describes the relationship between spirit and ego: “For if your ego is a reflection of spirit, then even at its core, your ego is spirit.” In a healthy state, “both spirit and ego perform their respective roles equally centered in God.”

During the healing process, as consciousness increases, Carey explains that

your sense of self blossoms into an accurate awareness of who you are. This transformed awareness includes your former sense of being one among many, but it also includes an awareness … rooted in the singularity of Eternal Being from which all individuality unfolds.

Lacking such awareness, you remain “a latent possibility, a programmed product of human culture. You are not truly yourself.”

The awakening process, the Shift in consciousness that is fundamental to genuine healing and transformation, can be envisioned as an evolutionary movement from “victim consciousness,” in which we see ourselves as separate from the world, to “unity consciousness,” in which we realize not just that we are part of the world—but that we are the world.

Surrender at the level of our ego to this thoroughgoing personal metamorphosis, which is guided in all instances by our Higher Self, is not optional.

Rather, surrender is the first, all-important step in our ongoing journey toward realization of our inherent potential.

To be absolutely clear, as I am using the term, surrender does not mean that we must maintain a lukewarm attitude relative to the occasionally frustrating and sometimes bewildering unfoldment of our lives.

To the contrary, as we evolve our perspective and raise our consciousness, we begin to appreciate surrender to the spiritual guidance of our Higher Self as a viable means to an end, the only workable strategy for healing, wholing and becoming the complete individuals we were meant to be.

The reason my partner Leigh and I counsel clients to listen to their intuition and engage their imagination when making decisions is that spirit always speaks to us through the heart. Anything coming from the head is likely unchecked ego and usually serves to sidetrack us.

Not that we ever fully surrender the ego. As we move forward on our path of conscious personal mastery, the ego continues to play a valuable role by, most importantly, helping us protect and care for our physical body so that we may fulfill our spiritual purpose.

But having awakened to our true divine nature through stepping into unity consciousness, the ego no longer is leading the way. Instead of being our guide, the ego is now a follower—and this is as it should be.

Qigong, which is associated with Taoism, was a wonderful teacher in what I like to call the Art of Allowing, for which the Taoist term in Chinese, Wu Wei, can be translated as “doing by not doing.”

As opposed to mentally directed action, considered artificial, the philosophy of Wu Wei, which is at the heart of both Taoism and qigong, encourages intuitive, or natural, action.

"Hugging the Tree" 2012 © Sol Luckman"Hugging the Tree" 2012 © Sol LuckmanAs a practical example, the doing nothing of remaining motionless “hugging the tree” results in doing something obviously life-affirming by pooling huge amounts of bioenergy that can be used for healing, creativity, sex, and many other activities.

From a more philosophical perspective, the practice of Wu Wei can be thought of as your ego—“you”—learning to get out of your spirit’s “way” so that “thy will be done” and miracles of personal healing and transformation can occur.

As an American with a background in mainstream academics, the idea that there was any art to allowing initially was every bit as foreign to me as the words “Wu Wei.”

Although I considered myself a “free thinker,” I quickly discovered that I was far more culturally conditioned in the ways of ego, individualism, materialism and having to “make things happen” than I was comfortable admitting.

Shockingly, for something whose chief requirement was doing nothing, Wu Wei was the hardest thing I had ever (not) done. I came very close to throwing in the towel, cutting down the tree instead of hugging it every day.

Having facilitated the Regenetics Method for years now and worked with many westernized clients, I know I am far from alone in my culturally ingrained tendency to doubt the power of spiritual energy and resist allowing things to manifest naturally.

Not infrequently, Leigh and I receive emails from clients following their Potentiation like this:

Client: “I just can’t tell if I’m making any progress. I’m trying so hard.”

Us: “We’re sorry to hear that. How in particular do you feel that you’re not making progress?”

Client: “Well, I just feel rough all the time. I know I’m detoxing. Our last conversation really helped me understand that part of the process. But it’s just so uncomfortable.”

Us: “It certainly can be difficult. If you don’t mind our asking, are you doing any other things besides Regenetics to get well?”

Client: “Oh, yeah. Lots of things.”

Us: “Like what?”

Client: “Well, I’m doing ionized footbaths to draw out toxins—three times a week. I’m also getting regular lymphatic drainage and using a zapper several hours a day for parasites. I take a lot of homeopathics and supplements. And I just started a round of colonics and a colon cleansing diet—”

Us: “Hold on. You’re doing all of that, in addition to having just received Potentiation a few months ago?”

Client: “Yeah. What’s the matter?”

Us: “Didn’t you read in our materials to proceed gently with other modalities, since Potentiation can be a powerful activation?”

Client: “Of course. I just thought that, you know, since Regenetics only involves energy, I had to make something happen here. Do you think maybe I’m pushing myself too hard?”

Fortunately, I had an excellent qigong teacher who helped me integrate the Art of Allowing into my life because he was a living example of its power to strengthen the body.

From a chronically fatigued and emaciated young man on his deathbed, he had transformed through his own practice of qigong and Wu Wei into a robust, physically imposing martial artist who appeared the epitome of radiant physical health.

I am forever grateful to my teacher, a generous and gifted person whom I credit with helping me get back on my feet at one of the lowest points of my dark night of the soul.

But as one suffering acutely from chronic fatigue myself, I observed two subtle behaviors on his part that made me question whether he really had cured his illness—or simply had put it into remission by building up vast chi reserves through continuous qigong practice.

My teacher’s dependence on qigong was itself a possible sign that all was not entirely well in him. By his own admission, if he skipped hugging the tree more than a day or two, he started to feel “lousy.”

But even more indicative that his health probably remained compromised at a deep level was that he felt compelled to maintain a very strict diet, one nearly as severe as my own that almost completely avoided sugars and starches, which he admitted he still did not tolerate well.

In retrospect, my teacher’s unrelenting food sensitivities were a “red flag” that, despite years of qigong practice and an ascetic lifestyle, suggested he remained damaged genetically—most likely by vaccines.

Later, as I became aware of the role vaccines play in inducing autoimmunity, and thus many allergies, by negatively programming DNA, I started to wonder if it might be possible to “reprogram” damaged DNA to a state of healthy functioning.

I asked myself if this kind of reset might be capable of undoing sensitivities and other symptoms experienced by individuals suffering from autoimmune conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and other essentially empty diagnoses.

Although I enjoyed qigong and never had been opposed to hard work, I wondered if there might be an even purer form of Wu Wei, an even more effective method of engaging the Art of Allowing that would empower me—and maybe others—to heal at a more profound level and leave behind meditation and daily practice in favor of being fully present in the world of daily activity.

It was this line of “passively purposeful” questioning, made possible by Wu Wei in the first place, that steered me unerringly downstream during the development of Potentiation.

Copyright © 2012 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers and all Facilitators of the Regenetics Method offer DNA activation as educators and ordained ministers, not medical doctors, and do not purport to diagnose, prevent or treat illness of any kind. Regenetics Method information and sessions are offered, and accepted, as exercises of freedom of speech and religion. The Developers and Facilitators of the Regenetics Method make no recommendations, claims, promises or guarantees relative to specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical treatment and care.

[Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method and Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method. For information on the “revolutionary healing science” (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method, check out View Sol’s paintings and learn more about his work at]

3. Torsion: The Key to the Theory of Everything

Brendan Murphy

The first research generally credited with the discovery of this “fifth force”—torsion—was that done in the late 1800s by Russian professor N. P. Myshkin.

Einstein’s colleague Dr. Eli Cartan first termed this force “torsion” in 1913 in reference to its twisting movement through space-time.

In the 1950s pioneering Russian scientist Dr. N. A. Kozyrev (1908–1983) conclusively proved the existence of this energy, demonstrating that, like time, it flows in a sacred geometric spiral.

Russian scientists are reported to have written around 10,000 papers on the subject in the 1990s alone.

Torsion essentially means “twisting” or “spiraling.” This is the action of torsion waves as they propagate through space—and it is also the action of static torsion fields.

Torsion fields are generated by spin and/or angular momentum. Any object or particle that spins produces torsion waves and possesses its own unique torsion field.

According to some, torsion waves are the missing link in the search for a final “theory of everything
(TOE), a unified field theory, or GUT (grand unified theory). Currently, such theories cannot be reconciled with the established concept of a quantum wave as it stands in physical theory.

Since torsion fields influence spin states, one object’s torsion field can be changed by the influence or application of an external torsion field.

This realization of the unique properties of torsion fields suggests compelling links to various psi or parapsychological phenomena (such as the “charging” of an object with intent, or the informational recording of events in “inert matter” so that it can later be “read” by a psychometrist).

Kozyrev, Time & Torsion

Dr. Kozyrev discovered that human thoughts and feelings generate torsion waves. Such a discovery opens the door for a “physical” understanding of consciousness, and a much more complete model of reality.

Kozyrev was able to measure physical effects caused by sudden psychological changes (including his own), proving that consciousness is related to vibrations within a fluid-like “aetheric” medium.

In his ingenious experiments, he detected minute changes in systems that mimicked psychokinesis using an unknown form of hard-to-detect energy—time itself, he believed—which he pointed out united all existence in a unified field, connecting all things in real-time (thus facilitating nonlocality or “action at a distance”).

Changes in mechanical systems produced subtle alterations in the density of time, or the aetheric medium, as did gravity, thunderstorms, changes in season, and changes in matter density.

Likewise, Kozyrev found that consciousness also affected time density. Emotional thoughts produced larger effects on his equipment than did intellectual thoughts.

“The measurement systems are especially strongly affected by a person in emotional excitement,” Kozyrev’s colleague V. V. Nasonov told an audience at Moscow University in 1985. “For instance, [Kozyrev] was able to deflect a torsion balance pointer by 40° or more when reading his favorite ‘Faust.’ Meanwhile, as a rule, mathematical calculations did not cause pointer deflections.”

Kozyrev believed that our thoughts could change the density of time. He believed that in mastering the ability to make time dense at will we would be able to make telepathy occur at will.

In Kozyrev’s conception, all psi phenomena would be stripped of their paranormal trappings and accepted into the world of natural phenomena.

Storing Intention & Information in Water

Virtually all anomalous warping effects or other “law-defying” effects caused in matter by various technologies can be replicated by the human mind.

The imprint of human intention into the ice crystals of Dr. Masaru Emoto is just one example that might be explained by torsion waves radiated by human thoughts and emotions.

Dankachov showed in 1984 that water is “a good medium for storing static torsion fields.” The torsion fields created by human intention are simply memorized in water, especially water containing ionized salts.

At a sub-microscopic level, the internal structure of water has changed, causing resultant differences in ice crystals.

At Sound Energy Research scientists created torsion field imprints in distilled water using scalar (torsion) wave technologies. The result is structured water called scalar wave–structured water.

These researchers sent samples to Emoto, who froze them and studied the crystals, which formed hexagonal structures like those created by human consciousness.

Scalar/torsion technology creates the same effects as mental intent. The inference to be drawn is compelling: perhaps torsion waves—which are bereft of any electromagnetic (EM) properties or mass—are “carrier waves” of consciousness.

According to Dr. W. E. Davis, the psionic device patented and used for years now by De La Warr laboratories in England is capable of registering photographs of life energy surrounding an object.

In 1958 Dr. De La Warr took a picture of a drop of ordinary tap water. The results were “normal”: there was a central point with seven bright, thin lines radiating from it.

Then he asked a priest to bless the water before he took another picture. This time the “brilliant lines of force” formed the shape of a cross!

This phenomenon is somewhat akin to the use of kind words to metamorphose the shape of water molecules as documented in Emoto
s research.

The spin states of the water’s atoms were presumably altered by the priest’s own torsion field as he imprinted his intention by blessing the water.

Nonlocal Interactions & Torsion in Nature

The fact that plants are able to respond to human intention in measurable ways could perhaps be related to the torsion waves created by human consciousness and broadcast to the plant, which senses them and responds accordingly, on instinct.

After all, if we can observe the Phi ratio (signifying the presence of this spiraling torsion energy) virtually everywhere we look in nature and realize that plants, humans and animals are all created out of this mathematically embedded matrix, or “implicate order,” it is not so surprising that plants can detect human thoughts (which generate torsion waves), as Cleve Backster showed in his breakthrough studies (starting in the 1960s) on human-plant telepathic interactions.

Backster documents, among other things, that when he was away from his office, the plants in his office space actually produced immediate measurable electrical reactions to his intent to return—even when he was nowhere near the building.

By connecting a plant’s leaves to a polygraph machine, Backster found that his office plants not only responded stressfully to silent mental threats by a human to harm them, but also to the deaths of nearby organisms, such as brine shrimp and even bacterial colonies.

Russian entomologist Dr. Victor Grebennikov discovered what he called the “cavity structural effect” (CSE) created by bee’s nests. The particular shape of the nests caused them to harness and throw off large amounts of torsion waves that were detectable to human hands even when the nest was shielded with thick metal.

These torsion waves act as a guide to trees, who detect them and guide their roots around the bees’ structures rather than growing into them, as well as offering a form of nonlocal “communication” between the bees themselves. The torsion harnessed by the CSE can also alter the passing of time, as Grebennikov showed, replicating Kozyrev’s findings.

Dr. Frank Brown, a pioneer in the study of interactions between magnetism and living organisms, found that when bean seeds were placed near one another there was an interaction between them that could not be explained in orthodox terms: it seemed to be due to the presence of a biofield or spin force.

That a biofield was involved is supported by Brown’s observation of a connection between rotation and bean seed interaction. He found that the beans interacted more strongly when they were rotated counter-clockwise than when they were rotated clockwise. (The biofield is usually observed as a clockwise force as seen from above, though it reportedly flows in one direction for men and the opposite for women.)

Brown also highlights the research of R. I. Jones, who reported in 1960 that plant growth could be altered by uniform daily rotation. Clockwise rotation depressed growth, suggesting the presence of a spin force around all plants might be a factor.

Pyramids as Torsion Conductors & Generators

Russian and Ukranian research into pyramids has yielded some very interesting results regarding torsion waves. The Russians found that the pyramid shape naturally harnesses torsion waves, as if amplifying them.

It has been experimentally established that objects that feature the Golden Section (which expresses Phi) can be described as passive torsion generators.

The team of A. G. Antonov from the Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology tested the effects of a solution of 40% glucose in distilled water after it had been stored in a pyramid. By administering only 1 ml of the glucose to 20 different prematurely born infant patients with compromised immune systems, their levels of health were seen to increase rapidly up to practically normal values.

The researchers furthermore discovered that glucose was not necessary, as the same effect could be produced by simply using 1 ml of ordinary water that had been stored in the pyramid.

Another study in Russia showed that mice drinking torsion-affected pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors develop than mice drinking ordinary water. (Elsewhere, Russian scientists have reported that mice subjected to static torsion fields showed significantly enhanced immune function.)

Blunted razor blades also sharpen again as the crystalline structure is regenerated by the harnessed energy.

These are just a few of the many effects observed and verified by large numbers of qualified scientists. The best and most up-to-date review of the incredible effects produced by pyramids as they harness torsion fields is provided by David Wilcock in The Source Field Investigations.

The ancient pyramids, in particular the Great Pyramid at Giza, served multiple esoteric functions such as facilitating OBEs (out-of-body experiences), as in a shamanic initiation-type ritual.

Pyramid placement at certain node points on the planetary grid suggests that they act to harness the planet’s life-enhancing energies, and perhaps stabilize the grid itself. They are not gigantic tombs for dead pharaohs, but that is a topic beyond the scope of this article.

Wilcock explains that any cone-shaped or cylindrical object will harness and focus the torsion fields spiraling out of the Earth; since this energy is fundamentally intelligent, harnessing it not only enhances one’s physical health, but also one’s “spiritual consciousness.”

Torsion waves have the potential to initiate a fundamental paradigm shift. They bridge the gap between mind and matter in a way that was never thought possible, and in the process validate the perspectives of mystics and occultists.

Various researchers consider torsion as being synonymous or identical with consciousness itself. Since torsion waves are a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of the cosmos, we can see how consciousness is also. Consciousness has a real and detectable force which can act on the environment both locally and remotely.

Suddenly the notion of something like psychokinesis is not so “paranormal.” Sol Luckman refers to torsion energy as “intelligent light or intention energy emanating from higher dimensions” and notes that it is distinguishable from both gravity and electromagnetic radiation.

Torsion fields are spin fields within gravity, and as such, they can be used to mitigate and nullify gravity.

"The Human Bioenergy Blueprint" 2012 © Sol Luckman from Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method"The Human Bioenergy Blueprint" 2012 © Sol Luckman from Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics MethodTorsion, Psi & the Brain

Every electromagnetic or electrostatic field is accompanied by or contains a torsion component, meaning that all organic and inorganic objects have their own signature torsion fields, though no organic substances can be used to shield torsion fields—unlike aluminum, for instance, which can. (Kozyrev stated that aluminum was an excellent reflector of time.)

If the principle of complementarity operates at all scales (as we have good reason to believe) then, as Yurth points out, this means that wherever we find local/linear effects, we must also find nonlinear or nonlocal effects.

On a relative note, Kozyrev discovered that torsion waves can move through space at tremendous speeds—billions of times the speed of light—meaning they propagate in the future and past as well. This means that tapping into them could facilitate retro- or precognition or psi experiences involving glimpses of the past or future in other words.

If you think of torsion waves as connections not through space, but in the realm of time (or time-space), then real-time (instantaneous) telepathic communication between people separated by thousands of miles may become slightly more comprehensible—and less “unusual.”

Such phenomena ordinarily look to us as “acausal” (since there is no discernible exchange of EM energy or force between the two parties in space-time), but torsion waves may facilitate nonlocal correlations through “causal nonlocality.”

According to A. Akimov, torsion fields coupled with standard electric, magnetic and gravity fields should offer a unified field theory that will extend the realm of science to include the effects of consciousness.

It’s interesting to note that certain effects on the spin structure of matter caused by torsion waves could only be reproduced by psychics. Furthermore, according to Russian physicist G. I. Shipov, torsion fields transmit information without transmitting EM energy.

“From the late 80s till the late 90s,” affirms Shipov, it “was established that torsion generators allow us not only to replicate all ‘phenomena’ [such as PK and ESP] demonstrated by so-called psychics, but they also are able to demonstrate effects that were never demonstrated by any ‘psychic.’”

The Akimov group represented the brain as a non-magnetic spin torsion system where it is simultaneously a torsion transmitter and receiver.

Iona Miller wrote in an online article that “[s]tanding scalar [torsion] waves can be coupled at exactly 180° out of phase in a resonant cavity to create zero sums through scalar resonance. There is just such a resonant cavity in the brain, between the pituitary and pineal glands. These waves of potential co-modulate each other and ‘lock or zip together’ as a zero-vector system [scalar] wave. This allows for crosstalk or translation between dimensions.”

Interestingly, the pineal gland is believed to produce the entheogen DMT, known informally as the “spirit molecule.” This molecule is known to facilitate intuitive functioning and mystical experiences. Perhaps it acts as an antenna for and amplifier of hyperdimensional scalar/torsion waves.

If a resonance can be set up within the cavity between the pineal and pituitary glands, does this stimulate higher levels of DMT production, allowing us to access different levels of reality?

Rick Strassman’s fascinating experiments with DMT on volunteers showed that intravenously administered DMT produces extremely real other-dimensional experiences, replete with interactions with non-human intelligences—some resembling “aliens” referenced in UFO and abduction literature.

According to veteran independent scientist Tom Bearden, “all mind operations are time-like, i.e., they are [made up of] scalar EM photon functions and scalar EM wave functions. Thus the mind is a very special kind of electromagnetic system, existing in the time domain.”

In other words, the mind does not have its origins in the material world, but in the nonlocal, “implicate” realm or torsion/scalar field.

Importantly, in torsion fields, similar charges attract, and opposite charges repulse. It has long been a metaphysical tenet that, in terms of human experience, “like attracts like.”

If torsion is a carrier wave for consciousness, this is a profound point. As a nonlocally interconnective force unifying us all in real-time, torsion is likely to be the missing link that facilitates Jung’s “acausal” sychronistic phenomena (“meaningful coincidences”), and our ability to remotely draw certain people and events to us.

This could prove to be the ultimate scientific support for the notion that “what you put out is what you get back,” although the “law of attraction” based on this axiom appears to be an oversimplification.

In terms of psi phenomena such as remote viewing and other functions of consciousness that allow us to access information from anywhere in the cosmos, the significance of torsion fields should now be obvious.

Indirect support comes from the employment of gravimetric devices by various scientists who have used torsion fields to measure and record distant astrophysical events and processes in real time. Their results support the notion that information at any single place in the cosmos can be instantaneously obtained at any other location.

Likewise, by generating a torsion field (which can be done by counter-rotating two magnets or even other objects in close proximity), information can be “pumped” into it to instantly manifest elsewhere in the universe—no matter how large the distance between the sender and receiver.

In 2001 Dr. Hartmut Müller used the spin/torsion fields within gravity to make a real-time telephone call from the Toezler Medientage building in Germany to Saint Petersburg in Russia. No EM fields were used. The communication was therefore instantaneous, without the time lag normal EM communication systems present.


Psi and consciousness researchers have typically discussed only electromagnetism in relation to the operations of the mind, when all along the much harder to detect “fifth force” (known as torsion since 1913) may have been the most important aspect of bioenergy in accounting for the anomalous functions of consciousness.

Michael Talbot wrote in his 1990s classic The Holographic Universe that legitimate psychics had sensed the presence of another non-EM force or energy that composed part of the human aura or bio-field, but could not quite pinpoint what it was.

Thanks to pioneers like Myshkin, Cartan, Kozyrev and many more, we may surmise that the other “mysterious” non-EM component of the human bio-field spoken of by those psychics was torsion.

Copyright © 2012 by Brendan Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

[Brendan Murphy is an independent researcher and writer who has been studying metaphysics, physics, the occult and related subjects since a profound awakening nearly a decade ago. He has spent the past four years researching and assembling his forthcoming science-meets-metaphysics series The Grand Illusion, from which this article was adapted. For more information visit]

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4. Six Long-term Effects of Choosing Gratitude

Adela Rubio

There are so many immediate benefits of a gratitude practice—a positive outlook, affirmation of your abundance, feeling good—that it’s not even a question of why, but when to practice.

Researchers in the field of Positive Psychology have discovered, in recent studies, that gratitude aficionados experience some profound long-term effects, too.

Whether it’s the research led by Robert Emmons at UC Davis, or the studies done by Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva at the Universidade do Porto, here are six areas in your world sure to change when you invoke the power of gratitude in your daily life.

1. A Grateful World View. In the Emmons studies, most people report an average rating of nearly 6 (on a 7-point scale) of being grateful. Related studies indicated that the happiest people are also the most grateful. They are quick to thank others, quick to cite a large number of people as factors in their success, and focused on what is going well in their world instead of what is not going well.

2. Enhanced Wellbeing. Grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality and optimism and lower levels of depression and stress. The disposition toward gratitude appears to enhance pleasant feeling states more than it diminishes unpleasant emotions. Grateful people do not deny or ignore the negative aspects of life.

3. Deeper Community Connection. People with a strong disposition toward gratitude have the capacity to be empathic and can engage the perspective of others. They are experienced as more generous and helpful by people in their communities.

4. Experience the Oneness of Life. Those who have a spiritual practice are more likely to be grateful. Grateful people are more likely to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life and commitment and responsibility to others. Gratitude does not require religious faith, but faith enhances the ability to be grateful.

5. High Value on People, not Stuff. Folks who are grateful value the material stuff a lot less! They are less likely to judge their own and others’ success in terms of accumulated possessions. They are also more likely to share their possessions with others.

6. Easily Embody Success. Gratitude is a positive emotion that is a foundation for success. Contrary to popular belief, recent research has found that success comes from happiness, not the other way around. If you want to accomplish great things, it makes sense to enhance your wellbeing. You can easily do that with gratitude.

The bottom line is that being more grateful not only gives you instant access to feelings of abundance and possibility, but also may reprogram the fabric of your being so that the goodness of life can take up residence in your world … permanently.

Make it a point to embody gratitude every day. You can silently thank someone, write a quick email, pick up the phone, or thank someone who helps you with something. It feels awesome and it’s contagious.

Gratitude. It does a body, and a person, good!

© 2012 by Adela Rubio. All Rights Reserved.

[Adela Rubio is a Joint Venture Strategist who helps coaches and creatives share their message and build their tribe using engaging list-building strategies. She is an expert at creating experiential online virtual events that position you to free your Unique Essence, share your Authentic Message, and power boost your reach with Joint Ventures. Let Adela teach you how powerful partnerships can be. Download Adela’s free audio “Creating Powerful Partnerships” at]


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