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September-October 2014 (Vol. 10, No. 5)

NOTABLE & QUOTABLE: More to Snooze: A Story of Awakening than You Might Think

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’m thrilled to report that my new novel, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, continues to garner rave reviews!

Snooze is many things. But first and foremost, it’s a spiritual adventure centered on a psychically gifted boy who uses his developing lucid dreaming abilities to travel to a parallel reality to rescue his astronaut father who is marooned there.

After Snooze received an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Beach Book Festival Prize competition in the general fiction category,, offering its highest rating, said this of the book: “It was deep, it was humorous and it left nothing to be desired.”

Readers’ Favorite followed this enthusiastic review with a five-star one of its own. Writes author and reviewer Suzanne Cowles,

“Luckman’s dazzling abilities as a novelist abound with lyrical prose … Although [Snooze] chronicles a boy’s transition into manhood, I would not consider it young adult. The provocative subject matter of science and spirituality is very mature … If you enjoy colorful characters, a fast-paced plot and stories that tug at your heart, this novel in eighty-four chapters is anything but a yawn.”

Author and reviewer Ingrid Hall called Snooze “one of the best coming-of-age, awakening books that I have ever read,” while Merry Hall, Co-Host of Envision This, described Snooze as “a book for readers ready to awaken from our mass cultural illusion.”

Check out more reviews here. Read or download the first 80 pages of Snooze here.

Readers whose initial interest might be or have been my bestselling health and wellness nonfiction should note that Snooze incorporates numerous timely body-mind-spirit themes, as you can read for yourself in this new article as well as in the excerpt from the novel below.

A metaphysical mind-blower for young adult and young-at-heart readers, Snooze has many affinities with such works of fiction and cinema as A Wrinkle in Time, The Celestine Prophecy, Avatar and The Matrix.

In the three chapters from Part Three (of Four) included in this issue, my protagonist, Max Diver, is being trained in utilizing spiritual energy by his alter ego, Maxwallah from the Otherworld of dreams, in the ancient ruins of Muru-amah.

Themes touched on in these chapters include:

• Personal initiation

• Activating the occult powers known as the siddhis

• The right use of power (the Sacred Masculine)

• The evolution of human consciousness

• Totem animals and animal medicine

• Sensing and working with subtle energy

• The role of the heart in healing and transformation

• Intuition and surrender

• Sacred cosmology and mythology

• The oneness of creation

• Free will

• The primal force of sound

• The power of positive feeling

Not bad content for only a handful of pages from a mere piece of “fiction.”

Read on to see if SNOOZE … resonates with you—and sweet dreams!

Sol Luckman


1. Snooze: Initiation, Totem Animals, Sacred Masculinity & Sound Healing (Excerpt) by Sol Luckman

2. No Sex Required: Body Cells Transfer Genetic Info Directly into Sperm Cells by Sayer Ji

3. Heart-centered Healing Produces Powerful Effects on the Human Body” by Michael Forrester

4. Time Is Running out, Literally: Welcome to the End of Kali Yuga” by V. Susan Ferguson

5. The World Is Our Garden–Defend It or Lose It by Julian Rose

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1. Snooze: Initiation, Totem Animals, Sacred Masculinity & Sound Healing (Excerpt)

Sol Luckman

[Editors Note: The following three chapters are from Snooze: A Story of Awakening. Read or download a longer sample here.]

The two companions strolled past the cherry trees and turned into the little alleyway that led past Zana’s elk. It was still there, stinking up the place, high in the lone tree atop the hill.

Leaving the stench behind without remark, Maxwallah led Max down another alley that twisted and turned—until it opened up to reveal a steaming pool of water of considerable size carved by the elements out of solid rock. “What is this place?” asked Max.

“This was the Sacred Pool of the Heywah. Beautiful, is it not?”

“It’s gorgeous. And practical. It’s a hot spring, right?”

“Indeed. It is fed by thermal waters from beneath the mountain.”

“So can we bathe in it? I haven’t had a shower since I got to time-space.”

“Eventually, yes, we will bathe. But first, we must initiate your training with ceremony.”

“What kind of ceremony?”

“Take off your clothes and you will see.”

“You want me to take off my clothes here in broad daylight?”

“Trust me, Maxwell. I have seen you naked every time I have seen myself without raiment.”

Reluctantly, not without wincing in the morning chill, Max removed his poncho, jeans, and boots. These Maxwallah set on the ground well away from the water alongside his backpack—from which he removed a long, slender object.

“Why do you carry an extra machete around in your pack?” asked Max.

Ignoring this question, Maxwallah offered him the sword in its scabbard by the carved bone hilt. Max accepted and unsheathed the obsidian blade, which glinted and seemed rather sharp. “This is just like your sword.”

“Not just like. The carving on your handle is a lunar motif, while that on mine features a solar design.”

My handle? You mean you’re giving me this?”

“It is said among my people that a blade selects its wielder. In a sense, I am merely making it possible for you to have what has already chosen you.”

“But you made this sword, didn’t you?”

“I crafted it, yes. Just as my teacher made my sword for me—and as perhaps someday you will make one for your student.”

“Thanks. But I don’t know the first thing about sword making.”

“Neither did I.”

“What am I supposed to do with it?”

“Use it. I will make you a belt with your hide shirt so you can wear it.”

“I really appreciate this, Maxwallah. But why are you giving it to me now? I thought we were going to have a ceremony.”

Maxwallah smiled and took the sword back from Max. “The ceremony has already begun. You have accepted the blade that I will now use to sever the ties that bind you to who you were and keep you from becoming who you are to be.”

“Just don’t cut my silver cord.”

“Do not worry.”

Max shivered in the bracing air as Maxwallah moved around him in circles symbolically severing his bonds to the past from head to toe. Setting the blade on its sheath on top of Max’s poncho, he produced a hunk of what looked like amber from his backpack and held it in his right hand blowing on it until it began to smoke.

Max smelled the familiar, copal-like scent of the resin from the luminous piñon trees down the mountain. He realized his twin was heating the hardened sap in his palm so that it burned like incense. “That’s pretty cool,” said Max. “Are you going to teach me how to do that?”

“This is not about parlor tricks, Maxwell. The kali-kalu are not ends in themselves—but only and always means to a greater end.”

“What are the kali-kalu?”

“Special abilities that derive from manipulating the energy of space—or in your world, the energy of time.”

“You mean like the Hindu siddhis? Levitation, telekinesis, that sort of thing?”



“Perhaps, perhaps not.”

“I don’t follow you.”

“An eager student of the kali-kalu, or inner arts, once pursued them for the wrong reasons. Rather than wanting power to help the world, he desired power for itself.”

“What happened?”

“The climate where he lived was extremely wet. In order to show the people he had acquired power, and to make everyone revere him, he caused the rain to disappear. But this only brought drought to the land—and soon people everywhere, starving, fell to cursing his name.”

“I think I get what you’re driving at.”

“Do you?” Maxwallah began walking in circles again while blowing across the resin and smudging Max with incense. The smoke smelled wonderful but stung his eyes.

“I believe so,” replied Max, blinking. “You’re saying that in order to properly wield this kind of power, one must be willing to give it up rather than do harm.”

“That is precisely the point. You might imagine that I practice physical training such as you saw me doing at the fountain because I desire to defeat my opponents?”

“Well, certainly, you don’t want to be beaten by them.”

“Of course not. But if you believe embodying power means to have someone to ‘beat’ in the first place, you are already on a slippery slope. The straight path to power is to embrace the Circle of Life to such an extent that one cannot be effectively opposed by anyone or anything. Real power, the genuine variety, carries with it the responsibility to stand up in benevolent defense of all creatures.”

Max thought of the physician’s pledge, so often ignored in the medicine of his world, to “first do no harm.” “What about evil beings?” he asked.

“If by ‘evil’ you mean those who choose to ignore the Circle of Life for selfish reasons, one with power must endeavor to neutralize their ability to do harm while—if at all possible—not harming them.”

“What about the wolves you shot?”

“Killing is only a last resort in defense or preservation of oneself or a loved one.”

“What about hunting animals for food?”

“That falls under preservation of oneself or a loved one.”

“Fair enough. But what is the Circle of Life, Maxwallah? I get that it’s connected to the Way of All Things—but I’m not sure how.”

What remained of the piñon resin was bubbling in Maxwallah’s palm. The heat from the smoldering incense didn’t seem to hurt or even bother him. He blew the last of the smoke over Max, then rubbed his hands together to remove what was left of the ashes. “I am afraid it is difficult to describe the Circle of Life in words. It is more effective to experience it before attempting to discuss it.”

“How do I go about experiencing it?”

“First, we must finish your purification. Then we can proceed to the Cave of Origins.”

“Proceed to what?”

“Language is so much fluff at this stage. We must go deeper. Literally!”

With this last word, Maxwallah unexpectedly pushed Max into the Sacred Pool. Max barely had time to inhale before he was surrounded by bath-like water and air bubbles. Sputtering while shaking the water out of his hair, he resurfaced and attempted to climb out.

He was greeted at the lip of the waterhole by the tip of his own obsidian sword in Maxwallah’s hand.

“Quit joking around,” he said. “I’d like to get out and dry off.”

“You said you wanted to bathe. Now bathe.”



“How am I supposed to do that? I can’t even stand up. The pool’s really deep.”

“That should present no obstacle to a dolphin. Just remember: where there is a will, there is a Way.”

“Is that ‘Way’ with a capital?”

“It is if you can follow it.”

Max stared up at his twin, who still brandished the sword menacingly to keep him from climbing out.

Rather than getting angry, intuiting this must be part of his training, he reflected on Maxwallah’s last statement while treading water. To follow the Way, or the Way of all Things, was to follow the energy. So where was the energy?

Sensing a subtle current of energy rising up from below, Max took a deep breath and allowed himself to sink beneath the water’s steaming surface. As he drifted down and down in the stillness of the Sacred Pool, he imagined he heard a high-pitched note like that of a dolphin whistling.

The farther he sank, the louder the note grew—until he realized in an epiphany it emanated from his heart. It wasn’t exactly his heartbeat; rather, the note seemed to be the driving force behind his heartbeat. It was—he grasped in another profound insight—the sound of his heart speaking.

Diver down, it seemed to say. Diver down, diver down, diver down, diver down.

Suddenly, a faint, greenish light turned on in the depths of darkness under Max’s feet. At the same time, the upwelling energy grew palpably stronger.

Instinctively, before his head could dissuade him from what his heart told him to do, he curled into a fetal position, spun a hundred and eighty degrees vertically, and dived straight toward the light with a series of powerful kicks.

The light grew brighter as he plumbed the depths of the Sacred Pool. Just as he was on the verge of running out of breath, he swam through a shimmering membrane—at which point, fantastically, he fell through the air and splashed into a bed of glowing moss.

Sucking for breath, he looked up to see the water of the Sacred Pool suspended in swirling patterns atop the translucent membrane half a dozen feet overhead. Max had entered the Cave of Origins, but how he would exit it was anybody’s guess.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry long. Within minutes an equally naked Maxwallah passed through the membrane and landed with a flop beside him on the illuminated moss. “Fancy meeting you here,” said Max. “I thought you were going to toss me in water only if I set myself on fire.”

Maxwallah, still sopping and breathing hard, stared sideways at his twin with a mischievous grin. “It worked, did it not?”

“If you mean it made me find the Cave of Origins, I guess so.” When Maxwallah only laughed, Max said, “What’s so funny?”

“It did more than make you find the Cave of Origins.”

“You’re speaking in riddles.”

“Let us review what just occurred after I pushed you in the water.”

“So you can gloat?”

“So you can understand better.”

“Fair enough.”

“What was your first act after you realized I was not going to let you climb out of the Sacred Pool?”

“I sort of … surrendered.”

“Surrendered to what, exactly?”

“To following the energy.”

“Did you attempt to control the energy?”

“No. I didn’t even think about that. I just … felt it.”

“Good. Then what did you do?”

“I allowed myself to sink.”

“Were you afraid?”

“Not really.”

“Why not?”

“I immediately heard an odd noise.”

“A noise?”

“A high-pitched tone. Like a dolphin whistling. That was my innate tone, wasn’t it?”

Maxwallah smiled again. “Obviously. What happened next?”

Max reflected on the subsequent phase of his descent into the Cave of Origins. “It seemed the tone was coming from my heart. It struck me as a type of language.”

“The language of the heart?”

“Cheesy, but—yes.”

“What did your heart say?”

“It kept repeating ‘diver down.’”

“Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Did you dive down?”

“Of course. But first, there was a light. From the moss, I think. The next thing I knew, I swam through the membrane and fell. I sure didn’t see that coming. It’s a good thing I didn’t break my neck.”

“It is a good thing I did not bury you alive.”

“Bury me … alive?”

“Some initiations require it.”

“Is that what this is: an initiation?”

“Something like that. Call it the initiation of your initiation.”


“In any case, luck was with you. Upon review, Maxwell, has this experience become clear?”

“Clear as mud.”

“Then I will tell you a story.”

“Another story?”

“Humor me. In the beginning, before the birth of stars and planets, and before the first day was followed by the first night, Great Spirit sat alone in contemplation of his loneliness.”

“Been there, done that.”

“Great Spirit dreamed of not being alone, but he also realized—powerful as he was—that he could not end his loneliness by force of will. To do so would create mere slaves to his will with no will of their own. Thus his first act was to surrender his will in order to follow the energy of creation wherever it wished to go. Sound familiar?”

“Maybe a little. Go on.”

“Great Spirit became a servant of the energy, not its master, and in so doing left a blueprint for all of his children—born of freely flowing energy—to follow.”

“You’re talking about the Way of All Things!”

“Precisely. The Way of All Things is to follow the energy wherever it takes us. Only by doing so can we retrace the energy all the way back to our origins in Great Spirit.”

“So is this where the Cave of Origins comes in?”

“Almost. As soon as Great Spirit began to follow the energy, he heard a sound.”

“His innate tone?”

“You have a sharp mind, Maxwell. His was the original note out of which all other notes grew to form the Circle of Life. The music welling up in Great Spirit’s heart was cyclical—like his heartbeat—and spoke of the oneness at the heart of creation.”

“Is that why you once told me that everything is one?”


“And is it also why you greet others by saying you see yourself in them?”

“Very astute. Greeting others as ourselves reminds us there is really only Great Spirit. For from Great Spirit’s innate tone, uttered in surrender and love, emerged a vast universe like an endless cavern centered on and powered by the energy of his heart.”

“The Cave of Origins?”

“The Cave of Origins. And into the Cave of Origins flowed the notes of Great Spirit’s heartsong to give life and consciousness to all things.”

Max sorted through the pieces of Maxwallah’s puzzle of creation. “Unless I’m missing something,” he said finally, “the Cave of Origins is the universe—which is actually the heart of the creator.”

“You did not miss anything.”

“But that would mean the Cave of Origins doesn’t really exist—not in a single location like this place, anyway.”

“Think of it this way: the Cave of Origins is everywhere and nowhere.”

“Everywhere and nowhere?”

“It is everywhere the heart is—and nowhere the heart is not.”

“That’s mind-blowing.”

“The mind cannot begin to grasp it. Only the heart has any chance of coming to terms with the mysteries of creation in which it played a pivotal role.”

“How did you learn all this?”

“I had an excellent teacher.” Maxwallah smiled again. “Do not attempt to understand what I am saying with your head. That is like trying to control the energy. Simply feel it with your heart. By surrendering, you create space for the answer to manifest.”

“The answer to what?”

“The question in your heart.”

In fact, there was a question there—as if in a lockbox waiting to be opened—that Max hadn’t dared to ask. He had been so programmed through cultural conditioning to believe God and humans were separate that just asking the question seemed sacrilegious.

Seated in glowing moss in a supernatural cave with who knew how many tons of hot water suspended precariously overhead, Max concentrated on just breathing and paying attention to the energy.

In his mind’s eye, he watched the energy emanating from his own heart and radiating outward to the cave’s overgrown floor, stone walls, and membranous ceiling. It was as if the Cave of Origins … originated from inside him!

I did this, didn’t I?” he asked in astonishment. “I created the Cave of Origins with my innate tone?”

Maxwallah beamed. “Yes. Though if I may say so, I am helping sustain it.”

“But I thought Great Spirit made the Cave of Origins.”

“Great Spirit lives in and through all things—or he does not live at all.”

“You’re saying I’m Great Spirit?”

“You are an aspect of Great Spirit, Maxwell. Just as I am. And just as all things are. How could it be otherwise—if all things exist inside his heart?”

“Do you have an innate tone?”

“Naturally. All things do.”

“Is everyone’s innate tone … different?”

“Since there are only so many audible notes to go around, no. But the application of one’s note is always individualized. The innate tone is the beginning of personal power. Discovering it represents the first step in our journey back to our larger identity in Great Spirit.”

“What does your tone sound like?”

Without skipping a beat, relaxing his face and dropping his jaw, Maxwallah produced a bass note oddly reminiscent of a raven’s croaking. The light in the moss suddenly grew brighter—and for the first time Max saw the tattoo over his twin’s heart. “That’s strange. I’ve seen a tattoo just like yours before.”


“On some guy’s arm in the town where I grew up. It’s a raven with the sun in its beak, isn’t it?”


“When did you get it?”

“When I completed my training.”

“I imagine there’s a story about giving light to the world associated with it?”

“There is indeed. Would you like to hear it?”

“Why not.”

“I will share it with you. But then we must continue our training.”

Maxwallah paused as if remembering some event in the remote past. “Among Great Spirit’s first creations were two brothers: Black Thunderbird and Star Mirror. The two brothers were like oil and water—yet together, they created the universe. Black Thunderbird focused on organic life; Star Mirror was interested in inorganic things. Black Thunderbird loved flight and freedom, while Star Mirror’s temperament was like that of the ocean: treacherous and given to reflecting the world in a distorted fashion.”

“I take it the two had a falling out?”

“You could say that. Being the younger brother, Star Mirror was jealous of Black Thunderbird and always sought to undermine his plans. When Star Mirror fashioned the earth, on which Black Thunderbird planned to foster life, he intentionally kept our sun for himself in his own solar system far across the stars.”

“Didn’t his solar system already have a sun?”

“Of course. Now he had two suns. When it came time to initiate life on our planet, this did not sit well with Black Thunderbird, who devised an ingenious scheme to remedy the situation.”

“Let me guess: he transformed into a raven.”

“That he did. Black Thunderbird could not gain access to his brother’s world in his own form. But aware of Star Mirror’s penchant for ravens, which were known to be great medicine animals conveying magical power, he changed into an enormous raven and was permitted to enter Star Mirror’s world—whereupon he stole one of his brother’s suns and flew back to our solar system with it in his beak.”

“Nice story.”

“It is not finished. Things did not go exactly according to plan.”

“What happened?”

“Black Thunderbird mistakenly stole the sun intended to illuminate Star Mirror’s world, leaving behind the sun meant for our world. Thus the worlds of Black Thunderbird and Star Mirror—even though opposites in most ways—will always be connected.”

“Sounds like a mythological retelling of Reciprocal Theory.”

“What is Reciprocal Theory?”

“A scientific explanation of how the realms of time and space interrelate.”

“Fascinating. But enough chitchat. Our air will run out if we do not hurry. Are you ready to learn to create light like Black Thunderbird?”

“I assume this involves using my innate tone?”

“You assume correctly.”

“Sure. This should be interesting.”

“It took me seven revolutions around the sun, Maxwell, to learn what I hope to teach you in just a few revolutions of the earth.”“You’re not exactly helping my stress levels talking like that.”

“Fortunately, you have already experienced the energy in ways most could neither imagine nor survive. And your training should be further enhanced by the venue, Muru-amah itself, which means ‘place of energy currents.’”

“Do you really think being here will ease my learning curve?”

“It has already done so. You discovered your innate tone and found the Cave of Origins on your first try. It took me half a dozen attempts.”

“That’s encouraging”

“It certainly is. Now, Maxwell, when working with the energy, it is critical—I cannot emphasize this enough—that you always begin in an attitude of surrender and love.”

“Like Great Spirit?”

“Like Great Spirit.”

How do I do that exactly? It sounds like being blissed out on command.”

“That is precisely what it is. And because this can be difficult, especially during times of stress, you must establish a default memory that elicits feelings of surrender and love whenever you tap into it.”

“Could you give me a little more to work with? I’m not sure we’re on the same page.”

“The default memory should be of a time when your fate was in someone else’s hands, so to speak, yet you simultaneously felt great love in your heart.”

“Do you have a default memory?”

“Of course.”

“What is it?”

Maxwallah sighed wistfully with a faraway look. “When I was a toddler, my father would ride me on his horse by setting me in front of him. The steed was so strong and fast, and I was so tiny and weak, all I could do was surrender with the wind in my face and my father’s arm holding me. I surrendered so totally, and loved so completely, that I kicked and screamed whenever the ride finished and my father handed me down to my mother. Does this help?”

“Thanks. It helps a lot.”

“Have you identified your default memory?”

“I think so.”

“Would you mind sharing it with me?”

“Not at all. There’s just one problem.”

“What sort of problem?”

“I’m afraid maybe it’s an impossibility.”

“A default memory does not have to be factual to be effective, but it must resonate deeply.”

“This one resonates ... literally. It’s my earliest memory—assuming it actually happened. I was in my mother’s womb.”

“Her … womb?”

“I realize I’m not supposed to be able to remember that far back. But then again, I’m not supposed to be able to do a lot of things.”

“What is the memory?”

“A sound. I recall a sound. A mid-range note. It must have been my mother’s innate tone! She was humming it. Its vibrations were everywhere, even in me. I was helpless, of course, being a fetus. But at the same time, I knew I was incredibly loved—and I felt myself returning and amplifying that love.”

A single tear wobbled down Max’s cheek. “I never knew my mother,” he said.

“Oh, but I think you did.”

“Do you believe my memory will work?”

“It should work beautifully. Consider how intense emotion has activated your latent abilities just since your arrival here.”

Max mentally replayed his fear that led to telepathy during his nearly disastrous river crossing; his elation from his dream of Tuesday and Raul that preceded his levitating a stone; and his profound compassion that allowed him to heal Zana’s wound.

“Emotions exist on an energetic spectrum,” continued Maxwallah. “The more loving the emotion, the more powerful it is—and the more capable you become of utilizing it to access the energy productively and safely.”

“So far I’m following you.”

“Good. Once you have recalled your default memory to establish the proper attitude of loving surrender, you are ready to introduce your innate tone.”

“How do I do that?”

“In one of two ways. Either you can vocalize it, as your mother did while carrying you, or you can simply hear it in your mind. Whichever way you choose, be sure to maintain the positive emotion generated by your default memory while introducing your tone.”

“Is it better to utter the tone aloud or hear it mentally?”

“There is no better. It is simply a matter of preference. Some beginning students find it easier to make the sound while working with the energy. I did not.”

“I’m with you. I think the silent approach would be less distracting.”

“It is not silent if you hear the tone in your mind.”

“True. So what do I do after I introduce my innate tone?”

“You allow the Cave of Origins to open inside your heart.”

Suddenly, Max recalled the vortex bridging the cosmic and material sectors that formed inside his chest when Zana was dying.

“Yes,” commented Maxwallah, reading his twin’s mind. “That was the Cave of Origins.”

“Wow. I just made the connection. What went wrong? Why did I nearly melt myself?”

“You created it with compassion, which is a high-frequency emotion—but there was fear as well, which lowered your vibration. Also, you did not use your innate tone to generate the Cave of Origins. Without the tone, there was no way to create the internal resonance necessary for directing the energy out of your body without doing yourself harm.”

“But you said one must not try to direct the energy.”

“I said do not attempt to control it. The innate tone, working with principles of resonance, builds an internal framework over which the energy of space can travel without resistance into the realm of time—or vice versa.”

“I get it now. It’s like electrical wiring conducting electricity.”

“I am not familiar with your world’s technology. I prefer to think of water flowing through pipes unimpeded and without leaking using the force of levity.”

“Did you just say levity?”

“Yes. That is our word for the cohering force in nature.”

“That’s hilarious. We call it gravity.”

“That makes sense. After all, we are discussing the same energy moving in opposite directions.”

“So the water flowing through the pipes is the energy?”


“And the pipes lead from the heart, down the arm, and into the palm of the hand?”


“Why do your pipes lead to your right hand, while mine lead to my left hand?”

“Because you are gravity and I am levity.”

Max couldn’t help but chuckle. “You mean I am the head and you are the heart?”

“Only figuratively. The more prosaic explanation is that I am right-handed and you are left-handed.”

It suddenly dawned on Max that the statue in the fountain—with its otherwise identical figures fused back-to-back—perfectly depicted this opposite-handed dynamic. “So what do I do once the energy reaches my palm?”

“This is where the fun starts, but it can also be tricky. I hope you are good at multitasking.”

“You mean like chewing bubblegum and walking at the same time?”

“What is bubblegum?”

“Forget it. Yes. I’m decent at multitasking.”

“Excellent. While maintaining the emotion from your default memory, and still holding your innate tone in your mind, simply imagine the energy flowing from your palm and doing what you want it to do.”


“Or not so simply. It actually becomes simple with practice. But in the beginning, I admit, it can feel rather like juggling. Care to give it a try?”

“What should I try to do with the energy?”

“Start by creating a small light. Like this.”

Maxwallah leaned forward and blew across the moss. Instantly, the glow went out and the Cave of Origins turned pitch-black. Seconds later, a reddish light—enough to see by—appeared in his hand.

“That seemed easy enough,” said Max. “Why does your light have a slightly red tint?”

“Sound and light are closely related. My innate tone corresponds to a shade of red on the color spectrum. Now it is your turn.”

“You sure I won’t set myself on fire?”

Maxwallah rolled his eyes upward to indicate the Sacred Pool hovering above them. “Do not worry. My bucket of water is ready.”

“Okay. What the heck.”

Maxwallah’s light was extinguished and Max found himself in utter darkness again. Having summoned his default memory, with a sense of surrender and love infusing him, he heard the soprano note of his innate tone echoing in his mind.

Nothing happened at first. Then, in amazement, he watched as the Cave of Origins unfolded at the center of his heart like a rose blossoming in time-lapse photography.

His entire body, to his inner sight, glowed like a magical spider web with pulsing energy—which, as he merely observed without attempting to control it, quickly made its way along the web from his heart down his arm into his palm. “Light,” he thought—at which point a dazzling sphere like a miniature sun began to strobe in his hand.

“Turn it down,” instructed Maxwallah, squinting, “before you really do melt yourself.”

“Reading light,” specified Max aloud.

The strobing sun shrank to a small, steady bulb of sorts with a lavender hue.

“Better,” said Maxwallah.

“Why is my light purple?”

“Because your innate tone corresponds to violet.”


“Come again?”

“Basic science. ROYGBIV is a mnemonic for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.”

“The colors of the rainbow?”

“We’re like bookends. You’re at one end of the visible spectrum with red—and I’m at the other with violet.”

“I cannot say I am surprised.”

“How did I do?”


“Do you honestly think I can learn to fly?”

“I know you can. I just do not know how quickly. How do you feel?”


“I told you you would need your strength. I imagine you are hungry as well?”

“You got that right. What are we going to have for lunch? I was thinking Mexican food.”

“We must see what the afternoon brings. But first, let us have a proper bath. I brought a bar of soap in my pack.”

“Are you joking?”

“Why would I be joking?”

“How do we get back up there from here?”

“We swim, dolphin. Now would be a good time to turn off your light to conserve your strength.”

Max did as directed.

“On the count of three,” continued Maxwallah, “join me in allowing the Cave of Origins to collapse on itself. And be sure to take a big breath.”

“One, two, three!”

Max breathed deeply just in time. The hot water from above crashed down in the darkness all around him—and suddenly he was kicking upward with everything he had.

He broke the water’s steaming surface just as Maxwallah did. The two grinned, then giggled, then splashed each other like kids. The morning fog had lifted; the sky was blue over the pines; and the day was already warm and getting warmer.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a prolific painter and acclaimed author whose books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing and its popular sequel, Potentiate Your DNA. His latest novel, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, is the riveting, coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Written with young adult and young-at-heart readers in mind, Snooze proved its literary merit by receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Beach Book Festival Prize competition in the general fiction category. Follow Sol on Facebook here and learn more about his work at

Interview with Sol Luckman on Other World Global Radio

2. No Sex Required: Body Cells Transfer Genetic Info Directly into Sperm Cells

Sayer Ji

A revolutionary new study reveals that the core tenet of classical genetics is patently false, and by implication: what we do in this life—our diet, our mindset, our chemical exposures—can directly impact the DNA and health of future generations.

A paradigm shifting new study, Soma-to-Germline Transmission of RNA in Mice Xenografted with Human Tumour Cells: Possible Transport by Exosomes, promises to overturn several core tenets of classical genetics, including collapsing the timescale necessary for the transfer of genetic information through the germline of a species (e.g. sperm) from hundreds of thousands of years to what amounts to real-time changes in biological systems.

In classical genetics, Mendelian laws specify that the inheritance of traits passed from one generation to the next can only occur through sexual reproduction as information is passed down through the chromosomes of a species’ germline cells (egg and sperm), and never through somatic (bodily) cells. Genetic change, according to this deeply entrenched view, can take hundreds, thousands and even millions of generations to manifest.

The new study, however, has uncovered a novel mechanism through which somatic-to-germline transmission of genetic information is made possible. Mice grafted with human melanoma tumor cells genetically manipulated to express genes for a fluorescent tracer enzyme (EGFP-encoding plasmid) were found to release information-containing molecules containing the EGFP tracer into the animals’ blood; since EGFP is a non-human and non-murine expressed tracer, there was little doubt that the observed phenomenon was real.

These EGFP trackable molecules included exosomes (small nanoparticles produced by all eukaryotic cells, including plants and animals, which contain RNA and DNA molecules), which were verified to deliver RNAs to mature sperm cells (spermatozoa) and remain stored there. The authors of the study pointed out that RNA of this kind has been found in mouse models to behave as a “transgenerational determinant of inheritable epigenetic variations and that spermatozoal RNA can carry and deliver information that cause phenotypic variations in the progeny.”

The researchers concluded that their study’s findings strongly suggest that “exosomes are the carriers of a flow of information from somatic cells to gametes” and that their “results indicate that somatic RNA is transferred to sperm cells, which can therefore act as the final recipients of somatic cell-derived information.”

Breaking through Weismann’s Genetic Barrier

These findings overturn the so-called Weismann barrier, a principle proposed by the German evolutionary biologist August Weismann (1834–1914), that states hereditary information can only move from genes to body cells, and not the other way around, which has long been considered a nail in the coffin of the Lamarkian concept that an organism can pass on characteristics it has acquired during its lifetime to its offspring.

Over the past decade, however, the seeming impenetrability of the Weismann barrier has increasingly been called into question, due to a growing body of evidence that epigenetic patterns of gene expression (e.g. histone modifications, gene silencing via methylation) can be transferred across generations without requiring changes in the primary DNA sequences of our genomes; as well as the discovery that certain viruses contain the enzyme reverse transcriptase, which is capable of inscribing RNA-based information directly into our DNA, including germline cells, as is the case for endogenous retroviruses, which are believed responsible for about 5% of the nucleotide sequences in our genome. Nonetheless, as the authors of the new study point out, until their study, “no instance of transmission of DNA- or RNA-mediated information from somatic to germ cells has been reported as yet.”

The researchers further expanded on the implications of their findings:

“Work from our and other laboratories indicates that spermatozoa act as vectors not only of their own genome, but also of foreign genetic information, based on their spontaneous ability to take up exogenous DNA and RNA molecules that are then delivered to oocytes at fertilization with the ensuing generation of phenotypically modified animals [35][37]. In cases in which this has been thoroughly investigated, the sperm-delivered sequences have been seen to remain extrachromosomal and to be sexually transmitted to the next generation in a non-Mendelian fashion [38]. The modes of genetic information delivery in this process are closely reminiscent of those operating in RNA-mediated paramutation inheritance, whereby RNA is the determinant of inheritable epigenetic variations [16], [17]. In conclusion, this work reveals that a flow of information can be transferred from the soma to the germline, escaping the principle of the Weismann barrier [39] which postulates that somatically acquired genetic variations cannot be transferred to the germline.”

The implications of research on exosome-mediated information transfer are wide-ranging. First, if your somatic cells, which are continually affected by your nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and even mind-body processes, can transfer genetic information through exosomes to the DNA within your germline cells, then your moment-to-moment decisions, behaviors, experiences and toxin and toxicant exposures could theoretically affect the biological destinies of your offspring, and their offspring, stretching on into the distant future.

Exosome research also opens up promising possibilities in the realm of nutrigenomics and “food as medicine.” A recent study found common plant foods—ginger, grapefruit, grapes—produce exosomes that, following digestion, enter human blood undegraded and subsequently down-regulate inflammatory pathways in the human body in a manner confirming some of their traditional folkloric medicinal uses.

If the somatic cells within our body are capable through extrachromosomal processes of modulating fundamental genetic processes within the germline cells, or, furthermore, if foods that we eat are also capable of acting as vectors of gene-regulatory information, truly the old reductionist, mechanistic, unilinear models of genetics must be abandoned in favor of a view that accounts for the vital importance of all our decisions, nutritional factors, environmental exposures, etc., in determining the course, not only of our bodily health, but of the health of countless future generations as well.

Copyright © Sayer Ji. All Rights Reserved.

Sayer Ji is founder of, the world’s most widely referenced evidence-based natural health resource, with a free newsletter with over 100k subscribers. You can sign up here:

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3. Heart-centered Healing Produces Powerful Effects on the Human Body

Michael Forrester

very cause of disease first begins with an imbalance in the body’s energy systems: specifically, the interaction where the heart communicates with the brain and the body. Fix that and there is no disease, ever. The heart can produce an electrical field 100 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field 5000 times greater. Which one are you using to heal?

Emotions are vibrations which consistently influence our reality. We not only think and work our way through a day, meeting or assignment, but also feel and believe our way through it. The outcome depends on both.

Simply put, the number one cause of health is your energetic and emotional state. How you connect emotionally to your overall wellness and wellbeing is more important than any supplement, food, exercise or health treatment. There is only one cause of disease and that has to do with the energy and frequency imbalances that exist within your body. Rectify that, and disease cannot exist. It would be impossible.

All emotions are varieties of two: fear and love: Fear/stress is contagious and causes contraction. It inhibits creativity, brain activity, the immune system and selective perception and over extended periods of time leads to breakdown.

Love (positive beliefs and emotions) has high impact and causes expansion: creativity, physical and mental endurance, more productivity in shorter time because we make decisions quicker since we are receptive and highly perceptive. This a question of math, or HeartMath (as per the contribution in this field by the HeartMath Institute): when one has accurate information, one makes better decisions.

The quality of the field one creates with the heart influences experience and reality.

The research behind HeartMath came from the idea that the body’s emotional response to events do not always occur from “top-down” processing (i.e., the brain sends signals to the heart and other organs, and the body responds accordingly). Rather, it has now been proven that often our emotional state triggers our heart to send out its own signals to the brain and other organs, and the body then responds accordingly.

Significantly, while two-way communication between the cognitive and emotional systems is hardwired into the brain, the actual number of neural connections going from the emotional centers to the cognitive centers is greater than the number going the other way.

Have you ever made a rash decision? Done something dangerous on impulse? Taken a risk because you believed in it? This research helps explain the influence emotions have on our ability to think and act.

In fact, researchers at HeartMath have determined that the physiology and nerve centers of the heart are so complex and active that they constitute a “brain” all on their own, termed a “mini-brain.” We now know that the heart contains cells that produce and release norepinephrine and dopamine, neurotransmitters once thought to be produced only by the brain and ganglia outside the heart. Even more remarkable is the discovery that the heart produces oxytocin—the “love hormone”—in concentrations that are as high as those in the brain.

7 Simple Actions to Create Positive Feelings in the Workplace

1. Think about the colleagues who helped you today. Thank them in your heart. Think about your current assignments. Know that they will work out well and work from this space.

2. What is it that you would like to have professionally? A new project? With whom? Think about it in detail, be specific and imagine you are already working on it.

3. Entertain the feeling of celebration that arises in your heart. From this space take the appropriate actions to make it happen.

4. Find ways to help your colleagues, or make them feel that you care. Perform one (in)visible act of kindness per day or more if you want.

5. Before starting your work day, give thanks and envision it the way you want it to be.

6. When finishing your work day, give thanks and clear it of negative emotions (which come out of fear that we know now is illusion). Do not take them at home or preserve for the next day.

7. Smile.

The time of crisis is here. There is the fast pace of our world, the assault of too much to do with too little time and resources. Being in the present moment is just a concept for most of us and has little translation to daily life practice.

Fear is widespread and polluting us on a cellular level through hypertension, autoimmune diseases, cancer, infertility, chronic back problems, anxiety, and depression … The list could continue forever. The important thing is how we interpret crisis because we can be at complete peace in the midst of chaos.

Can we live the life we want? Can we be authentic in our speech? Can we identify and release our underlying limiting beliefs so that we begin a new commitment towards genuine compassion, abundance, love and connection?

Your commitment will show in your body and intentions.


This article, republished with permission, originally appeared at

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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4. Time Is Running out, Literally: Welcome to the End of Kali Yuga

V. Susan Ferguson

The Sanskrit word Kali, which denotes the fourth cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, has no connection with the goddess Kali. These two words are “spelled,” meaning written, quite differently in the Devanagari and therefore should not be confused. The Kali Yuga refers to the apocalyptic demon Kali implying discord, strife, quarrel, and contention.

The Kali is the only yuga most of us are familiar with because we have been living all our lives within these dense frequencies. Our minds, the way we think, and thus our perception of “reality” has literally been cooked by the vibratory frequencies of time within the Kali Yuga. We humans have been “cooked by time” to the point that only the fives senses remain available to us to understand the world around us. The five senses are easily confused.

The five senses can indeed be programmed and tricked by tyrannical wizards who want to control our lives. Today’s monopoly media is very aware of how to entrain and manipulate the five senses. In our modern world most of the information received around the planet suits the agendas of the multinational corporations, who own the monopoly media.

The five senses are vulnerable to deceit and manipulation by any and all. In other cycles of time, information gathered solely by the five senses would have been highly suspect. “SEERS”—those who see—were trusted as the source of wisdom concerning mankind’s future and our interconnection with the Cosmos.

It is only the “SEER” within you, the one who has quieted the mind and achieved a connection to the God-within, who can offer insight into the true nature of reality. Only an inner-knowingness can lead us out of our current predicament—out of our miasma of amnesia, the soup we are still “cooking” in. Only by transcending the illusory powers of the five senses, and an understanding of the mechanics of Prakriti’s Matrix and GUNA-MAYA, will we human beings return to the Real.

The Symptoms

There are numerous descriptions of the symptoms of the Kali Yuga in the ancient Sanskrit Puranic texts. Bear in mind that writing is itself a symptom of the Kali Yuga. These texts were composed and transmitted orally in the previous cycles of time and handed down through memory, based on verbatim repetition, from one generation to the next. It was only in 500 BC that the grammarian Panini codified the Sanskrit language and these memorized texts were put into the form of writing. Sanskrit’s arduous precision was intentionally designed to protect the ancient knowledge from the confusion ensuing in the Kali Yuga.

The symptom that completely convinced me that the Cycles of Time were true was this: “Ready cooked food will be on sale” [LINGA Purana Ch. 40]. The ancients foresaw fast food! They knew that pre-prepared food loses its nutritional value.

By the time a genetically-altered, chemically-sprayed vegetable has been shipped from California, packaged and processed with more chemicals as additives and preservatives in New Jersey, and shipped on an air-polluting diesel truck to Kansas or Mississippi, where it is inundated with microwaves in an oven and placed in an endocrine disrupting chemical styrofoam package to await your arrival—there is very little “goodness’ left.

The Darkside Rules

The Kali Yuga is the Age of Darkness. The Light is primarily unmanifest, meaning not completely gone, just veiled and hidden in the Kali—and the Darkside rules. You can lighten the world around you by realizing and Remembering the God-within you, and by letting that frequency flow out around you. Even if people don’t accept what you say, they will be uplifted by your silent consciousness.

However, don’t expect them to love you or even like you. Their Kali Yuga egos are firmly enthroned and will feel unconsciously threatened by your presence. The small identity-self ego has no wish to give up its power and if the person is unwittingly hosting denizens of the Phantasmal Hierarchies—perhaps in the form of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or tyrannical power—then these parasitical entities will attack you and do just about anything to get you away from their “food” supply!

The Kali seems to actually reward the Darkside, those ruthless ratzoids that are weak and greedy, liars without any integrity, morals, or principles, often succeed. While the maverick thinkers, who possess a quiet sense of honor, who feel compassion for others, and respect primordial truth, are quickly pushed aside and berated, often brutally and publicly, by the elite.

In today’s culture almost everything that is being held up to us as great, desirable, and worthy is a short-term fix and sadly—rubbish. All of the power and money in the world will not give you the Rembrance of Oneness. The fastest red-hot racecar available will not bring you to the destination of enlightenment and liberation—JIVAN MUKTI. The pleasures enjoyed with the most gorgeous super model, male or female, will soon become tiresome and a burden. As Krishna says, both pleasure and pain reside in the objects of the senses.

“The pleasures that spring from sense impressions are sources of unhappiness, because they have beginnings and ends.” —Bhagavad Gita 27[5]23

Religious Fanatics

Another strange phenomenon of the Kali Yuga is the externalization of faith to such an extreme that people became obsessed and crazed with their individual belief systems. For thousands of years now human beings have, in the name of their various interpretations of God, inflicted endless stupid destructive wars on each other—mass murder, torture, theft, and slavery—all in the name of God!

When you realize that God is within each and every man, woman and child, the idea of forcing any religion upon another is the height of absurdity!

Corrupt priests have been the willing accomplices to such heinous conflicts. They often became the imaginative torturers of non-believers and even sold tickets-to-heaven in the form of “indulgences” to the rich, to line their own pockets, and build enormous, however lovely, cathedrals and temples while many of the common people remained perpetually close to starvation.

People prefer false ideas.

The Symptoms of the Kali Yuga from the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana are already posted on Metaphysical Musing. I have always particularly appreciated the accuracy of these four Kali Yuga symptoms:

* Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

* Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people.

* People will prefer to choose false ideas.

* Base (low minded) men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

Remember that these are “predictions” that were seen and composed before the Kali began. The Vedic and Puranic texts were transmitted orally and held in memory from other cycles of time, and only written down after writing came into use.

Here are just some of the symptoms of the Kali Yuga from the BHAGAVATA PURANA, Skandha XII:

Chapter Two

1. Thereafter, day after day, under the force of the inexorably powerful Time, righteousness, truth, purity, (both physical and mental), forbearance, mercy, duration of life, physical power, and sharpness of memory shall go deteriorating.

2. Wealth alone will be the deciding factor of nobility of birth, righteous behavior or merits. And only brute force will be the only standard in the arrangement or decision of what is righteous or just.

3. [C]heating is the order of the day in business relations; satisfaction of the sexual pleasure is the only consideration of masculine or feminine excellence and worthiness

4. Justice has become weak, [and is based on] bribes.

5. Want of affluence is the cause of one’s impiety or bad name, while hypocrisy is the index of goodness.

6. The highest purpose of life is to fill one’s belly and arrogant audacity is regarded as veracity.

7. It is for self-advertisement of one’s fame of piety that righteous deeds are to be performed … [T]he whole world will be populated by wicked people.

13. When (in the Kali) religion will be predominantly heretical, and kings as good as robbers and men will be enhancing their livelihood by theft, (economic offenses), mendacity, wanton violence to life and such other pursuits.

Chapter Three

25. In that (Kali) age, people will be greedy, take to wicked behavior, will be merciless, indulge in hostilities without any cause, unfortunate, extremely covetous for wealth and women (worldly desires) and higher social status.

30. When deceit falsehood, lethargy, sleepiness, violence, despondency, grief, delusion, fear, poverty stricken-ness prevail, that is the Kali Age which is characterized by TAMAS [the GUNA of ignorance, delusion, and indolence].

31. As a result of the Kali’s influence, mortal beings become dull witted, unlucky, voracious, destitute of wealth yet voluptuous, and women wanton and unchaste.

37. In the Kali Age, men will abandon their parents, brothers, friends and relatives and establish their friendliness on sexual basis. [They] will be miserable.


Even trees will become stunted on account of their ruthless exploitation by unrighteous men.

And Two from the Mahabharata:

[The world will be] Overrun by many imposters … discussing the virtues of great meals.

—The Mahabharata, The Book of the Forest 3(37)186.43

The countryside will bristle with towers.

—The Mahabharata, The Book of the Forest 3(37)186.37

This could either refer to tall buildings in industrial parks and their adjacent apartment complexes—or perhaps more on the “bristling” side, to the towers that transmit radio and microwaves, or even those monster electric tower grids.

Confusion as Control

The Age of Confusion is mobbed by—yes, confusion! Practically everything you have ever read is clouded over by the miasma of Kali Yuga fog. As the saying goes: History is written by the conquerors—while the loser’s side of the story is routinely forgotten.

When you think about it, throughout most of written history all the great works of Art sadly are the symbols of propaganda bought and paid for by ruling tyrants and religions seeking to dominate the world’s populations. Just ask Leonardo da Vinci who worked for the likes of Cesara Borgia, or Michelangelo who labored under the iron hand of a Vatican priest. Today’s artists are answerable to the power of big money from the multinational corporations that own our world.

Even the wonderful descriptions of enlightenment that give us all hope were not experienced in the density of time we currently are living in. With no disrespect intended, it occurs to one that Lao Tzu, Jesus, and Buddha did not have to fight off chemtrails, microwaves, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or childhood television programming! These days, in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, it’s the Razor’s Edge—every step of the way Home.

Our Refuge

Knowledge of our essential Oneness is hard to come by in the Kali Yuga. Beneath the curtain of multiplicity—there is only ONE! This means that behind the apparent diversity of seemingly billions of individuals living on planet Earth, they are all only One. All are ISNESS.

For those of you who have remembered past lives, you may have noticed a striking perplexing similarity in the basic character of each life. There may be certain repeating flaws and compulsions, traits or qualities that you begin notice have shown up over and over in lifetime after lifetime. You may be a high priest in Atlantis, or a dancing slave girl in 8th century Kashmir—but there is a pattern that continues throughout all your lives. This is because the genes in your current physical body are the latest “product” of a long line of many bodies, lineages. You have access to the memories contained within the DNA of the body you currently inhabit.

It is as if the Creator generates certain rays or waveforms, which contain qualities of expression that remain in the genes throughout the cycles of time. As time descends down through the yugas further and further into density, ever more variations of expression are created, such as habits, impulses, likes and dislikes, etc. etc.

Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory holographic matrix. Thus the Four Cycles of Time are simultaneous as are all your so-called “past” lives.

But underneath all this temporal multiplicity is the Oneness that we all are: meaning you and me, factory workers in China and the farmers of rural India, the world leaders and corporate tyrants, the Aborigines in Australia and the Pigmy tribes in Africa!

We are all ONENESS beneath the temporal illusory Curtain of Multiplicity. This knowledge of Oneness has been hidden from us in the Kali Yuga, but once you truly Realize the God-within, you will Become that which you always have been.

The floodgates of Knowledge and Love will open—and you will never be the same. You will never be able look at another human being without compassion and you will never again judge them—for you will KNOW that YOU ARE THEM! As you judge them, so you judge and condemn yourself. And it turns out that as harrowing, dreadful and boring as the Kali Yuga is—in fact, it is the fast lane to God Realization. The intensity of the Kali pressures you to WAKE UP!

The Easiest Cycle to Reach Liberation

Acceptance of the theory of the Cycles of Time might lead you to a sort of complacent resignation. After all, if we are ineluctably snared in the frequencies of confusion—then why bother?

Because what is really exciting about the Kali Yuga is the understanding that in fact it is the easiest cycle to Remember who you are.

The end of the Kali Yuga is a particularly favorable period to pursue true knowledge. Some will attain wisdom in a short time, for the merits acquired in one year during the Treta Yuga can be obtained in one day in the age of Kali.  [Shiva Purana, A. Danielou]

[Linga Purana, Section1, Chapter 40]

45. Hence during the Kali longevity, strength, and features become less and less. Men attain perfection within a short time.

46-47. What is gained by the practice of dharma for a year in the Treta Yuga is attained by the practice of it for a month in the Dvapara Yuga. In Kali an intelligent devotee attains the same in a day by practicing Dharma strenuously.

It’s a Cosmic Bargain Sale of sorts! Therefore, take up the challenge to Remember who you are! Do not give in! So, the Darkside is fulfilling its own kind of dharma, doing its job of spreading the hand of tyranny over the planet and poisoning everything in its wake. What will you do? In these moments of challenge, of sorrow and of awakening consciousness, how will you behave? Can you find courage within yourself and compassion for others? Can you master the divine detachment that comes from knowing that what is unfolding is the grand Cosmic Design. Can you remember that every one and everything is God, Isness—and this Oneness is you.

You are this world, and you are the Love that breathes this temporal illusory holographic matrix out into multiplicity and inhales it back into quiescence—and back out again, eon after eon after eon. World without end! This universe is here for us all to play in. Surely, when you look at your life or perhaps many lives, in spite of all the pain, you do recognize the grand beauty of Creation.

So the question is what will you do now in this intensified exciting moment? And are you ready to move on into one of the thousands of other universes—some without polarities or even time—all waiting, inviting you to come to yet another magnificent adventure in consciousness.

This article, which originally appeared here, is offered under Creative Commons license.

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & The Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

5. The World Is Our Garden–Defend It or Lose It

Julian Rose

When we walk into a carefully nurtured and diverse garden, we are struck by its beauty and its sense of completeness. We are enraptured by its scents and its mysteries. We are enlivened by its colors, both vivid and subtle, and we are nourished by the freshness that fills our lungs.

Altogether, the majority of sentient beings will surely concur, this garden is a most agreeable place to be. And should someone emerge who threatens to desecrate this sacred space, the reaction will be to jump to its defense and protect it against such a criminal action.

So let us consider the fact that many a wise person and many a spiritual leader has felt impelled to point out that the “World Is Our Garden” and that it should therefore be tended, nurtured and defended in the same way as the private space in which we grow our flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Emotionally, we should make no distinction between these micro and macro spheres.

Yet look around today and what do we see?

Certainly there are many mortals tending their individual gardens, and many more with no physical garden to tend. But amongst of all these, just a tiny minority can be found who are willing to go out of their way to stand-up for that greater garden called planet Earth.

Even amongst those who would class themselves as “aware” and advancing along the path of spiritual enlightenment, one finds too few ready and willing to actively defend the greater whole in the same spirit as they readily defend and tend their “own” private space. Be that space the place where one cultivates one’s spiritual growth—or the physical space that is one’s own  garden.

The act of “ownership” appears to have overridden and nullified our ability to feel and apply a sense of innate responsibility for that which we don’t “own.”

The neo-liberal capitalist/consumerist conditioning that forms a major part of nearly all our educations has not taught us to feel responsible for all life—but only that part in which we have invested our personal interest and financial resources.

We need reminding that we are the collective trustees of this unique living entity that sustains and provides us with all our needs for the duration of our lives—and beyond.

Let us question our supposed “spirituality” in the light of our unwillingness to lay ourselves on the line to fight for the survival of that which enables us to eat, drink, breathe and take pleasure in its abundant generosity.

You see, if we had been entrained from an early age to respond spontaneously to the life giving heart beat of our planetary existence, we would make no distinction between empathy for the garden of Gaia and empathy for our own private garden. Empathy for all children and empathy for our own children … and so on.

We would recognize that the manifestation of our protective instinct to operate only around that which we consider “belongs to us” is a gross distortion of our natural instincts.

Why do I say that?

Consider for a moment that you are sitting in your garden and someone comes through the gate with a chain-saw and proceeds to set about felling your favorite fruit tree … what would you do?

Well, you would almost certainly spring up from your chair and rush to stop them. Now let us shift to a similar incident where a beautiful tree in a park on the other side of your garden fence is indiscriminately approached by a man wielding a chain saw who clearly has no business to be there. It is clear that this person has the intention of cutting down this tree … what would your reaction be to this? Would you try to apprehend this person? Try to find help? Feel a sense of outrage?

There is a chance that you might respond in all these ways; but there is a much greater likelihood that, after experiencing some initial discomfort at the brazenness of this destructive intent, you would take no action, consoling yourself with the thought “There’s nothing I can do about it anyway.” With that thought uppermost in your mind you would try to ignore the incident and get on with what you were doing.

If our education system had even a smidgeon of spiritual aspiration written into its curriculum, we would be encouraged to recognize our responsibility for all life on this planet from an early age—and be encouraged to come to its rescue at times when it is clearly under threat.

But that is not what the majority of schooling is about. On the contrary, it concentrates its energies on teaching us how to acquire the means to “own” some little niche of this planet, and to accumulate the thousands of bits and pieces that are deemed necessary to furnish it. God forbid that we might decide to reject the trappings of this hallowed road to hell!

Every TV advert, commercial hoarding, glitzy magazine, shop window, Internet and cinema screen is imploring us to indulge in a consumptive way of life that both precludes gaining a greater awareness of our predicament, and contributes to the inevitable rape of the planetary resources upon which we all depend.

The rising consciousness that comes with our spiritual practice also has the affect of alerting us to the destructive nature of this consumptive life style and the majority of jobs that constitute the repetitive and largely sterile working week.

We see more and more clearly how, if we are caught in this mechanism, we are just a cog in a vast machine whose overall ambition is precisely the opposite of that which inspires our spiritual endeavors.

It soon becomes obvious that we have to make a choice: find a form of work that satisfies our rising sense of discernment and is supportive of the trusteeship of planet earth, or give-in to the demands and promises of the corporate state that so relentlessly undermines all that is subtle, beautiful and spiritually fulfilling in this day to day adventure called Life.

The new society so many of us long for can only come about if we take the necessary actions to bring it about. One cannot embark upon a path to higher consciousness while ignoring the damage done through the way one conducts one’s daily life. In order to realize our deeper selves and sleeping spiritual powers, we have to bring all aspects of our lives into line with our rising consciousness.

This means embarking upon a disciplined transition away from reliance upon the crude and destructive commercial edifices of the status quo—such as long food mile, profit hungry supermarket chains; highly corrupted large scale banking institutions; agrichemically and genetically modified “convenience” foods; unnecessarily large gas guzzling cars; mind numbing and mind controlling TV programs; following “fashion”; frequent boozing and partying; electro smog producing indulgent cell phone conversations … and so on.

Not only are these various pursuits negatively impacting on us and on our surroundings—but by pursuing them we are financially and energetically supporting those facets of society whose sole aim is profit, power and increasing control over our daily lives. In other words we are supporting that which is part and parcel of the uninterrupted destruction of this world that is our garden.

This is clearly a thoroughly unspiritual path to tread.

We are either supporting a radical transformation of society in line with our own rising awareness of its multiple destructive components, or we are falling into a hypocritical and delusional state in which any gain in awareness is soon undone and turned in upon itself.

We have no choice other than to walk forward on two feet. To walk the walk and practice what we preach.

It is my belief that we will succeed in this great quest once we have securely tethered our inner awakening to the manifestation of its true outward expression.

Thus the road to enlightenment becomes synonymous with taking actions to ameliorate and heal the social, cultural, economic and environmental scars that cover our wounded planet. A process which unifies otherwise disparate endeavors and reveals disengaged, inward-looking and passive spiritual practices that shun active participation in service of the planet to be ultimately fraudulent and a mechanism for escapism.

If the World is our garden, then let us be united now in going to rescue it from its enemies—no matter what the odds. Let us defy the political gamesmanship that has lead governments to ally with the corporate cause and ignore the cries of imprisoned humanity and the tortured limbs of mother nature.

Our highest spiritual calling is to come out in defense of life. The angels will rush to our side once we have demonstrated our commitment to taking control of our destinies, which includes the emancipation of this long oppressed planet which is our unique and irreplaceable home.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license.

Julian Rose is an international activist, writer, farmer and actor. He is an early pioneer of UK organic farming methods and is currently involved in the front line of efforts to keep Poland free from genetically modified organisms. Julian is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. His book Changing the Course for Life can be purchased at His latest book, In Defense of Life: A Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom, is available at Amazon or can be requested via


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