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July-August 2020 (Vol. 16, No. 4)

SPECIAL EDITION: Surviving the Coronavirus Plandemic 2

“Immunize” Yourself against Vaccine Injury with the Regenetics Method

Sol Luckman

I’ve hesitated to write this article for some time because I hoped it wouldn’t come to this. But with reports that a possibly mandatory COVID-19 vaccine is only months away, safety trials and the Nuremberg Code be damned, I thought in this the fourth installment in the Solutions Project here on Snooze 2 Awaken (see previous articles here, here, and here), I’d share the following cautionary tale that—fortunately—has a happy ending.

Once upon a time, an athletic and robust young graduate student at an Ivy League university mindlessly allowed himself to receive certain recommended vaccines for travel to Brazil, where he was headed for dissertation research. Before long he found himself in an unrelenting autoimmune crisis characterized by dozens of seemingly unrelated symptoms ranging from severe food and environmental allergies to disturbing neurological sensations to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia-like symptoms.

Nearly a decade of misery and despair later, his health wrecked and academic career destroyed, having spent a fortune on treatments yet still having failed to find a cure through allopathic or even alternative medicine, the now not-so-young man was guided to develop a unique form of frequency medicine designed to activate DNA for healing and transformational purposes.

The man was myself and the “ener-genetic” technique was the Regenetics Method, which miraculously healed my chronic illness in short order and utterly changed my life. Today, in my early fifties, I’m in remarkable physical shape, I rarely get so much as a cold, and I feel fully empowered intellectually and creatively.

I tell the story of my illness and recovery in much greater detail in my two international bestselling books on the Regenetics Method. You can read Book One on the Regenetics Method, Conscious Healing, free online here. You can also download sample chapters of the DIY sequel, Potentiate Your DNA, here. An article adapted from Potentiate Your DNA is available right here on Snooze 2 Awaken. If you’d prefer to listen to me telling my story, check out this interview I gave not too long ago on The HigherSide Chats:

I also invite you to consider the wealth of Testimonials to the extraordinary power of Regenetics to heal and transform, including this one:

My point in sharing this information is not to toot my own horn or even make money because you can experience the first phase of the Regenetics, Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning (which was largely responsible for my physical healing), for free. You can even learn to perform this DNA activation for yourself, your family members, and your friends.

To be absolutely clear, my purpose is to empower readers with a way of shielding themselves from some or all of the negative health effects that will surely be associated with any COVID vaccine.

It isn’t my purpose to make readers feel comfortable with receiving the COVID vaccine. To the contrary, based on my personal experience and years of professional observation and research, nobody should ever willingly submit to a vaccine of any kind, forced or otherwise. Vaccines have never been scientifically proved to protect anybody from any illness—and they’re demonstrably unsafe. Clinical trials to date in the case of a COVID vaccine have been an unmitigated disaster. Not that this will stop the so-called authorities from mandating what amounts to “medical rape” for the masses.

As to whether Regenetics is capable of protecting human DNA from genetic alteration by “philanthropist” Bill Gates’ eugenics jabs (which is very much the plan despite Reuters’ pathetic “fact check” denial of this antihumanist biotech agenda, as Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Jon Rappoport demonstrate), only time will tell.

Numerous researchers, including Dr. Leonard Horowitz and yours truly, have claimed that vaccines have actually been altering human DNA for decades through deliberate insertion of foreign genetic material of a diseased nature into recipients’ DNA. I believe this is the main reason—outweighing their admittedly dangerous toxic load—vaccines cause autism (which they most assuredly do despite propaganda to the contrary), autoimmune meltdown, and many other serious problems.

If it’s true that the vaccines that caused my illness did so by damaging my DNA, and through Regenetics I reversed my illness, it stands to reason that Regenetics must have healed my DNA.

But even if this wasn’t the scenario, Regenetics enabled me to detoxify and fortify my system to an amazing degree. Many others have reported similar detoxification followed by lessening and even disappearance of a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

For more information on the Regenetics Method, click here.

If you found this article helpful, or even interesting, please share it. No one has anything to lose by beginning the extraordinary bio-spiritual journey that is the Regenetics Method—which Nexus Magazine called “revolutionary healing science expanding the boundaries of being”—except ill health and, quite possibly, vulnerability to becoming the latest in a long line of GMOs.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing and its bestselling sequel, Potentiate Your DNA. His visionary novel, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, The Angel’s Dictionary: A Spirited Glossary for the Little Devil in You, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.


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1. Put a Mask on It: 7 Sassy Rebuttals to the Mindlessly Faceless Who Walk & Talk among Us

Sol Luckman

s someone who has been willing to speak out against the insane dictates of medical fascism in recent months, I’ve lived in a virtual maelstrom of criticism from sheeple, Karens and other know-it-alls who are all too willing to sacrifice the freedom of the many for the false security of the few.

As time has gone by, I’ve observed that the main battle lines have shifted from red-hot debates with laundered minds about the nature of COVID-19 (which has never been conclusively linked to SARS-CoV-2, which has never even been scientifically demonstrated to exist) … to the unscientific and irrational rationale for lockdown (whose proponents were described by one psychotherapist as acting like cult members) … to the untested and unproven human impossibility known as social distancing (aka “divide and conquer”) which, apparently, according to the so-called authorities, isn’t necessary during massive, mysteriously funded race riots.

And now here we are in the middle of a new polarizing discussion about—of all covidiotic things—masks, which on multiple occasions just recently I’ve had the horror of seeing car drivers actually wear in total solitude as in this hilarious yet terrifying spoof:

Unfortunately, I imagine I’m not alone in waiting for the first traffic fatality to result from impaired driver vision and/or a driver blacking out from lack of oxygen. Which means I’m also probably not alone in waiting for the first mask lawsuit for manslaughter and/or wrongful death.

My readers have probably heard (and some, sadly, maybe even have uttered) the following seven blatantly absurd and patently false excuses for covering our faces with … whatever. I’ve taken the liberty of providing the correct, sane response to each justification of injustice. Enjoy!

1. Masks help prevent the spread of the virus. No, they don’t. For starters, there is no virus. This is a fact, not a theory. Do your research and have the onions to admit that you’ve been duped on a monumental scale. But even if there were a virus, and even if that virus were contagious, masks don’t do diddly (educate yourself in reality here and here). The only “data” indicating that masks play a protective role for anyone come from obviously biased (read: fake) studies. These were undoubtedly paid for by the usual suspects also responsible for locking down the planet based on fraudulent computer models (the new “weapons of mass destruction”), cooking the “science” for social distancing, and using a bogus PCR test to inflate COVID numbers left and right, a phenomenon now happening again with the planned “second wave.” The intentional upshot: people, even those who still know how to think, don’t know what to think, so they just accept what they’re told owing to information overload. So put a mask on it, will you?

2. I just wear a mask to protect those who are vulnerable. If there is no virus and/or if masks don’t work (which they don’t), how are you protecting anyone? Maybe you’re making someone feel protected, but in the process you’re also supporting medical fascism and the quickening erosion of our civil liberties. So talk to the mask. And while you’re at it, why don’t you put a mask on it?

3. Masks are the socially responsible thing to do. The reality is closer to, “Masks are the dystopianally irresponsible thing to do.” Drop the virtue signalling, open your eyes, and realize that the slippery slope you’re standing on leads straight to 1984—for you and the millions of people you’re endangering by being a good little Nazi and “just following orders.” What will you do next: stick a pineapple up your ass because it contains enzymes that, according to “Dr.” Anthony Fauci, inhibit coronavirus when inserted rectally? Fauci, by the way, claimed in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE that the alleged COVID-19 virus is no more dangerous than a bad seasonal flu, which makes the way you’re freaking out all the more inexplicable. Jesus, put a mask on it.

4. Your mask protects others, so you really should wear one, and if you don’t, you’re a horrible person. Peggy Hall, who points out that, logically, as with vaccines, those who are protected should be protected regardless of what other people do or don’t do, is well worth listening to on this subject. But apparently, logic is a foreign concept to mask pushers. A wise person once told me to distrust anyone, such as today’s so-called progressives for whom shame is the name of the game, who overuses the word should. Anyone volunteering their time shoulding others into wearing an absurdity as a symbol of slavery to our tyrannical corporate masters should, IMHO, not be given the time of day. But they should put a mask on it.

5. Masks don’t do any harm, so what’s the big deal? You might want to brush up on a little basic biology in order to grasp that we’re meant to breathe oxygen, not carbon dioxide. If our pathetic excuses for leaders told you to suck on your car’s muffler, would you be willing to do that? (Please don’t answer! I can’t handle more disillusionment with the human species.) Well, when you’re wearing a mask, you’re breathing in your own exhaust fumes. Masks appeared to violate OSHA’s workspace oxygen requirements by a considerable percentage until the agency recently caved and backtracked on their guidelines because, duh, it’s a government agency. We should know that means it can’t be trusted. In any case, in a number of studies masks have been shown to cause serious health problems, some of which can be fatal. So much for protecting other people; you don’t even know how to protect yourself. Put a frigging mask on it.

6. I’m required to wear a mask at work. If I don’t, I’ll lose my job. This is admittedly a tough situation. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Okay, maybe I would. Anyway, since it is what it is, consider the information about OSHA’s previous guidelines in #5 above. Realize that you might have a legal leg to stand on—and that, if you do, it’s your ethical, moral, medical and civic duty to stand on it against this BS. The time for creative lawsuits, both individual and class action, is now. Understand that the road to tyranny is paved with seemingly small concessions. The very last thing you should be doing, if you value your liberty and everyone else’s, is put a mask on it.

7. Wearing a mask is the law. Is it, now? Here’s what tireless researcher Peggy Hall has to say on this topic: ”No governor, no mayor, no sheriff, no policeman has any authority to make laws. Not even a judge can make law. Lawmakers make law and there is a law making procedure by which rules, laws and regulations are created. Read the language carefully … Your health orders are not enforceable by law if it states it is a directive, it is a recommendation, or you are urged to follow it.” So do your own research before you start spouting any more socially devastating, unconstitutional, antidemocratic nonsense. Oh, and I almost forgot: put a mask on it.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing and its bestselling sequel, Potentiate Your DNA. His visionary novel, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, The Angel’s Dictionary: A Spirited Glossary for the Little Devil in You, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.

Featured Video ... The BIG Announcement: Citizens in Charge!

2. Masks: Have You Been Captured by This Psyop?

Kelly Brogan, MD, KellyBroganMD.com

I walked into my recently resumed Sunday morning dance class to hear one of the teachers, struggling to proclaim through her mask, “Freedom is the opportunity to do what’s right … so let’s do what’s right ladies, and do our part to end this pandemic.”

The phrase “what’s right” echoed in my mind like a haunting.

What if her “right” is different than mine? What if doing her “right” harms me? Does that still make it right? What is “right” anyway? Does it mean kind, good, just, accepted, evidence-based, popular?

In the absence of clear answers to these internal questions, her enthusiastic rallying-cry struck me as the propagation of Stockholm Syndrome, or identification with and defending the parentified aggressor. It is, most often, the belief that we are aligning with virtue, or at least with the necessary sacrifice and the authority-defined common good, that leads well-intentioned people to engage in extremely harmful behavioral programs.

I imagine that this woman is so sensitive to human suffering that she feels lionized to end it in the way that is most available to her and to encourage others to do the same. But is it her responsibility to champion the reduction in human suffering according to her adopted narrative? Or is her only responsibility to take care of herself in the way that makes sense to her? Would she care to know that her approach to ending suffering for some (diminishing supposed infectious spread) may generate it for others (feeding hysteria that leads to economic collapse, mandated unemployment, homelessness, suicide, and the unfathomable injury that attends mandated vaccination, not to mention hypoxia and increased risk of illness documented with mask wearing … more on that below)? What if there is no identified morbid virus spreading at all? Then what do masks represent? What if it’s all a story to usher in a societal control grid?

Those who design public media and marketing efforts—i.e., expert propagandists like Edward Bernays—know human sensitivities and the concept of social responsibility well. They know that we long to be seen as “good people” in the eyes of authority and also as a competitive advantage over our wrong-doing, pain-causing, problem-making peers.

In fact, when viewed through the lens of childhood behavioral programming, the layers of divisiveness and group-think that seem to be unraveling the fabric of society begin to make sense.
Let’s dive in, shall we?

To Be Right, to Be Good, to Be Loved

For generations, children the world over have been raised in authoritarian households, defined by hierarchical power dynamics, punished for deviant individual expression, and rewarded for sheepish compliance, ultimately disconnected from their own drives, interests, and intuition. As I wrote in my book Own Your Self:

At best, we were parented by “fair-weather parents” who were nice and kind or cold and sharp, depending on how our behavior suited them in the moment. At worst, we were abused, manipulated, or abandoned, left to feel like we were worthless or were some sort of an asset to be used. And this was how we learned what love is. We learned from people who themselves were struggling, disconnected, and afraid, and who were conditioned by a culture that only knows one way to interact with powerful energies: to attempt to dominate and control them. Remember that we are several hundred years into a medical paradigm that is basically an arena for warfare on the body (antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-hypertensives). We don’t care about the why; we just want the symptom to go away. So is it any surprise that our parents, and their parents, only cared about behaviors that felt good to be around?

The incentives for ethical behavior get externalized onto a grid of goodness and badness according to the meritocracy and value system that parents establish. Lost is the inner compass, the inner sense of one’s needs, including needs around nourishing themselves and expressing their emotions. And ultimately we can be left having followed all the rules, played nice, and still feeling fundamentally unfulfilled, unwelcome, unliked, and even unloved on a soul level.

And this is how we learned to experience obedience and rule–following as a virtue. In our survival-based programming, we abandon ourselves, our needs, and even the investigation of our beliefs in a flight toward “doing the right thing.” I would even argue that altruism, compassion, and decisions made for the “greater good” that feel like a “sacrifice” probably are—they are a sacrifice to the altar of social engineering and programmed depersonalization on a mass scale. Indeed, when we help others, when we serve others, when we support those less fortunate, it is an organic overflowing from our full cup. Caring about others happens without coercion, and it is our fundamentally loving human natures that are liberated through and by contact with self-acceptance and love. That’s why I have witnessed every patient I’ve ever worked with who has been through the deep, messy, dark work of soul retrieval from psychiatric medication come out the other side bursting with a desire to help others. That’s also why those who are shaming maskless civilians don’t exactly appear to be concerned for the well-being of those they are shaming, nor even concerned for their own health necessarily, but rather, are pouring from quite empty cups to garner a little hit of power.

Anatomy of a Psyop

So if we, for the most part, share the same vulnerability—fear of authority, from which we also seek protection—what happens when, without any socioculturally ritualized passage into adulthood, we transfer that locus of authority from our parents to the government when we come of age?

Government, a word that etymologically means “to control.”

Control comes in many forms, and specifically, the tactic with the highest yield for domination is trauma-based mind control. The instrument of mainstream media, over which there are 6 ruling corporations, exists for the sole purpose of tell-a-vision programming of your conscious and subconscious mind toward behavioral compliance with government agendas. When all mainstream channels are telling you to look over here, you better believe it’s because they don’t want you to look over there, and because the headline-making event will likely set the conditions for the problem→reaction→solution of increased control and capture. This is why the most important question to ask is, what is their ultimate plan, and how does granting or restricting a particular freedom serve that plan?

Rosie Koire has been a whistleblower for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals known as Agenda 21, a long-standing globalist effort toward one-world dominance that involves divesting the average citizen of his/her rights to individuality, bodily sovereignty, free commerce, and property ownership under the pretense of the greater good, preserving nature, and fair trade. In order to strip 99% of the population of its power to dissent, the 1% of controllers must make a calculated and step-wise effort toward gate–keeping participation in society, itself, by severely limited land ownership and land use, herding the masses into CAFO-style, prefabricated urban centers and newly developed “smart city” enclaves where 24/7 surveillance will be the new normal.

And, because the vast majority of us are still operating with our power center externalized from our being—traumatized and imprinted—and terrified of death, we are easily controlled. We are also easily controlled because we are empathic and couldn’t possibly fathom a reality where those so disconnected from their heart centers might be decades into agendas that require our essential dehumanization, oppression, and enslavement. We are controllable because we care, we want to be loved, we want to be protected, and we want approval.

Psychological operations (or “psyops”), which include the selective presentation of emotionally-provocative information for behavioral manipulation, have been employed by governments for decades to retain and advance population-based control and financial servitude. Project Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, and MK-Ultra are but a few of the publicly acknowledged secret programs that included human experimentation that utilize brainwashing techniques to deceive, program, and manipulate behavior. Often, these operations seed our consciousness with divisiveness while overtly appearing to support societal victims. I call it coddling the victim, which appears altruistic, but ultimately reifies the disempowerment of factions of society that serves the divide-and-conquer agenda.

For example, I bet you thought that the hard-won woman’s right to vote was a correcting of decades of systemic misogyny. I certainly did. When freedoms are selectively doled out, they are only offered because they serve a greater intention, as Aaron Russo details here, stating that women in the workforce allowed for taxation of the other half of the population and commandeering of the child for early-access conditioning.

What does this have to do with Corona?

A new addition to questioningcovid.com, Kevin Ryan writes in his article Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psyop that it shares these qualities with other historical fear-mongering for social manipulation psyops:

  1. Fear-based and globally directed
  2. Media saturation with bias toward fear
  3. Data manipulation and propaganda
  4. Censorship of opposing views
  5. Intelligence agency control of information
  6. Preceded by exercises mimicking the threat
  7. Series of claims made that are later proven false
  8. Response threatens democracy
  9. Large increase in wealth and power for a few; increase in social inequality
  10. Increased government control of the public and reduced individual freedoms
  11. Response kills far more than the original threat
  12. Evidence for manufactured events

You might also be shocked to learn that “manufactured events” or false flags involve crisis actors, fake footage, CGI, and the disseminated media talking points with associated censorship of any dissenting perspectives on these theatrical events passed off as news. Censorship can come from Gates- and Soros-funded fact checkers, but it can also come from your neighbor or a holier-than-thou FB commentor. It is the deputization of the average civilian that is necessary for suppression of those who might question the narrative, and this is how and why mind control is effective. We electively participate to police ourselves and others in a dynamic evocative of sibling rivalry where one toddler kicks the other while tattling to mommy about how she’s not following the rules.

The Story behind the Story

What is going on here? Are we wearing them to protect ourselves? To protect others? It doesn’t matter what kind of covering we use, where we get it, and we don’t have to dispose of it frequently in a biohazard receptacle? Huh?

This confusion, obfuscation, and inconsistency is part of the psychological operation. It’s part of the cognitive dissonance that is resolved through capitulation to mob mentality, and the illusion of safety that is exchanged for seemingly tolerable infringements of freedom.

If we are going to enact large-scale medical interventions for the “greater good,” I, for one, would like to see some quality science to support this novel approach to “wellness” and “health.”

So let’s take a look …

But first, a disclaimer, I don’t believe in germ theory because I know that, never in the history of mankind, has a virus been properly identified, purified, or demonstrated to cause an illness, according to conventional medicine’s own postulates.

The history of so many “theories” originates with a fraudulent agent (Pasteur) offered the spotlight by (secret society) elite who wish to leverage certain “scientific” information in order to maintain population-based control, submission, compliance, and dependency on the pharmaceutical industry. What works better than to convince people to be scared, not only of their own bodies and other people’s bodies, but also of invisible demons that can attack you randomly? And there is nothing you can do except hide, and in a worst case scenario, present to the temple of the hospital for salvation. Oh, and you can also repeatedly inject yourself with unstudied chemicals and fetal and animal tissues for “protection.”


The body is far more sophisticated than that, and there is far more innate purpose and psychoemotional meaning in our symptoms than the system would have you believe. In fact, Antoine Béchamp, Pasteur’s contemporary and one of the original contributors to terrain theory (or lifestyle medicine), presented his findings in pleomorphism demonstrating that intracellular entities (microzymes) transform into and mobilize as tissue-specific bacteria when the body needs help clearing damaged tissue. And what we call viruses may be no more than bodily exosomes (also known as “viral like particles” because they are literally indistinguishable from what conventional medicine calls viruses), designed for detox-based, inter-individual and cross-kingdom communication of nucleic-based information. What we are calling “microbes” are the result and even the support of resolution of disease, not the cause.

Through this lens, the facts stack up as such:

  1. there is no new disease in the world, only patented fragments
  2. all available tests for covid-19 are unreliable and scientifically invalidated
  3. associated statistics on incidence and mortality are fraudulent

But, even if we return to the chess board to play the germ theory game, the science of facial covering and even surgical masks (that were never designed for viral-sized fragments but rather for the much larger mycobacterium tuberculosis), speaks for itself. As excerpted from Stand For Health Freedom:

Mandatory Masks Can Cause Considerable Harm and Are Not Proven Effective

Evidence that face masks reduce the transmission of viral respiratory infections within community settings is equivocal at best. A recent meta-analysis of scientific literature, including 11 randomized, controlled trials and 10 observational studies, found that there was no clear clinical or laboratory-confirmed evidence that masks prevent infection.[2] To the contrary, the study warned that facemasks “… may even increase transmission if they act as fomites [objects or materials that are likely to carry infection] or prompt other behaviours that transmit the virus such as face touching.”
This echoes World Health Organization (WHO) guidance published on January 29, 2020 entitled, “Advice on the use of masks in the community, during home care and in healthcare settings in the context of the novel coronavirus (‎‎‎‎‎2019-nCoV)‎‎‎‎‎ outbreak.”[3] In it, the WHO says, “Wearing medical masks when not indicated may cause unnecessary cost, procurement burden and create a false sense of security that can lead to neglecting other essential measures such as hand hygiene practices.”  Furthermore, the January 2020 WHO guidance stated that “Cloth (e.g., cotton or gauze) masks are not recommended under any circumstance.”
Cloth masks have been found to be particularly problematic.[4] A BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (BMJ) study published in April 2020 cautions against the use of cloth masks, citing “Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.”[5] The WHO affirms increased infection risk with cloth masks in its latest June 5, 2020 guidance.[6] It based its guidance on an earlier BMJ study that found the penetration of particles to be 97% in the cloth mask group, with significantly higher rates of infection and influenza-like illness.[7]
A study on the CDC website that reviewed 10 different randomized clinical trials worldwide on highly infectious respiratory virus transmission found “no significant reduction” in “transmission with the use of face masks.”[8]
Given the lack of evidence for their use,[9] and flip-flopping advice both against and for their use by authoritative health agencies like the WHO, the increasing pressure to wear masks in public—and the decreased ability to access basic services required to maintain one’s health, liberty and livelihood—constitutes an unnecessary power grab and means of controlling the population.

And to sample from the extensively referenced writing of Dr. Rancourt:

No RCT [randomized controlled trial] study with verified outcome shows a benefit for HCW [health care workers] or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions.

Likewise, no study exists that shows a benefit from a broad policy to wear masks in public …

Furthermore, if there were any benefit to wearing a mask, because of the blocking power against droplets and aerosol particles, then there should be more benefit from wearing a respirator (N95) compared to a surgical mask, yet several large meta-analyses, and all the RCT, prove that there is no such relative benefit.

Masks and respirators do not work.

So, if, according to establishment organizations, and published science itself, this is not an effective, necessary, or even safe intervention, then why is this happening? It’s happening because we are letting it happen. And, in many cases, it’s happening because we want to feel the firm hand of authority pressing upon us, we like rules, and we feel safer when there are expectations of us. It’s all a part of the trauma that we are not yet ready to heal. And a planet full of traumatized people is ripe for recruitment to a belief system that foregrounds the role of technology in transcending human life.

We have been taken hostage and our civil liberties stripped by the globalist agenda of an uncredentialled technocrat who comes from eugenicist stock and has no medical or scientific expertise, dictating international “health” policy while he invests in GMOs and 5G networks and is the top peddler of vaccines the world over. Houston, we have a problem. Can you see how the dots connect and that this may never have actually been about a virus?

To those people, masks are a part of a ritual, and that ritual serves further control and ultimately biopolitical capture of the human body through:

  • dehumanization: a mask covers essential facial features, limits freedom of speech, and evokes illness and danger imprints

  • perpetuation of fear and vigilance: masks remind us that we are still in the “time of the virus” and that we must remain afraid, even as we engage in normative behaviors

  • submission signaling: obedience is now demonstrated visibly, so that those who are non-compliant are exposed

  • recruitment of the healthy: while the medical industry has captured most of the world population through toxicant-induced disease, the healthy can be entrapped when they too are recruited for the greater good

Indeed, our unacknowledged, unexamined trauma is the perfect hole for the key-insertion of totalitarianism.

When you hear that it is “for your safety” and “for the greater good,” remember that the government doesn’t actually care about your safety, has a very different definition of the greater good, and would be hard-pressed to define health as anything other than the absence of death.

It’s Time to Own Your Self

The first step to reclaiming your power from a system that does not reflect your values or serve your interests is to take responsibility for your health. With whistleblowers, dissenting physicians, and citizen activists speaking out, it’s clear that there is not a consensus around this unprecedented medical intervention. And wherever there is polarization, there must be choice. There is no place for mandated medicine in a free country. Trust me, I would love to mandate organic food, exercise, and meditation, but I recognize that the practice of embodiment is deeply personal.

It shouldn’t be hard to imagine that, even if you agree with mandated masks as a condition for participation in society, there may come a time when you don’t agree with a bodily mandate. When a certain “safety measure” strikes you as inappropriately invasive. And then what? The precedent for commandeering of choice may already be in place.

When you outsource your health to government or the medical establishment, you accept the poison apple they seek to feed you. These systems aren’t designed to know anything about health. They are only designed to know profit and control. You don’t need laws, rules, and mandates to ensure your well-being. You have the power to heal and experience vitality through your daily lifestyle choices even in the most dire of circumstances, as I have demonstrated in my published case reports, books, and writings. You don’t have to be afraid of your body, and you don’t need daddy government and mommy medicine to take care of you. You’ve got this. We’ve got this. There’s a better way, and it’s time for us to claim it.


While many businesses have signage stating masks are required to adhere to mandates, consumers do have the choice to wear or not wear a mask in the majority of locations. Most county ordinances afford exemptions from mask wearing without required documentation (in accordance with HIPAA/ADA).

The following script may be used to help empower consumers to exercise the choice that is in their health’s best interest.

Consumer Script

As you enter a store to respectfully shop and/or seek services, in many cases, employees will not inquire or mention the mask requirement. In the case that you are told masks are mandatory or asked to put one on, here is an example script:

Business: Masks are mandated in our store. Do you have one you can put on?

Individual: I am health exempt from wearing a mask. (Or: I have a medical exemption).

After stating an exemption, in the majority of cases (>95% in our experience), most businesses will be aware of the ramifications of questioning you further and will allow you to proceed.

Business: What is your exemption, can you explain it further?

Individual: The state (or local) mandate exempts individuals that have a medical or behavioral condition or disability. Here is a copy of the exemptions (print a copy of your local exemption list to bring with you).

Business: Can you explain your medical condition further?

At this point if the conversation continues, you can ask to speak to a manager, choose to educate the individual or spend your dollars elsewhere.

As you see fit, you may also choose to share your experience with friends and family or on social media, as well as educate yourself on discrimination rights and practices in public and business settings.

Individual: No, I respectfully will not. It is private information and I am not required to disclose that information.


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Copyright © Kelly Brogan. All Rights Reserved.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Kelly Brogan, MD, is a Manhattan-based holistic psychiatrist, author of the New York Times bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, and co-editor of the landmark textbook Integrative Therapies for Depression. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from MIT in Systems Neuroscience. View full bio.

3. What Part of “Masks Don’t Work” Don’t You Understand?

Sol Luckman

Since my recent, um, viral article on the absurdity of wearing masks to protect ourselves from an imaginary virus elicited so much uneducated vitriol from maskholes everywhere, today I thought I’d return to the subject with a maskload of facts that prove two critical points:

1. While covering your face in public (and private!) might stroke your virtue-signalling ego, it does nothing—as in bupkis—to protect you or anyone else from a virus (even if such a thing were real and an actual threat, which it isn’t—see below).

2. Wearing a mask for even short periods is deleterious to your health, while masking up for longer periods is just asking for trouble, even death. In other words it’s just plain stupid. And requiring (either officially or in an official capacity as a Karen) other people, including young children, to thus harm themselves to NOT protect anyone borders on—how shall I say this?—f*cking evil.

As for the purely factual truth that viruses have never been scientifically shown to be infectious or harmful, I invite readers to start with whichever of my well-researched articles on this topic strikes their fancy:

More Truth Pills to Cure the Germ Theory Blind Spot
Hippocratic Hypocrisy: Stunning New Film & Health Freedom Action Plan
If COVID-19 Is a Hoax, Where’s the Proof?
21 Facts That Demolish the Official COVID-19 Narrative
Coronavirus Smoking Gun
COVID-19 & the Urgent Necessity to Rethink Our Medical Model
COVID-19: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
COVID-19: The Only Bigger Hoax Here is Germ Theory
The Most Important Article on COVID-19 You Will Ever Read

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these links to doctors and other researchers claiming that no contagious virus is involved in the plandemic:

Dr. Mohammed Iqbal: COVID Is an Exosome, Not a Virus
Investigative Journalist: I Don’t Believe Corona is “Real” at All
A Former Forbes Editor Weighs in
COVID-19 & the Infectious Myth with David Crowe & Dr. Barre Lando
Debate between Judy Mikovits & Andrew Kaufman
Dr. Tom Cowan: COVID-19 Is Just Smoke & Mirrors
A Lesson in Logic with Tom Cowan, MD
Doctor Blows Whistle on Medical System & Pandemic in Explosive Interview
A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures with Dr. Andrew Kaufman
$5K Reward for Proof of Diagnosis with Dr. Tim O’Shea
The Truth about a Virus Is Out with Dr. Thomas Cowan
Questioning COVID with Drs. Kaufman, Brogan & Lando
COVID 19—Is It Really about a Virus?
Evidence the COVID-19 Pandemic Is False

The upshot: the evidence clearly indicates that we’re all being played on a monumental scale.

But even if germ theory were true and SARS-CoV-2 were a clear and present danger, here’s a sampling of links (of MANY) that speak to the complete ineffectiveness and unambiguously hazardous quality of masks:

New CDC & WHO Study Proves “No Evidence” Face Masks Prevent Virus
Destroying the Mask Narrative
Dr. Joseph Mercola: Conclusive Proof—Masks Do Not Inhibit Viral Spread
Why Face Masks DON’T Work, according to SCIENCE

The Science Is Finally Settled: Masks Are Bogus
The Truth Straight from the CDC
Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relative to COVID-19 Social Policy
New Scientific Study Proves Masks Don’t Provide Protection
Mask Wearers Are Whacko Conspiracy Theorists
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains That Masks Don’t Work
Anti-maskers: Right or Selfish?
Science: Masks Are Hazardous to Your Health
Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy
Mandatory Masks Endanger Your Health & Liberties

I’ll leave a discussion for why we’re being “mandated” to wear masks for another day.

But I’ll also leave you with this image illustrating exactly what more and more people who understand real science are recommending that people, especially maskholes, do with their mask:

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing and its bestselling sequel, Potentiate Your DNA. His visionary novel, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, The Angel’s Dictionary: A Spirited Glossary for the Little Devil in You, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.

Featured Video ... Destroying the Mask Narrative

4. Let’s Fact-check Reuters: They Say DNA Vaccines Don’t Change Your Genetic Makeup—True or False?

Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News

As my readers know, I’ve been reporting on new types of technology that could be used in a coming COVID-19 vaccine—and warning about the consequences.

One such technology is: DNA vaccines. They would alter recipients’ genetic makeup permanently.

But Reuters has seen fit to claim: “A future COVID-19 [DNA] vaccine will not genetically modify humans.” This comes from their “fact-check team”—May 18, 2020: “False claim: A COVID-19 vaccine will genetically modify humans.

To reach this conclusion, Reuters cites two people: “Mark Lynas, a visiting fellow at Cornell University’s Alliance for Science group”, and “Dr. Paul McCray, Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology, and Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa.”

I have cited the New York Times, March 10, 2015, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” Here are quotes from the Times article:

“By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.”

“’The sky’s the limit,’ said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.”

“The first human trial based on this strategy—called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T.—is underway, and several new ones are planned.” [That was five years ago.]

“I.G.T. is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.”

[Here is the punch line] “The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

The Times article taps Dr. David Baltimore for an opinion:

“Still, Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease.”

So it’s a battle of the experts. The two men Reuters cited, versus the Times’ David Baltimore.

I don’t hold up the scientific work of any of these men for great acclaim. I’m only interested in which man knows whether a DNA vaccine would permanently alter the genetic makeup of every recipient’s DNA.

David Baltimore is a Nobel Laureate (1975, in Physiology/Medicine), and the past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1997-2006). He’s one of the most famous scientists in the world.

I’m betting Reuters would happily trade their unknown experts for Baltimore, if he would side with their claim. Perhaps they’ll now approach him, and perhaps he’ll change his mind. But the NY Times has him on the record, in 2015, admitting that DNA vaccines do alter genetic makeup.

World famous mainstream experts don’t readily admit this sort of thing out in the open, unless they’re stating the obvious.

The verdict on the Reuters fact-check team? Fact-checkers checked the wrong box.

Final point for the moment: Researchers are fond of saying their genetic technologies are quite safe. This a bald-faced lie. Claiming, for example, that a DNA COVID vaccine would alter humans’ genetic makeup in entirely predictable and harmless ways is like saying a car without brakes, doing a hundred miles an hour, set loose on a highway during rush hour, would create no damage whatsoever.





This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Copyright © Jon Rappoport. All Rights Reserved.

The author of three explosive collections, The Matrix Revealed, Exit from the Matrix and Power Outside the Matrix, Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for thirty years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails here. To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit from the Matrix, click here.

5. Anonymous Professor from UC Berkeley Obliterates BLM Injustice Narrative in Fabulous Open Letter

[SL: This marvelously intelligent open letter written by a self-identified person of color was discovered here. Added emphasis is mine.]

Dear Profs X, Y, Z,

I am one of your colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley. I have met you both personally but do not know you closely, and am contacting you anonymously, with apologies. I am worried that writing this email publicly might lead to me losing my job, and likely all future jobs in my field.

In your recent departmental emails you mentioned our pledge to diversity, but I am increasingly alarmed by the absence of diversity of opinion on the topic of the recent protests and our community response to them.

In the extended links and resources you provided, I could not find a single instance of substantial counter-argument or alternative narrative to explain the under-representation of black individuals in academia or their over-representation in the criminal justice system. The explanation provided in your documentation, to the near exclusion of all others, is univariate: the problems of the black community are caused by whites, or, when whites are not physically present, by the infiltration of white supremacy and white systemic racism into American brains, souls, and institutions.

Many cogent objections to this thesis have been raised by sober voices, including from within the black community itself, such as Thomas Sowell and Wilfred Reilly. These people are not racists or “Uncle Toms.” They are intelligent scholars who reject a narrative that strips black people of agency and systematically externalizes the problems of the black community onto outsiders. Their view is entirely absent from the departmental and UCB-wide communiques.

The claim that the difficulties that the black community faces are entirely causally explained by exogenous factors in the form of white systemic racism, white supremacy, and other forms of white discrimination remains a problematic hypothesis that should be vigorously challenged by historians. Instead, it is being treated as an axiomatic and actionable truth without serious consideration of its profound flaws, or its worrying implication of total black impotence. This hypothesis is transforming our institution and our culture, without any space for dissent outside of a tightly policed, narrow discourse.

A counternarrative exists. If you have time, please consider examining some of the documents I attach at the end of this email. Overwhelmingly, the reasoning provided by BLM and allies is either primarily anecdotal (as in the case with the bulk of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ undeniably moving article) or it is transparently motivated. As an example of the latter problem, consider the proportion of black incarcerated Americans. This proportion is often used to characterize the criminal justice system as anti-black. However, if we use the precise same methodology, we would have to conclude that the criminal justice system is even more anti-male than it is anti-black.

Would we characterize criminal justice as a systemically misandrist conspiracy against innocent American men? I hope you see that this type of reasoning is flawed, and requires a significant suspension of our rational faculties. Black people are not incarcerated at higher rates than their involvement in violent crime would predict. This fact has been demonstrated multiple times across multiple jurisdictions in multiple countries.

And yet, I see my department uncritically reproducing a narrative that diminishes black agency in favor of a white-centric explanation that appeals to the department’s apparent desire to shoulder the “white man’s burden” and to promote a narrative of white guilt.

If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. I think it’s fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews. And yet, these alleged white supremacists incarcerate gentiles at vastly higher rates than Jews. None of this is addressed in your literature. None of this is explained, beyond hand-waving and ad hominems. “Those are racist dogwhistles.” “The model minority myth is white supremacist.” “Only fascists talk about black-on-black crime,” ad nauseam.

These types of statements do not amount to counterarguments: they are simply arbitrary offensive classifications, intended to silence and oppress discourse. Any serious historian will recognize these for the silencing orthodoxy tactics they are, common to suppressive regimes, doctrines, and religions throughout time and space. They are intended to crush real diversity and permanently exile the culture of robust criticism from our department.

Increasingly, we are being called upon to comply and subscribe to BLM’s problematic view of history, and the department is being presented as unified on the matter. In particular, ethnic minorities are being aggressively marshaled into a single position. Any apparent unity is surely a function of the fact that dissent could almost certainly lead to expulsion or cancellation for those of us in a precarious position, which is no small number.

I personally don’t dare speak out against the BLM narrative, and with this barrage of alleged unity being mass-produced by the administration, tenured professoriat, the UC administration, corporate America, and the media, the punishment for dissent is a clear danger at a time of widespread economic vulnerability. I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people. There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims, no public silences, no heartfelt letters from the UC regents, deans, and departmental heads. The message is clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them. Black violence is expected and insoluble, while white violence requires explanation and demands solution. Please look into your hearts and see how monstrously bigoted this formulation truly is.

No discussion is permitted for nonblack victims of black violence, who proportionally outnumber black victims of nonblack violence. This is especially bitter in the Bay Area, where Asian victimization by black assailants has reached epidemic proportions, to the point that the SF police chief has advised Asians to stop hanging good-luck charms on their doors, as this attracts the attention of (overwhelmingly black) home invaders. Home invaders like George Floyd. For this actual, lived, physically experienced reality of violence in the USA, there are no marches, no tearful emails from departmental heads, no support from McDonald’s and Wal-Mart. For the History department, our silence is not a mere abrogation of our duty to shed light on the truth: it is a rejection of it.

The claim that black intraracial violence is the product of redlining, slavery, and other injustices is a largely historical claim. It is for historians, therefore, to explain why Japanese internment or the massacre of European Jewry hasn’t led to equivalent rates of dysfunction and low SES performance among Japanese and Jewish Americans respectively. Arab Americans have been viciously demonized since 9/11, as have Chinese Americans more recently. However, both groups outperform white Americans on nearly all SES indices—as do Nigerian Americans, who incidentally have black skin. It is for historians to point out and discuss these anomalies. However, no real discussion is possible in the current climate at our department. The explanation is provided to us, disagreement with it is racist, and the job of historians is to further explore additional ways in which the explanation is additionally correct. This is a mockery of the historical profession.

Most troublingly, our department appears to have been entirely captured by the interests of the Democratic National Convention, and the Democratic Party more broadly. To explain what I mean, consider what happens if you choose to donate to Black Lives Matter, an organization UCB History has explicitly promoted in its recent mailers. All donations to the official BLM website are immediately redirected to ActBlue Charities, an organization primarily concerned with bankrolling election campaigns for Democrat candidates. Donating to BLM today is to indirectly donate to Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. This is grotesque given the fact that the American cities with the worst rates of black-on-black violence and police-on-black violence are overwhelmingly Democrat-run. Minneapolis itself has been entirely in the hands of Democrats for over five decades; the “systemic racism” there was built by successive Democrat administrations.

The patronizing and condescending attitudes of Democrat leaders towards the black community, exemplified by nearly every Biden statement on the black race, all but guarantee a perpetual state of misery, resentment, poverty, and the attendant grievance politics which are simultaneously annihilating American political discourse and black lives. And yet, donating to BLM is bankrolling the election campaigns of men like Mayor Frey, who saw their cities devolve into violence. This is a grotesque capture of a good-faith movement for necessary police reform, and of our department, by a political party. Even worse, there are virtually no avenues for dissent in academic circles. I refuse to serve the Party, and so should you.

The total alliance of major corporations involved in human exploitation with BLM should be a warning flag to us, and yet this damning evidence goes unnoticed, purposefully ignored, or perversely celebrated. We are the useful idiots of the wealthiest classes, carrying water for Jeff Bezos and other actual, real, modern-day slavers. Starbucks, an organization using literal black slaves in its coffee plantation suppliers, is in favor of BLM. Sony, an organization using cobalt mined by yet more literal black slaves, many of whom are children, is in favor of BLM. And so, apparently, are we. The absence of counter-narrative enables this obscenity. Fiat lux, indeed.

There also exists a large constituency of what can only be called “race hustlers”: hucksters of all colors who benefit from stoking the fires of racial conflict to secure administrative jobs, charity management positions, academic jobs and advancement, or personal political entrepreneurship.

Given the direction our history department appears to be taking far from any commitment to truth, we can regard ourselves as a formative training institution for this brand of snake-oil salespeople. Their activities are corrosive, demolishing any hope at harmonious racial coexistence in our nation and colonizing our political and institutional life. Many of their voices are unironically segregationist.

MLK would likely be called an Uncle Tom if he spoke on our campus today. We are training leaders who intend, explicitly, to destroy one of the only truly successful ethnically diverse societies in modern history. As the PRC, an ethnonationalist and aggressively racially chauvinist national polity with null immigration and no concept of jus solis increasingly presents itself as the global political alternative to the US, I ask you: Is this wise? Are we really doing the right thing?

As a final point, our university and department has made multiple statements celebrating and eulogizing George Floyd. Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species.

I’m ashamed of my department. I would say that I’m ashamed of both of you, but perhaps you agree with me, and are simply afraid, as I am, of the backlash of speaking the truth. It’s hard to know what kneeling means, when you have to kneel to keep your job.

It shouldn’t affect the strength of my argument above, but for the record, I write as a person of color. My family have been personally victimized by men like Floyd. We are aware of the condescending depredations of the Democrat party against our race. The humiliating assumption that we are too stupid to do STEM, that we need special help and lower requirements to get ahead in life, is richly familiar to us. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to deal with open fascists, who at least would be straightforward in calling me a subhuman, and who are unlikely to share my race.

The ever-present soft bigotry of low expectations and the permanent claim that the solutions to the plight of my people rest exclusively on the goodwill of whites rather than on our own hard work is psychologically devastating. No other group in America is systematically demoralized in this way by its alleged allies. A whole generation of black children are being taught that only by begging and weeping and screaming will they get handouts from guilt-ridden whites.

No message will more surely devastate their futures, especially if whites run out of guilt, or indeed if America runs out of whites. If this had been done to Japanese Americans, or Jewish Americans, or Chinese Americans, then Chinatown and Japantown would surely be no different to the roughest parts of Baltimore and East St. Louis today. The History department of UCB is now an integral institutional promulgator of a destructive and denigrating fallacy about the black race.

I hope you appreciate the frustration behind this message. I do not support BLM. I do not support the Democrat grievance agenda and the Party’s uncontested capture of our department. I do not support the Party co-opting my race, as Biden recently did in his disturbing interview, claiming that voting Democrat and being black are isomorphic. I condemn the manner of George Floyd’s death and join you in calling for greater police accountability and police reform. However, I will not pretend that George Floyd was anything other than a violent misogynist, a brutal man who met a predictably brutal end.

I also want to protect the practice of history. Cleo is no grovelling handmaiden to politicians and corporations. Like us, she is free.

Featured Video ... Dr. Adil of UK National Health COVID is an Exosome, Not a Virus

6. Connect with Your True Self & Heal the World

Sol Luckman

This is Part 5 of the Solutions Project on Snooze 2 Awaken. See previous articles here, here, here, and here.

Normally, when people talk about “solutions,” they’re focused on externals. There’s every reason to tackle our very real real-world problems head-on.

But what if, before we can truly effect positive change in this manner, we must first go internal?

Consider this deeply insightful quote by Mahatma Gandhi:

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

In a similar vein, the premise of this short solution-based article is based on the popular adage that many people know but few people practice: heal yourself and heal the world.

In order to heal yourself, you must first know yourself.

In practical terms, this means we must start by disconnecting from our externally manufactured and, these days, “mandated” public persona and connecting with our true selves.

Sounds good, you might be saying, but how do I connect with my true self?

It’s actually amazingly simple. You can do it yourself by merely tuning out what everyone else is saying and, instead, tuning in to the voice inside you.

But if you still need a nudge in the right direction, just take a few minutes and watch the short video below.

I guarantee you, if you’re open to the possibility, this information will change your life. And that immediately will start to change the world.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing and its bestselling sequel, Potentiate Your DNA. His visionary novel, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, The Angel’s Dictionary: A Spirited Glossary for the Little Devil in You, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.


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