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The Regenetics Method involves four integrated DNA activations—one each of Potentiation, Articulation, Elucidation, and Transcension—performed in that order on a specific Timeline.

In addition, individuals who have completed the nine-month (42-week) Potentiation phase are eligible to receive “ener-genetic” fortification at the level of glands and organs through Songs of Distinction.

All sessions last thirty minutes (except Transcension, which requires forty-five minutes) and take place at an agreed-upon time following receipt of payment.

One innovative, and convenient, aspect of Regenetics sessions is that they typically are performed remotely.

This approach was inspired by Dr. Larry Dossey’s ideas relative to nonlocalized mind and the human ability to employ prayer for distance healing as documented in Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-body to a New Era of Healing.

This distance approach is further scientifically substantiated by the revolutionary theories and applications of “wave-genetics” establishing that DNA is a real-time network, a “biological Internet” that effectively does away with distance.

One can “upload” data into the DNA network, “download” information from it, and even “email” others.

Remote DNA activation can be explained as a “meta-genetic” transfer of consciousness in the form of
torsion waves that stimulate potential DNA. In turn, potential DNA shifts the bioenergy blueprint, which then modifies metabolic and replication functions in cells, facilitating healing.

Although we encourage everyone to complete the four-part Regenetics Method, many individuals have reported significant benefits from experiencing only Potentiation or only Potentiation and Articulation, for example.

1. Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning is a nine-month (42-week) process initiated by a single thirty-minute session. This one-time session activates potential DNA’s “reset” mechanism, leading to a progressive recalibration of the body’s bioenergy blueprint. This repatterning also raises the harmonics, or vibratory frequency, of the blueprint. Additionally, Potentiation “seals” the bioenergy disruption known as the Fragmentary Body. Read more about Potentiation.

2. Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement is appropriate as of the five-month mark following the Potentiation session. Articulation is a bioenergy boost designed to integrate the creative potential of the second bioenergy center. Articulation facilitates the transformation of limiting thought-forms and associated behaviors—often with tangible results—after the Fragmentary Body has been “sealed” through Potentiation. Articulation is also a one-time, thirty-minute session. Read more about Articulation.

3. Elucidation Triune Activation activates a mostly dormant portion of the brain’s prefrontal lobes by way of the neocortex, transforming self-limiting beliefs and associated emotions into empowering ones while facilitating creation of a “Unified Consciousness Field.” Elucidation is also a one-time, thirty-minute session. For additional information on this third Regenetics activation, click here.

4. Transcension Bioenergy Crystallization is the fourth and final phase of the Regenetics Method. Created for the spiritual seeker, Transcension focuses on unblocking and healing the spiritual body, stimulating a safe, progressive kundalini awakening to facilitate luminous embodiment of unity consciousness. Transcension is also a one-time session, but takes forty-five minutes to complete. To read more about Transcension, click here.

5. Read about our supplemental series of bioenergy fortifications, Songs of Distinction, that focus on strengthening specific glands and organs.

Experiencing Sessions

There is NO telephone call as a reminder before or to initiate Regenetics sessions
which on our end are performed in a ceremonial manner that combines intoning and thinking special linguistic codes for activating DNA.

The client is expected to remember the appointment and be in an intentional space at the scheduled time. That space can be indoor or outdoor, stationary or otherwise.

For example, you might choose to meditate in the bedroom for the duration of the session, or you might take a walk to focus intention. The main thing is to avoid distractions and honor this special time as one capable of seeding miracles that can lead you to the discovery of your highest potential in which you manifest the reality you desire.

The Power of Intention

It is very important to respect the power of intention. This is especially critical while experiencing the Regenetics Method, which phenomenally magnifies the power of one’s intention and invites a daily setting, or resetting, of intention.

Intention is the bedrock of manifestation, a vibration that bridges realities and attracts like energies. Keeping a “Regenetics journal” is an excellent way of focusing and maintaining intention throughout all phases of this Method—as is consciously enjoying the Moment or being in the Now.

Intention links internal truth with external creation and is a driving force behind healing and transformation. Every intention is an exercise of personal power and potentially an expression of one’s true purpose.

Focusing on what you want to achieve in life, on what does or would fulfill you ultimately, rather than fixating on problems and obstacles, is the best way to maintain positive intention.

One can, of course, acknowledge the need to remove obstacles in order to heed one’s higher calling. But positive intentional energy moves mountains, whereas continuous focus on negatives makes mountains.


To schedule your single session, Core Regenetics Series, Advanced Mastery Program or Song(s) of Distinction with the Developers, contact us. We will need your name, date of birth, location (time zone), and email address.

Upon scheduling your session with us, you will receive a confirmation letter via email which reiterates how the session works, contains additional information for preparing yourself, and provides payment instructions.


We accept credit card via Paypal (with or without a Paypal account), bitcoin,
check, money order, or bank wire transfer
. Paypal is very easy to use with any major credit card.

The fees for each DNA activation are:

Potentiation: $215

Articulation: $215

Elucidation: $215

Transcension: $260

Core Regenetics Series
(Potentiation, Articulation & Elucidation): $545 (a savings of $100 for the basic three-part Series)

Advanced Mastery Program (Core Regenetics Series + Transcension): $755 (a savings of $150 for committing to the four-part Regenetics Method)

Potentiation for Animals: $175

Potentiation for Homes, Businesses, Projects or Institutions: $175

Your Choice of:

1 Song of Distinction: $195

3 Songs of Distinction: $525
(a savings of $60)

5 Songs of Distinction: $850
(a savings of $125)

Read about special packages of Songs of Distinction.

Click here to purchase one or more DNA activations with the Developers.


Following your first session (Potentiation), you will receive a Schematic of your bioenergy blueprint determined through surrogate muscle testing.

This Schematic, a valuable reference tool for the entire Regenetics Method, provides important information about your bioenergy blueprint as well as a time frame for the progression of torsion energy through your bioenergy centers (in the case of Potentiation).

We also are available to field general questions as they come up on the Regenetics Method Forum or, alternatively, specific questions of a private nature via email.

Please read our FAQ, which addresses the most common questions about the Regenetics Method.

Learn how to activate your own DNA.


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