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Two years ago I was frantically looking for healing for a degenerative eye disease that was slowly blinding me. I totally rejected the idea of an operation, the cure offered by Western medicine. After reading Conscious Healing by Sol Luckman, I knew that I must try the Regenetics Method of DNA activation. During the first phase of this method, Potentiation, I fell into a dream where I was a giant stick figure striding through the universe. One or two steps was enough to take me to new Suns. Over the next five months, I was aware of a wave of energy slowly working its way through my energy fields and physical body. I experienced a slow, usually very gentle process in which I gained a newfound appreciation of life. Fascinatingly, Potentiation helped me overcome my eye diseasethough indirectly. In a subtle but extremely important way, this work encouraged me to move beyond my duality and its resultant 'blockage' where the Western medical approach to this particular issue was concerned. Also, I believe that the enlivening process I experienced as Source energy tracking through my energy body after Potentiation helped prepare me on many levels to accept perfect success from my eye operation, when I finally got around to it. I most highly recommend Potentiation as well as the rest of the Regenetics Method to anyone who is looking for beneficial change in a variety of areas related to physical disease or pain, including discomfort and issues rooted in emotional or mental blockages. If you wish to have a greater conscious experience of yourself as a spiritual physical being, the Regenetics Method is definitely for you. David Masson, Montreal, Canada

Even though Id been on a journey of healing and conscious mastery since 1977, and had made progress in becoming integrated and embodied, and had known periods of great joy and profound transformation, I still felt that a fundamental part of me would never catch up with my mental understanding of such higher states of being and awareness. Though I was in many ways more satisfied and recognized than ever before, I still felt somehow 'fragmented.' At 59 as a professional therapist, part of me felt myself beginning to die inside, tired of it all, my life force waning. As soon as I discovered the Regenetics Method and read about the Fragmentary Body, the missing piece for me, I contacted the Developers and booked my initial session. By supporting me through the release of two limiting relationships and the 'upgrading' of several more to healthier states, Potentiation helped me realize something Id been unable to achieve before in all my spiritual and therapeutic pursuits: a sealed energy field with no more ongoing energy loss and no more vulnerability to compromising situations and relationships. In my estimation no amount of therapy or mental processing could have achieved comparable results. I actually felt the sealing of my energy field and, to this day, have no more problems navigating challenging circumstances, personal or professional. The Regenetics Method has tremendously improved my work as a therapist as well as my personal relationships, old and new. As a fringe benefit, Im often told I look ten years younger! Certainly, I feel younger, excited to be alive again, with consistently more joy. Angelika Wienrich, London, United Kingdom

Since experiencing Potentiation and Articulation, massive waves of transformation have rolled endlessly through our realities and set us ashore in new and uncharted lands. Where and how this shall unfold following Elucidation is already lit with beacons of possibilities that have been yearning for lifetimes to be revealed and expressed. As to our dearest most treasured grandson, Cooper. He is now 3 1/2 and everyone is charmed and enchanted by his poise, charisma, wisdom and intelligence. When we began our group Potentiation, we were aware that Cooper had a powerful potential to embody a wonderful expression this lifetime. We were carefully providing energy and intention from behind the scenes even before his conception and birth. When he was 2 1/2 we saw that we needed something capable of lifting Cooper out of the ocean of chaos surrounding him so that he would experience no delays or obstructions to his awakening. Spirit’s answer to our call was Regenetics. It is now one year later and we and Cooper are the only ones truly aware of the impact of Potentiation and Articulation on his life and consciousness. Everyone else sees an astonishing young man showing all the signs of leadership and compassionate comprehension of reality. His parents note that Cooper is already processing many areas of mind, body and emotion in extraordinary ways and are amazed every day. We know that Cooper has come with a heart vision this lifetime and would most likely have been extraordinary all on his own. But we strongly believe that our clear intentions and your precise processes were able to guarantee his unstoppable integrity of momentum to the center of his own highest, grandest and most magnificent expression. On behalf of Cooper and ourselves, a deep bow of honor and thanks to you two noble beings for all you are doing. Jim and Kathleen, Brattleboro, Vermont

It is almost bizarre to retell something that now seems so distant, but I am inspired and guided to share this with others who may be searching and would cry tears of relief at hearing of anothers triumph. In the late 90s I was living and working as a teacher in New Jersey. I started noticing lowered immunity, depression, frustration with personal relationships, and a deep ache inside to 'feel good.' I began listening to a radio talk show about health and attending 12 step meetings and Unity Church in search of a daily way of 'connecting.' I resigned from my position as a middle school teacher and began my studies in Nutrition, Natural Cookery, and Naturopathy. Upon returning home to Virginia in 2000, I crashed. Suddenly I was having serious trouble sleeping, became severely bloated, had major digestive discomfort and distress, felt I would die each month before my period, experienced anxiety, depression, 'brain fog,' malaise, fatigue, aching muscles, fear, and despair. I experimented with practically every diet known to humankind, in addition to energy work, acupuncture, allergy elimination techniques, EFT, hardcore supplementation, sauna therapy, reiki, electrical cellular stimulation, IV therapy, reflexology, psychic detox techniques, acupressure techniques for emotional release, massage, heavy metal detox, German machinery, microscopy, and others. Although some alleviated my symptoms, I still did not feel a fundamental shift. One morning at 4 am, I was guided to do Internet research and found a commentary on a bulletin board about someones boyfriend who had 'taken Potentiation' and healed his Leaky Gut Syndrome. Thinking Potentiation was a bottle of homeopathic drops, I contacted Sol and Leigh and began my journey through the Regenetics Method. The level of neuro-toxicity (caused by vaccine damage and compounded by other factors) I carried was quite high and Potentiation was the perfect avenue for its departure from my body. The process was intense at times, but I could gradually feel a lifting of the 'sludge' and knew I was headed for a life-affirming existence after years of extreme discomfort. This technique has helped transform my life beyond anything I could have imagined. Celena Hadlock, Dallas, Texas

I was not very skeptical about the concept of DNA Activation prior to the Regenetics Method. I had heard of other methods, but was waiting for yours. There is no doubt it worked for me. While I have not fully gotten over all of my environmental allergies, I was pretty bad, and have much less attachment to them now. Rare is the day now that I wake up not breathing through my nose. Lately, I eat pretty normally, for me that is, and have virtually gotten over sugar cravings.  I have a better understanding of my purpose, and more energy to carry it out. I had the most kundalini movement and most intense experience of awareness of everything around me from Potentiation; but I think that was because it initiated the most change in my case. I still have some back pain, but it is a lot better and it does not have the emotional impact it used to. A big step has been taken toward realizing my intention for the activations. Full fruition has not come; but I can see much of how it will. I am really rather pleased with my current manifestation, even though that might seem odd to a logical mind. I believe Regenetics is worth more than you are charging. It is so clear that it works, and even the sequence and timeline are accurate. I will recommend the Regenetics Method to those I think can hear it.
Beverly Welbourne, Goshen, Ohio

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