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DNA Monthly (Vol. 11, No. 2)

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March-April 2015 (Vol. 11, No. 2)

BREAKING NEWS: Major Publishing Update!

Dear Reader,

If you’ve been following DNA Monthly for any amount of time, you probably already know that your friendly editor is also a visual artist and novelist. Regarding these related passions of mine, today I’ve got so much exciting publishing news to share I hardly know where to begin.

For starters, my original ink-on-paper painting, Mesa, Canyon, Rio, is featured on the cover of Professor Itzhak Beery’s #1 New Release published by Destiny Books, The Gift of Shamanism: Visionary Power, Ayahuasca & Journeys to Other Realms.

I haven’t actually had the opportunity to read the text yet. But since the book is being put out by a respected publisher, is ostensibly my cup of tea and boasts a foreword by John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of the hard-hitting Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, I’m very much looking forward to diving in.

Another painting of mine, which I’ll disclose at a later date, will be the cover image for Beery’s follow-up anthology to The Gift of Shamanism.

Even as this book goes to press, yet another of my paintings is set to be on the cover of a new book on Gnosticism and astrology scheduled for release in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.

That makes a total of four of my original artworks on book covers, including one of my favorite pieces, Dreamcatcher, which I used for my bestselling coming-of-age story about lucid dreams, astral projection and much more, Snooze: A Story of Awakening.

Speaking of, I’m thrilled to be in the process of serializing—for FREE—the audiobook of this epic adventure in consciousness that has been likened to a new Celestine Prophecy and also has some affinities to The Ringing Cedars of Russia. Just click here to start listening to yours truly reading Snooze from the beginning.

In the words of Lance White, author of Tales of a Zany Mystic, Snooze is “a multi-dimensional, many-faceted gem of a read. From mysteries to metaphysics, entering the dream world, Bigfoot, high magic and daring feats of courage, this book has it all … I highly recommend [Snooze] for all ages.”

Thanks for checking out this power-packed issue of DNA Monthly—and sweet dreams!

Sol Luckman




1. Your Genes Can Be Healed by Julie TwoMoon, NMD

2. The Belief Effect in Psychokinesis: Sheep, Goat or Jackass?
by Brendan D. Murphy

3. Power beyond Mind Control by Jon Rappoport

4. Activate Your DNA with Solar Frequencies by Joshua Eagle

5. 200 Evidence-based Reasons NOT to Vaccinate—FREE Research PDF Download by Sayer Ji

Featured Videos … SNOOZE: A Story of Awakening (Chapter 1),
Dean Radin on Entangled Minds & Chemtrails Are Coal Ash

1. Your Genes Can Be Healed

Julie TwoMoon, NMD

What if I told you that your genes could be healed? As the experiment of genetic modification through toxicity and direct food engineering enters its official 10-20 year window, we are seeing an exponentially growing trend of identified genetic anomaly in the population.

Popular labs like 23 and Me have made it possible for anyone to uncover possible hindrances to total health by identification of specific markers for genetic alterations which can contribute to modified processing of individual nutrients and impairment of detoxification pathways.

Hearing you have a genetic condition is scary stuff. This is mostly due the predominate understanding that our genes are static structures, unlikely to heal or be modified, a so-called fact which is far from true.

There are many genetic presentations which at this point do not appear to be modifiable: Down syndrome, Turners syndrome and other birth-related conditions. However, those identified through 23 and Me are not long-held genetic problems and appear to have been predominately presenting only within the past decade. Most who find they are positive for one or many of these identified anomalies have not lived their entire life with the problem.

In fact, it appears these modifications mirror the introduction of GMO foods into the food supply and may in fact be a rather alarming way to monitor just how many aspects of the human genome have been altered by our nearly 100% saturation with modified foods and the pesticides which are inherently part of their use.

Mounting evidence suggests under the right conditions, our genetic sequencing is susceptible to positive change, just as it has been susceptible to the opposite. Dr. Peter Gariaev from Russia and his team of researchers have spent years documenting the ways light and radio waves can be used to modify genetic expression.

Gariaev demonstrated this perhaps most clearly in his work in which frog embryos were exposed to the recorded genetic frequency of a salamander. The embryos underwent genetic changes resulting in the germination of completely healthy salamanders that were fully functional and even able to mate and reproduce. Gariaev has further demonstrated the positive effects of targeted energy in facilitating the healing of chromosomes damaged through exposure to radiation.

His work allows us to extrapolate our ability to heal our own genetic material if proper stimulation is applied. We cannot possibly accept the expanding number of indications of genetic change presenting medically within our population. Many of these changes have produced symptoms which result in near inability to maintain proper nutrient stores, conjugate normal foods and remedies, or maintain proper mood and brain function.

As these effects expand and go unresolved, we will see growing problems in future generations as we join genetic material and produce offspring with combined deficiencies and alterations. Adding more expensive supplements and boutique remedies cannot possibly meet the need, as they don’t fix the problem, but merely support the body so that symptoms at best are minimized.

Gariaev points to one very important facet of medicine which we cannot possibly ignore: the use of sound (in the form of radio waves) has potent and undeniable implications for healing genetic anomalies and may offer the most significant possibility to dismiss these altered genes.

Other researchers have identified frequencies and genetic “codes” which activate largely dormant “junk” DNA and, in essence, allow our body to re-write the genetic code to express its most powerful functions. This is a potent line of investigation considering the effect many genetic modifications are having on our ability to self-regulate our physical processes.

As of yet, we cannot illustrate complete repair of the genetic code, but enough evidence suggests we should consider it a real possibility that the use of sound and light frequencies can and will offer restoration of the body in cases of genetic alteration arising out of modern stressors.

Gariaev’s work stands in direct opposition to what modern medicine has led us to believe is possible in the world of genetics. His shared knowledge should serve to inspire us to at least entertain the possibility that genes are malleable and healing genetic damage is not only possible, but probable and tangible.

Hope exists for all those suffering, even in cases of genetic damage, hope which we should not ignore or dismiss. It is time to shrug off old limiting views of healing and allow ourselves to seize on the potential benefits offered in the new medicine. In fact, we have nothing to lose and all to gain by venturing into the unknown.

Copyright © Julie TwoMoon. All Rights Reserved.

Julie TwoMoon, NMD, was educated at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, where she received her Naturopathic Medical Degree and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine. Visit her website at www.sevendirectionsmedicine.com. Request her free ebook, Authentic Healing, here.

Featured Video … SNOOZE: A Story of Awakening (Chapter 1) {youtube}OLziBf6Czug{/youtube}
2. The Belief Effect in Psychokinesis: Sheep, Goat or Jackass?

Brendan D. Murphy

Repeated ignorant or stubborn denial of the existence of certain powers does not keep them from existing—except for us! —Harold M. Sherman

Have you ever noticed how closed-minded skeptics (CMS) rarely if ever have any experiences with the siddhis (psychic faculties) or the “paranormal” in general? Soviet research into psychokinesis (PK) involving Nina Kulagina demonstrated qualitatively that a skeptic’s mere presence has an effect on a psychic’s ability to function properly. Hence, with a CMS (or several) in the room or otherwise involved in the experiment, a psychic is more likely to “fail,” thus “proving” the CMS right (at least in his own narrow reality tunnel). It is merely a case of self-fulfilling prophecy.

New-science researcher and filmmaker David Wilcock has suggested that if consciousness creates all known energy, can manipulate matter and is ultimately a vibrational movement of aetheric/zero point energy, then the level of consciousness, intelligence or love present is directly proportional to the vibrational speed of aether vortexes/torsion in that locality. Higher speeds invite higher degrees of intelligence and/or love because there is then more energy available, meaning there is more fuel for exerting effects on “external” systems.

Dr. Valerie Hunt’s research in Infinite Mind showed a correlation between auric frequencies and the “level” of consciousness occupied by the individual. Healers, mediums and mystics showed higher frequencies in their electromagnetic fields than others not of those categories, illustrating that those possessed of “higher” consciousness are, in some sense, literally “on a higher frequency.” Those fixated on or believing solely in “material reality” exhibited lower dominant frequencies and were bereft of the higher.

In fact, gamma frequencies in the brain of 40-100 Hertz—the highest of the better known bands of brainwave frequencies (the higher band being Lambda, reaching up to about 200 Hz)—have been linked to the ability to manifest intention in the world. Gamma states represent the brain in hyperdrive, working at its most intensity. In the words of Dawson Church, “This oscillation is conducive to creating links across many parts of the brain,” facilitating an integrated whole-brain state.

Paradoxically, the extreme high and low ends of the brainwave spectrum have the same states of consciousness associated with them, and different oscillations can be present at once in different parts of the same brain. To illustrate, Russian PK psi star Nina Kulagina (1926–1990)—who, under controlled experimental conditions, could (among other things) separate an egg yoke from the white from a distance of six feet while it floated in a saline solution using only her intention—exhibited low frequency theta brainwaves of 4 Hertz (normally associated with a deeply relaxed trance) while simultaneously showing extreme physiological agitation/arousal, including a pulse rate of 240 bpm. These strenuous efforts left her absolutely exhausted, and temporarily blind on one occasion.

Perhaps all of the above explains why Kulagina’s PK abilities “worked better in an atmosphere of friendly mutual trust and belief.” PK generally requires intense states of physiological arousal and higher frequency brainwave activity, all of which drains large reserves of bioenergy. PK is a higher brain function. Kulagina experienced less stress when working alone and it was said that her PK ability was mood-dependent (both her own mood and that of the observers) and that she expended more energy in a hostile or skeptical atmosphere (where the collective vibration would have been lowered). Hostile skeptics have something of an innate psi- or consciousness-damping effect; they literally operate at a lower frequency, their mind fields interfering with those of the test subject. The fact that separate minds interact via measurable electromagnetic fields (and some not-so-measurable/torsion/scalar fields) has been proven by Hunt and others, and I detail much of this fascinating research in The Grand Illusion.

Sometime before 1919, Emma Hardinge Britten remarked that “experience has shown that the conditions under which spiritual phenomena are produced through mediums are not only helped or hindered by their mental states, but also by the will, magnetism, and mental states of those who surround them.” The situation hasn’t changed a great deal since then; similar observations have been made by today’s researchers such as physicists Amit Goswami and Russel Targ.

The difference between open-minded skepticism and closed-minded skepticism can be the difference, for example, between genuine and obvious mediumship as compared to a less successful demonstration (or a complete nonevent). Well-known American medium Allison DuBois comments amusingly that when she “brought through” her first deceased professional psychic-medium, communicating with and understanding him was very easy; communicating with deceased former skeptics, on the other hand, she likens to pulling mud through a colander. For her, more open-minded people are more pleasant in death than those who lived with closed minds.

Negativity causes chaos or entropy in the local ambient (and personal) energy fields, whereas positivity, gratitude and love cause coherence, beauty and order—just look at the instances of saints and yogis whose dead bodies have remained impervious to decay weeks, months, and years! Hence, the mere presence of a skeptic (especially a dogmatic and belligerent one) during psychical research may cause disorder and potentially negate psi effects; they create incoherence or “psi-damping” effects (just one of the many reasons no sane or informed psychic would ever get involved with the thought fields connected to any “super skeptics’” psychic “challenges”). Closed-minded skeptics act as human frequency scramblers and—somewhat ironically—psychically manifest their own beliefs, albeit unconsciously. (Fear of failure—which might be likely to increase around hostile observers—also plays a role in some psi experiments, creating inner conflict in the subject that can negate results.)

Practically speaking, the minds of the experimenter/s and the subject are entangled in aether/zero point field/vacuum/time-space/implicate order, and therefore psi-negative beliefs belonging to the mind or torsion/scalar field of the experimenter can deleteriously affect the psi operations of the subject.

Need, novelty and emotion also play a part. Carl Jung (1875–1961)—originator of the theory of psychological archetypes—noted with interest that the English medium Eileen Garrett fared poorly in parapsychologist JB Rhine’s card-guessing experiments because she was unable to conjure any feelings for Rhine’s “soulless” test-cards. Much experimentation has also shown that psi effects have a tendency to start out higher in the initial stages of testing and then drop off as the participants lose interest and boredom sets in (the “decline effect”).

In 1942 psychologist and parapsychologist Gertrude Schmeidler initiated her infamous “sheep-goat” experiments, designed to test whether belief and open-mindedness would enhance psi function in contrast to skepticism. Two groups, “sheep” who believed in or were simply open to psi, and “goats” who did not believe, were put through identical standard controlled ESP tests. The outcome indicated that believers in the possibility of ESP scored better than those who did not: disbelievers scored lower, proving that belief is a legitimate variable mediating psi functions.

Some disbelievers have actually produced results significantly below chance, manifesting their negative belief in psi—to statistically significant levels. The irony is delicious. Dr. Mario Varvoglis, who was President of the Parapsychological Association from 2001–02 and has been involved in psi research since the mid-1970s, has remarked of Schmeidler’s research that the sheep-goat discrepancy “has been confirmed by many other researchers. A meta-analysis by [psychologist Tony Lawrence], covering 73 experiments by 37 different researchers, clearly confirms that subjects who believe in psi obtain, on the average, higher results than those who do not believe in it.”

Lawrence’s meta-analysis involved all sheep-goat forced-choice experiments conducted between 1947 and 1993 and consisted of more than 685,000 guesses by 4,500 participants. The overall results were strongly in favor of the sheep-goat effect—to such an extent, in fact, that to reduce the results statistically to chance would have required an additional 1,726 unpublished and/or non-significant studies. No plausible explanations for this result other than psi have been put forth.

As author David Hamilton puts it regarding his own psychic explorations: “Faith, I discovered, meant the difference between broadband and dial-up.” American psychic and author Harold Sherman (1898–1987) had noted in the early 1940s that while it is possible to receive thought impressions from a skeptic, it is extremely difficult for someone of that mindset to act as receiver. Even for professionals, trying to “receive” from a skeptic can be a big ask (as per DuBois’ previous comments). Varvoglis confirms that the more open we are to psi experiences, the better the chances that the world will “respond” by creating them.

Co-developer of the early American military’s remote viewing program (and one of the remote viewers) Ingo Swann weighs in on Schmeidler’s sheep-goat tests, stating that the results initially came as a bombshell because, “Skeptics and disbelievers, of course, very much desired not to be seen as dysfunctional regarding something they were trying to debunk.” Ergo, after these experiments were replicated variously by other researchers with similar results, “skeptics and disbelievers decided NOT to take part in ESP tests. In any event, here was something to be swept under mainstream carpets.”

It is important to realize, as author and former host of the PBS television series Thinking Allowed Jeffrey Mishlove points out, that the sheep-goat studies do not necessarily distinguish those who believe in ESP from those who do not. In most studies, the “sheep” merely accepted the possibility that ESP could occur in the test situation, while many of the “goats” were willing to accept that ESP could occur between people who loved each other, or in certain times of crisis; but they did not accept that ESP might operate for them in their test situation. On that basis, imagine how psi-negative the beliefs of the fanatical and hostile “skeptic” must be. Far better to be open to possibility than closed to it for fear of one’s beliefs being wrong.

Harold Sherman, who was ahead of his time, articulated the role of belief and the subconscious mind in the attempt to function as a successful receiver in a psi endeavor, explaining that telling yourself with certitude that there is no such thing as psi is tantamount to instructing your subconscious mind to shut down the psi faculties so they do not operate for you.

The late American intuitive Edgar Cayce found that there were various factors that could prevent him from giving a reading for someone by hindering or blocking his subconscious mind: for instance, the thoughts of those in the room who were “not in accord with the type, class or character of information sought at that particular time.” Because of the sensitivity of the process, as well as the difficulty of interpreting the Akashic records, “anyone present for a reading had to be unified in his or her desire to be of help to the questioner.” The absence of this synergistic factor could and in some cases did blunt Cayce’s ability “to reach that position, that plane, that sphere, from which the [data] was being sought.”

The openness of individuals present during a “psychic reading”—in particular the individual being read—is widely acknowledged by intuitives as being of major significance in determining whether a given reading is successful. “Openness” does not mean plying the intuitive with information and “helping them along” if they get “stuck,” but being open to the possibility that the psychic just might be genuine and might come up with information otherwise unknown to them, demonstrating psi ability. This also means not being openly obstructive.

Many open-minded skeptics who simply considered it possible that psychic ability actually exists have had readings done by genuine intuitives and been “converted” into believers on the spot. Other times, they were forced to reconsider not just the possibility that the psychic in question was genuine, but the probability of genuineness based on the sheer improbability of the accurately presented information being derived by lucky guesses or “cold reading.”

Closed-minded skeptics, on the other hand, have a way of precipitating extremely poor performance on behalf of legitimate intuitives, which, of course, convinces them that what they “knew all along” (i.e., that “psi doesn’t exist”) was “absolutely right.” I am reminded of ex-skeptic Steve Pavlina’s comment that all skepticism achieves is the manifestation of more reasons to continue disbelieving: “It would be hard to manifest a more boring reality than that.” Boring, limiting and disempowering. In a dreamlike reality such as ours, it pays to be open-minded.

Assuming our reality to be a mechanistic and observer-independent universe devoid of consciousness merely creates that appearance in that individual’s subjective perception and experience of it. When you open your mind, strange things can start to happen that otherwise would not be permitted by your subconscious filters and your limiting conscious beliefs. “Skepticism” as popularly practiced in organized groups allows the fearful mind to keep lock-step with the status quo (or some previous and outdated status quo), which exists, perhaps, due to the appeal of the illusion of safety in numbers and the assurance of perceived authority.

When the dominant paradigm changes, then the “skeptic” will have his tacit permission to change his mind in keeping with the flock, and even then, many skeptics will be so strongly identified with their old beliefs and imprinting that they will be incapable of keeping up with the shifting status quo (new models of reality). It will be largely the next generation receiving the imprinting of the new paradigm that inherits it without major quibbles. The “unbelievers” who still think (or at least act as if) we live in a Newtonian-Cartesian universe ruled by the false mind-matter dichotomy will simply die off, as per the Planckian dictum that science advances one funeral at a time.

The power of belief was demonstrated profoundly to various members of the American Psi Spies (government-funded military remote viewers) in their “nonphysical” excursions. They discovered that when a target site had some form of psi protection against them, they could circumvent that protection and resume viewing if the session monitor simply asked the viewer what he would find without the protection there. The mere belief in the reality of the psychic blockers on the part of the remote viewer meant that those blockers or scrambler frequencies appeared to succeed in doing their job. However, their effectiveness could be undermined by not believing in them or disregarding them altogether.

Out-of-body (OB) explorer and author Robert Monroe’s (1915–1995) experience with a Faraday cage where he found he could not penetrate it in his OB state may have been caused by his own internal expectations and beliefs. Perhaps he suspected there was an EM component to the mind-field in the OB state that created the effect of the Faraday cage apparently blocking his path, since he knew that Faraday cages are designed to block all EM frequencies. Maybe if the OB explorer believes the mind to simply be electromagnetic, he will find that devices such as Faraday cages and magnetic fields impact upon his awareness in a tangible way despite his lower-density and higher-frequency state. Could such be the power of belief? (Granted, this line of thinking effectively disregards that all of reality is a sort of mental simulation, a virtual reality, and that OB states are simply one level “deeper” into one’s own consciousness.)

Popular American author and playwright Robert Anton Wilson (1932–2007) shared an interesting anecdote in Cosmic Trigger regarding his then-youngest daughter, Luna (who was sadly beaten to death in a store robbery at age fifteen). As a child, she had been meditating with two of her siblings when a sudden thud jolted them out of their trances. Luna, who had been on the right of her siblings, was suddenly on the left. Her brother and sister believed she had either levitated or teleported, though Luna herself could not remember moving. When Wilson discussed it with her, she made a stunningly insightful comment by any child’s standards. She told her father: “You believe in ESP, so it happens around you. You don’t believe in levitation, so it doesn’t happen around you.”

Belief is a creative act. In the laboratory of life we can observe this by the fact that disbelievers, on average, experience very little of the “paranormal,” while the more open-minded (not necessarily believers) tend on average to have much more such experience. The Funda-Materialist responds that believers are all mistaken or delusional, which of course the Funda-Materialist could never be, since he inhabits an immutable reality and experiences “objective” perceptions of (and rationalizations about) it.

Yet, observe one of the few cases where skeptics actually attempted to provide empirical evidence for one of their “it must be other than psi” rationalizations for psi-positive results. In 1939 psychologists Kennedy and Uphoff asked twenty-eight observers to record 11,125 mock ESP trials to see if “motivated recording errors” could explain positive ESP results. They found that 1.13% of the data were misrecorded (as expected), but of the errors made by believers, 71.5% increased the ESP scores, while for skeptics, 100% of their errors decreased the ESP scores.

Such is the power of fanatical disbelief. With such ardency, anything resembling objectivity is impossible. This experiment offers powerful confirmation of the extremely strong and insidious confirmation bias operating in the psyches of staunch skeptics, skewing their perceptions erroneously in favor of their preconceptions.

As author and originator of the Matrix Energetics healing technique Richard Bartlett advises in The Physics of Miracles, ask yourself, “What if there are no rules?” That is a much more psi-conducive form of mental software to run because it opens your own perceptions of reality up to the massive variability and potential of the endless software programs of the Infinite.

The point is that if you are creating your own reality, as the eternal infinite made manifest in a localized humanoid form, you may as well employ the full force of an open and inquisitive mind in engineering your personal reality tunnel.

Copyright © Brendan D. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

Brendan D. Murphy 
is co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and host of GFM Radio. He is also a certified DNA activator, author, researcher, activist, and musician. His acclaimed non-fiction epic The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science & Spirituality is available here. Come and get your mind blown at www.brendandmurphy.net.

Featured Video … Dean Radin on Entangled Minds {youtube}kKuwWBYHQ50{/youtube}
3. Power beyond Mind Control

Jon Rappoport

“All thought is not the same. There is random static. There is repetitious and circular rumination. There is thought devoted to solving a problem or analyzing a situation. There is thought that occurs when one is creating something that never existed before. To blithely say that ‘externally inserted’ mind control can replace all levels of thinking without a person being aware of what is going on is foolish.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Consciousness wants to create new consciousness, and it can. Imagination is how it does it. If there were some ultimate state of consciousness, imagination would always be able to play another card and take it further.

In any arena of life, and especially when it comes to mind, perception, power, empathy, and so on, there is always a status quo. It’s merely the place where a person says, “Well, that’s enough. I’ll settle for what I have. I’ll stop here.”

Sooner or later, this leads to boredom, frustration, problems, and conflict. It leads to a decline.

Imagination, which knows no bounds, is the source for the most adventurous explorations. It can have great impact on the material world, of course, but one mustn’t therefore conclude it is composed of matter or energy. Imagination is non-material. To think otherwise winds you up in using some version of physics to depict imagination—and then you are imposing limits on it. This is an error. Imagination doesn’t obey any laws of physics.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’ve flattered reality enough. It doesn’t need any more. Imagination creates new realities.

You can create the same thing over and over, and eventually you’ll be about as alive as a table. Inject imagination into the mix, and everything suddenly changes. You can steer that boat anywhere you want to.

The lowest common denominator of consensus implies an absence of imagination. Everyone agrees; everyone is bored; everyone is obedient. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are massive floods of unique individual creation, and then that sought-after thing called abundance is as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

Sitting around in a cosmic bus station waiting for reality is what reality is. Everything else is imagination.

There are those who believe life is a museum. You walk through the rooms, find one painting, stroll into it and take up permanent residence. But the museum is endless. If you were a painter, you’d never decide to live inside one of your canvases forever. You’d keep on painting.

The relentless and obsessive search for all those things on which we can agree is a confession of bankruptcy.

When we re-learn to live through and by imagination, we enter and invent new space and time.

With imagination, one can solve a problem. More importantly, one can skip ahead of the problem and render it null and void.

Imagination isn’t a system. It might invent systems, but it is non-material. It’s a capacity. It feels no compulsion to imitate reality. It makes realities. Its scope is limited only by a person’s imagining of how far imagination can go.

The human race is obsessed by the question: what exists? It appears to be a far easier question than: what do you want to create? This comparison explains why civilizations decline.

Imagination is a path. Walking on that path long enough, you find answers to all the questions you’ve ever asked, as an incidental side effect of the journey. You also find power that most people only dream of.

Copyright © Jon Rappoport. All Rights Reserved.

The author of three explosive collections, The Matrix Revealed, Exit From the Matrix and Power Outside the Matrix, Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for thirty years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, SPIN Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com.

4. Activate Your DNA with Solar Frequencies

Joshua Eagle

The sun is the supreme giver of all life and the greatest source of energy in our solar system. Just as water is the source of all life, the sun is the source of all water, for it is not until the hydrogen radiating from the sun merges with the oxygen of the Earth’s atmosphere that water (H20) can be created.

The receiving of sunlight not only works to stimulate the brain, but is also held as one of the five essential elements in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. The sun which delivers a masculine energy to our mother Earth is also responsible for stimulating our bodies to produce the essential brain antioxidant Vitamin D, typically referred to as the “master hormone.”

Our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D when the sun’s UVB light reacts with the cholesterol in our skin and Vitamin D can then be absorbed directly into our bloodstream. Studies on Vitamin D show its powers to enhance our brain by enhancing information processing speed, reducing memory loss and helping prevent various neurodegenerative diseases. Yet the sun provides much more to our brains than just Vitamin D.

By exposing different parts of our bodies to sunlight, we trigger different biological DNA reactions and activations in our bodies.

For example, exposing the male reproductive area to the sun is shown to multiply testosterone hormone levels in men by up to 300%. Likewise, exposing areas of our face and head to sunlight stimulates our brains pineal and hypothalamus glands to produce neurotransmitters which support overall mental functioning.

The current field of epigenetics has further discovered that by simply exposing our naked skin to sunlight, over 3,000 epigenome DNA switches are turned on or off and re-synchronized in our body in response to natural celestial frequencies being emitted by the sun. (In turn, the sun’s unique frequencies are responsive to the communicative information it receives being emitted from the black hole at the center of our galaxy.)

The Great Deception

In the Bible we read about a “deceiving light” or Lucifer, who will attempt to usurp and replicate “the light of God” but who is incapable of doing so. This great deceiver has turned up in the form of synthetic vitamin pills for vitamin D, pharmaceuticals that claim to be able to replicate natural Vitamin D, and various commercial suntan lotions which contain carcinogens and other chemicals that block the UVB required for our bodies to naturally produce Vitamin D.

Not only do the majority of these lotions block ultraviolet light from the sun needed for both producing Vitamin D and activating DNA, but the numerous toxic chemicals used in these lotions are also ingested into the body through the pores in our skin.

It is estimated that 60% of what you put on your skin is in fact ingested into your body and bloodstream through your pores. Since people using sunscreen add to this absorption by heating themselves up in the sun and causing their pores to open further, they are essentially baking themselves in toxic chemicals by using most commercial sunscreens.

Enhancing Ultraviolet Light Absorption

While the sun is a major provider of life and health, certain modern technologies counteract the healing effects of the sun and can reverse them from healthful to harmful.

For instance, the healthy UVB rays of the sun cannot penetrate glass and sunlight transmitted through glass onto the skin will promote burning rather than health. Additionally, the Vitamin D our bodies produce as a result of sunlight is maintained in our body’s natural oils. Technically, using soap within a 24-48 hour period after receiving sunlight can wash away these Vitamin D-containing oils and prevent the Vitamin D from being absorbed into our bloodstreams.

To protect yourself from sun overexposure, I recommend consuming antioxidant rich foods prior to sun exposure such as green tea, berries, cacao beans and other antioxidant-rich organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

If you have circumstances which require you to spend unusually long hours in the sun, or you burn easily, consider using a protective hat or seek out a natural organic sunscreen lotion—much safer alternatives to standard commercial sunscreens.

Don’t run from the sun. Embrace it and activate a higher frequency of intelligence throughout your DNA today.

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This article, republished with permission, originally appeared at Wake Up World.


BURN: Health Impacts of Sunscreen Found to be Worse Than UV Damage
UVB Radiation: Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University

Joshua Eagle is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in immune system revitalization, detoxification, weight loss, mind ascension and longevity. After a decade of studying health through various modalities, he received formal training from the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition as well as The Body Mind Institute, where he studied under various Naturopaths, Nutritionists and healers of various holistic health systems. He is also the author of Mind Nutrition: Timeless Secrets to Enhance Your Brain Daily, a guide to natural health strategies, foods, herbs and exercises for improving one’s mind on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Visit Joshua’s website at www.JoshuaEagle.com.

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5. 200 Evidence-based Reasons NOT to VaccinateFREE Research PDF Download

Sayer Ji

Please read the description for context of what you are getting and what to do with it.

The media, your pediatrician, politicians and health authorities like the CDC and FDA claim that vaccines are safe and effective. So why do hundreds of peer-reviewed studies indicate the opposite is true? Read, download and share this document widely to provide the necessary evidence-based counterbalance to the pro-vaccination propaganda that has globally infected popular consciousness and discussion like an intractable disease.

It is abundantly clear that if the present-day vaccine climate, namely, that everyone must comply with the CDC’s one-size-fits-all vaccination schedule or be labeled a health risk to society at large, is to succumb to open and balanced discussion, it is the peer-reviewed biomedical evidence itself that is going to pave the way towards making rational debate on the subject happen.

With this aim in mind, GreenMedInfo.com has painstakingly collected over 300 pages of study abstracts culled directly from the National Library of Medicine’s pubmed.gov bibliographic database on the wide-ranging adverse health effects linked to vaccines in the today’s schedule (over 200 distinct adverse effects, including death), as well as numerous studies related to vaccine contamination and vaccine failure in highly vaccine compliant populations.

This is the literature that the media, politicians and governmental health organizations like the CDC pretend with abject dishonesty does not exist—as if vaccine injury did not happen, despite the over 3 billion dollars our government has paid out to vaccine injured through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund since it was inaugurated in 1986.

We have written extensively about this research previously, highlighting different studies, focusing on translating their implications to the lay persons (view our vaccine article section here), but we believe that collecting and condensing solely the primary literature itself makes a much more powerful statement.

This document is being made free to download to the world at large in order to encourage the lay public, health professionals, activists and elected officials alike to read, acknowledge and share the voluminous literature with their family, friends, colleagues and related stakeholders. You will find this research undermines the national and global agenda to continue to expand the vaccine schedule (on behalf of a vaccine industry that is indemnified against lawsuit for defective or harmful products), with increasing legislative pressure to remove exemptions and mandate them against the evidence of harm and at best equivocal effectiveness as a preventive health measure.

If the vaccination arm of modern medicine today is to continue to promote itself as a science- and evidence-based practice, it must acknowledge and incorporate the implications of the research we are releasing here, or lose any pretense at credibility. Failing to do so will reveal that the widespread push to remove your choice in the matter is agenda and not evidence driven—and due to the fact that vaccines all  carry the risk of irreversible harm and even death (any vaccine insert proves this), it clearly violates the Nuremberg code of medical ethics to promote them as a priori safe and effective.

Please don’t forget to share this document and/or link far and wide. Thank you!

Also, please sign the Whitehouse petition: “Prohibit Any Laws Mandating the Force and Requirement of Vaccinations of Any Kind.”

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