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Save Money by Joining the Bitcoin Revolution!

The Phoenix Center for Regenetics now accepts payments in the revolutionary new cryto-currency nearly everyone is talking about, bitcoin!

We are also happy to offer a 25% discount on all purchases made with bitcoin. (Offer does not apply to items that include tuning forks or are already discounted).

What exactly is bitcoin? Bitcoin is explained at A more detailed explanation is available at

To summarize, bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic currency that bypasses central banks and government controls. All transactions are practically free. Bitcoin can be sent or received globally, from any country, with minimal regulations or restrictions.

Bitcoin can easily be purchased and used to pay for things with a bitcoin “wallet,” which can be created through a free service such as: (online service) (desktop application)

For an excellent introductory guide to getting started with bitcoin, click here.

Educate yourself with the mind-expanding videos included here and join the growing bitcoin economy today!

One of the big questions surrounding bitcoin has been, “It’s a great concept, but what can I actually buy with bitcoin?”

Now, one answer is you can use bitcoin to purchase cutting-edge healing and transformational
services and products through the Phoenix Center for Regenetics!

To make a purchase using bitcoin, let us know which products or services you are interested in to receive a bitcoin invoice via email.

Send bitcoin directly to ...


or scan the QR code below ...

Contact us with questions.


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