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    Paulette Hansen, Crested Butte, Colorado

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    Amanda Velloen, Pretoria, South Africa

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    Beverly Welbourne, Goshen, Ohio

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    David Masson, Montreal, Canada

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    Peter Shepherd, Neuilly, France

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    Lillian Bajor, Los Angeles, California

  • "This one modality directly and permanently promotes transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I am forever grateful I found Regenetics."

    Martha Snee, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this video on supporting the process:

Q: Is it possible for me to activate my own DNA?
A: Absolutely! Our most recent book, Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation with the Regenetics Method, teaches you everything you need to know about performing Potentiation, the first DNA activation in the Regenetics Method—for yourself, your family and friends, and even your pets. Note that you will need the “Mi” tuning fork from the ancient Solfeggio scale to “potentiate” your DNA.

Q: Is there any difference, in terms of effectiveness, between a remote and in-person Potentiation?
A: None whatsoever.

Q: Do you suggest any resources or activities that may support the Regenetics Method?
A: Drinking several quarts per day of pure water and eating organic food (including enough starch to bind toxins being pushed by “torsion” energy out of cells) tremendously supports the process. For us, this was especially true after our nutritional allergies disappeared following Potentiation. In addition, light exercise such as swimming, rebounding or walking is an excellent way to keep the blood and lymph moving to increase oxygenation and assist detoxification; while getting enough quality sleep on a regular basis is deeply restorative. Also, there is no substitute for engaging in activities that inspire feelings of creativity, joy and love, since genetic research clearly shows that such uplifting emotions fortify DNA. More detailed information on tools to assist you in maximizing your benefits from the Regenetics Method is available in Potentiate Your DNA as well as on the Regenetics Method Forum.

Q: It seems that to get the most out of many healing modalities, some form of personalized coaching is necessary. Is this true of Regenetics?
A: The majority of people reporting benefits from this work have had no coaching in the Regenetics Method other than that provided in the extensive materials available through the Phoenix Center for Regenetics. These include: scheduling and follow-up emails with detailed instructions for maximizing Regenetics activations, the complete how-to guide Potentiate Your DNA (download sample chapters), the classic work on DNA activation Conscious Healing (read free online), the Regenetics Method Forum moderated by the Developers, and the insightful and inspirational free ezine DNA Monthly. While supplemental counseling in getting the most out of Regenetics from a coach with in-depth knowledge of Regenetics can be helpful for some, for most this is unnecessary. Virtually all of our Testimonials come from clients who relied on their own guidance through this deeply personal, highly individualized transformational process.

Q: Is it possible for me to “mess up” my Potentiation?
A: As long as you approach your Potentiation with an open mind and especially heart, we know of no way you can botch your DNA activation and bioenergy repatterning. This includes simultaneous or subsequent exposure to other forms of DNA activation, other types of energy work, and even environmental radiation sources such as computers and cell phones.

Q: Are there any things I might do that otherwise can interfere with my experience of the Regenetics Method?
A: Nothing except an individual’s free will can impede the proper unfoldment of Regenetics activations. That said, there are some basic considerations for clients passing through deeper periods of healing during Regenetics. Our advice always is to trust your intuition in supporting the unblocking of distortions in—and detoxification of—your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. If something feels as if it is adding too much “fuel to the fire,” it probably is. Sometimes, supplemental healing activities are entirely appropriate. Often, however, especially for those learning to trust the wisdom of their body-mind-spirit as it self-corrects its imbalances, “more is less” and “less is more.”

Q: Will the Regenetics Method interfere with any other energetic modalities I might be trying?
A: To the contrary, the Regenetics Method may make other modalities more effective—and even too powerful. This applies not only to energetic therapies, but to any modality, even supplements. Whether to try other modalities following Regenetics is entirely up to you. Always trust your intuition. You, and only you, know what is right for your body, mind, and spirit. Our only caveat is that you ask other practitioners to treat you very gingerly, as Regenetics generally empowers your bioenergy system to accomplish more with less outside energy input.

Q: Does Potentiation change my basic DNA?
A: No. Potentiation simply activates a latent “program” in potential DNA designed to “reset” the human bioenergy blueprint at a higher vibratory configuration we call an “infinity circuit” based on the number 8.

Q: Do I have to understand the Regenetics Method fully for it to work?
A: Emphatically not. The Regenetics Method is inherently an experiential, not intellectual, process. Parents have reported positive results in very young children. Few people “understand” the medicines they try. That said, the more one commits to thinking in this new way about human potential and the ability to re-create ourselves at the “ener-genetic” level, the more one can engage intentionally in the process of conscious personal mastery.

Q: Do you need a bloodspot or other personal artifact such as a photograph to activate my DNA?
A: No. Only your name, date of birth, location (time zone), permission and intention are required. The latter two are assumed upon scheduling your session. Mutual intention establishes an ener-genetic connection on the “biological Internet” constituted by DNA, allowing DNA activation to be “emailed” to the correct recipient. In the case of responsible adults, we never perform a Regenetics session without an individual’s conscious permission.

Q: Should I have my aura cleared before experiencing DNA activation?
A: We are aware of DNA activation proponents who claim that the aura should be cleared prior to DNA activation. Given that it has been established that DNA plays an important role in regulating the aura, not only does such a claim make little sense; it is impossible to clear the aura permanently without activating DNA. While DNA activation might be facilitated by subsequently clearing the aura, effective DNA activation is the primary modality and is capable—by itself—of clearing the aura over time.

Q: I’ve read online that DNA activation is dangerous. How do you respond to this?
A: Such thinking reflects programmed victim consciousness and the propagandistic view that the world is an inherently “dangerous” place. The simple fact is that listening to beautiful music or making love stimulates DNA. Our genetic structure also is continuously activated by cosmic gamma rays. DNA activation has been truly a god-send for us as well as thousands of clients—many of whom had given up hope of ever being well again prior to discovering the Regenetics Method.

Q: Are there any contraindications involved with the Regenetics Method?
A: As for contraindications, there are no “indications.” Regenetics is not a therapy, but a Method of facilitating conscious personal mastery as a bio-spiritual healing path or way of becoming genuinely “whole.” While making no medical claims, we suggest there is every reason to believe—based on hard science—that a successful reset of the bioenergetic distortions that have created problems can have a profoundly restorative impact.

Q: Is it safe for someone with a pacemaker to experience Regenetics activations?
A: We have worked at a distance with a number of clients with pacemakers, which appeared to make no difference in the effectiveness of this work or cause problems. As for working in person with people fitted with pacemakers, or in the case of such individuals performing their own DNA activation, it makes sense not to hold the tuning fork near or damp it on the heart area. Anyone interested in Regenetics with concerns about a pacemaker should seek the advice of a medical professional. Alternatively, people wearing pacemakers can avoid the issue altogether by opting to experience Regenetics remotely, in which case the sound of the tuning fork remains outside hearing distance.

Q: Do you need to know my symptoms, medical diagnoses or other issues to activate my DNA?
A: Symptoms, medical diagnoses and similar issues are unnecessary “baggage” on our end, as we endeavor to perform DNA activation without attachment to a specific healing agenda. For a thorough explanation of our rationale, see our discussion in Chapter One of Conscious Healing of the enhanced effectiveness of prayer in healing when there is no attachment to the outcome. What is important is that you clearly set your own goals, as you will be the one integrating the energies of Regenetics over the weeks and months following your session(s). By focusing on conscious personal mastery as a healing or “wholing” path, Regenetics represents a purposeful shift away from the diagnostic model. Too often diagnosis oversimplifies complex processes while “locking in” a problem in the sufferer’s mind so that it seems nothing can be done. The most important factor in determining the level of success of the Regenetics Method is your degree of conscious intention to use these energies for mastery in walking your highest path in life. We are not saying you must believe completely in the process for it to bear fruit—but we do insist that your willingness to approach your ener-genetic unfoldment with an open mind and especially heart greatly influences your experience of Regenetics.

Q: If you don’t know what’s wrong with me, how can you help me?
A: One of the fundamental precepts behind the Regenetics Method is that all illness, whether “physiological” or “psychological,” arises from bioenergetic distortions, or disharmonies, held in the bioenergy blueprint. Similar conclusions have been reached by a growing number of scientists, including UCLA professor Valerie Hunt and physician Richard Gerber. Through kinesiological (muscle) testing, we have observed an extraordinary level of consistency of energy patterns in the bioenergy blueprints of particular groups of people. Each “bioenergy family” possesses a unique arrangement in its blueprint that applies to all members. This is an exciting discovery because it renders individualized diagnosis unnecessary. To potentiate a person, we simply use surrogate muscle testing to determine the bioenergy family, also referred to as the Electromagnetic Group, and apply the same generalized DNA activation that is good for all clients. After their Potentiation session, clients receive a download link for a detailed, fully explained Schematic to assist them in understanding and working productively with their bioenergy blueprint.

Q: Is there anything I can do on my end besides putting myself in a “co-creative” state to assist my DNA activation?
A: The single most important thing you can do to assist your DNA activation is to open your heart and operate with love in all areas of your life. Revolutionary genetic research by Glen Rein shows that feelings such as love and joy positively impact DNA so that the
torsion energy of universal creative consciousness can activate the genome’s extraordinary transformative abilities. On the other hand, feelings such as fear and anger harm DNA so that it is less available for activation through consciousness. Both Conscious Healing and Potentiate Your DNA explore this subject—and many more empowering ones—from numerous angles.

Q: Could you say a word about setting and following through on my intention during Regenetics?
A: Your flexible, heart-based intention is extremely powerful and important in actualizing the energies of Regenetics—although you will receive them in any case because the simple gesture of scheduling a session is an intention. We recommend that you take time before your session(s) to clarify your intention by specifying (preferably in writing) the areas where you seek improvement. During your session(s), focus on the areas you want to address and imagine “downloading” healing energies into the places that need them most. Your goal should be to vitalize those areas that will allow you to reach your full potential. Keeping a “Regenetics journal” in the weeks and months following your session(s) also is a good way to stay intentionally focused on your transformation. Even a notation in your calendar or planner when you experience a positive shift is enough to paint a helpful picture of your unfoldment. You can continue to clarify your intention on a daily basis, by journaling or otherwise, throughout the process. To the best of your ability, be sure to maintain an attitude of nonattachment relative to your intention so that you avoid restricting or deflecting the desired outcome. The trick is to put out intentional energy with genuine feeling, then freely release it so what you desire can come back to you.

Q: How are Regenetics sessions performed at a distance without a telephone if they involve sound?
A: Sound in higher dimensions is a torsion wave that, in keeping with research in Russia by the Gariaev group, can be transmitted instantaneously across theoretically infinite distances via DNA. Aligning with biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance theory, this research demonstrates that DNA constitutes a “biocomputer network” similar to the Internet that, being present anywhere, is simultaneously present everywhere—effectively negating distance. In Reinventing Medicine, Larry Dossey makes a strong case for “nonlocal” approaches to healing, noting that many scientific “studies reveal that healing can be achieved at a distance by directing loving and compassionate thoughts, intentions, and prayers to others.” Our decision to perform Regenetics remotely is based partly on convenience; it allows us to touch people’s lives wherever they are in the world. (See our Testimonials.) In addition, remote healing invites one to “think outside the box” of what we have been taught about ourselves and realize that, bioenergetically, humans are unlimited.

Q: How does DNA relate to the body’s bioenergy blueprint?
A: The latest electrogenetic research likens DNA to a biocomputer that holographically interfaces with the human bioenergy fields, which in turn regulate cellular metabolism and replication. This new research flies in the face of traditional molecular biology dogma that considers DNA merely a biochemical protein-assembly code. In an article entitled “From Helix to Hologram” republished in DNA Monthly, longtime genetics researchers Iona Miller and Richard Alan Miller write, “Life is fundamentally electromagnetic rather than chemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.” The Gariaev group has demonstrated that it is possible to use linguistically encoded radio and light waves, or sound combined with intention (words), to activate DNA, which then can modify the bioenergy blueprint. This blueprint, in turn, is capable of changing how cells are made and function. This noninvasive approach that represents the exciting confluence of energy medicine and molecular biology has been called “wave-genetics,” of which the Regenetics Method is a human-potential-based application.

Q: Why in your opinion do traditional allergy elimination techniques often fail to produce lasting results?
A: Traditional allergy clearings work through the nervous system as opposed to DNA. But geneticists have begun to refer to DNA, not the nervous system, as our biocomputer. In order to reset the bioenergy blueprint and restore it to harmonic functioning, it is necessary to go directly to the root of the malfunction—which only can be accomplished via the genetic code. To do this noninvasively, one can employ torsion waves of hyperdimensional sound and light to activate the self-healing mechanism in potential DNA. Activated potential DNA can remove distortions from and revitalize the bioenergy blueprint—and the blueprint, in turn, can heal and transform the organism.

Q: Is there any twenty-four-hour avoidance period of foods or other substances following Potentiation as there is with NAET and its derivatives?
A: None.

Q: Does the Regenetics Method work like radionics?
A: Although the Regenetics Method was inspired partly by certain aspects of radionics, the remote energy transmission used in Regenetics should not be confused with radionics. Instead of frequencies broadcast by way of a mechanical instrument to the client’s nervous system, Regenetics employs particular vocalized sounds paired with specific light (thought) codes that combine to activate DNA by way of the biological Internet. Radionics (like reiki and many other types of energy healing) is also mainly a light-based technology, whereas the primary energy of Regenetics is sound.

Q: I come from a homeopathic background and wonder if Potentiation addresses miasms?
A: Miasms, a focal concept in homeopathy, are paraphysical disease potentials latent in humans that are exploitable through toxic, nutritive, genetic, mental, emotional and even spiritual manipulation of  DNA and RNA. Barbara Hand Clow describes miasms as “etheric masses that hold memory of genetic or past-life diseases that were not cleared due to vaccinations, which prevented ... manifesting the disease memory and erasing it; or memory of disease [driven deeply into the body] by ... antibiotics, chemicals or radiation.” Potentiation is designed to begin transmuting this negative “karma” and revitalizing areas damaged by miasms.

Q: I see that you consider the emotional subtle body more primary than the mental body. This is in contrast to other systems which say it’s the other way around. How did you come to this conclusion?
A: The emotional body in its purest, “transdimensional” form is higher than the mental body because before there can be spirit’s descent into thought and resultant manifestation, there first must be the feeling of what that manifestation is to be. Thus the spiritual body is a form of pure awareness; the emotional body is the feeling or desiring to extend that awareness into manifestation; and the mental body is where manifestation occurs while blending into the so-called physical. In the human “multidimensional” blueprint, however, the mental body does appear to be higher than the emotional body. Perhaps this is where the confusion in esoteric teachings stems from. What appears to happen during incarnation is that these bodies, the emotional and mental, cross. Gifted psychic Sheradon Bryce speaks of emotions as degraded forms of feelings. Thus the pure feelings associated with the supramental emotional body become, during incarnation, the mixed emotions experienced on this side of the “veil of forgetting.”

Q: What do you see as the relationship between the bioenergy fields and chakras?
A: Chakras are bioenergy loci in the form of wheels running vertically along the spinal column and head. The chakra system is activated progressively, leading to increased bioenergy output and availability, in the Regenetics Method. Each of the principal chakras corresponds numerically to a bioenergy field, and functions in tandem with that field, such that the first (“root”) chakra aligns with the first bioenergy field, the second (“sex”) chakra aligns with the second field, etc. Together, the chakras (which process torsion energy in the form of light) and bioenergy fields (which process hyperdimensional energy in the form of sound) form distinct bioenergy centers that give rise to the holographic interface underwriting the human body. Utilizing a genetic sound-light translation mechanism detailed in Chapter Six of Conscious Healing and expounded on in Potentiate Your DNA, each sonic field energizes the corresponding chakra, which then transfers bioenergy to specific aspects of the subtle anatomy. The majority of elements governed by a particular bioenergy field also apply to the corresponding chakra.

Q: I’m confused by your occasional use of the term “electromagnetic” to describe hyperdimensional bioenergy. Can you explain your use of this word?
A: Initially, we chose “electromagnetic” to emphasize the energetic quality of the bioenergy blueprint. At the time, we felt that “auric” sounded too esoteric; “torsion” was too obscure; and “bioenergy”—lacking a fuller explanation such as we have provided since—seemed too vague. The problem with electromagnetic as a description of bioenergy is that this energy is not actually electromagnetic; it is torsion energy, or universal creative consciousness. While this energy gives rise to such effects as electromagnetism, it is not measurable as such. Nevertheless, the term electromagnetic is now a fixture in the Regenetics Method, where it is employed more descriptively than scientifically. Whenever you encounter it used in a way that seems to be a misnomer, you are encouraged to substitute bioenergy or torsion, if this helps facilitate understanding of the Regenetics model.

Q: Why does Potentiation take nine months to unfold?
A: It takes just over nine months for Potentiation to repattern the bioenergy blueprint and charge it with torsion energy because this process is keyed to the physical density of the body and is subject to its timeline. The body is wise and knows exactly what to do when its DNA is functioning harmonically. We like to think of Potentiation as a “rebirth cycle,” making the nine-month (42-week) period most appropriate.

Q: When an expectant mother is potentiated, does her unborn baby automatically receive Potentiation?
A: Yes! Babies in the womb automatically experience Potentiation along with their mother—even in cases when the mother is unaware she is pregnant. On the other hand, should an expectant mother for any reason wish to offer Potentiation to her embryo/fetus without experiencing this particular DNA activation herself, she can do so. If a mother has already completed Potentiation before she conceives, her children will be born “potentiated.

Q: Does the Regenetics Method take care of Candida?
A: A popular misconception even in the alternative health community is that Candida is “bad.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Candida albicans is one of many important microorganisms in the body that are “saprophytic,” meaning it consumes dead and toxic tissue, and when it proliferates it actually is trying to cleanse not harm the body. Candida overgrowth problems are often reported to lessen gradually as the body detoxifies over the course of Regenetics. This makes perfect sense because as toxicity levels decline, there is less reason for Candida to proliferate systemically.

Q: Does everyone benefit from Regenetics?
A: Some people have more profound results than others. It seems that anyone approaching this work with a truly open mind and heart experiences a positive shift—even if it was not what was expected. Make sure to set your intention specifically yet flexibly on what you want to achieve, then trust the wisdom of your DNA as you go about living your life with joy. An excellent way to maintain intention is journaling on your own conscious personal mastery as it expresses itself in your individualized evolutionary path. Finally, the importance of inviting more and more love into all levels of your being cannot be overemphasized, as “exercising the heart” ultimately is what makes your DNA available for activation.

Q: Can someone who is already healthy benefit from Regenetics?
A: How do you define “healthy”? Healthy describes someone who is whole in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From this perspective, few people are entirely healthy. Clients with no physical problems often report substantial healing on mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels. Others experience the Regenetics Method more palpably. No two individuals are alike, but most clients (even those who consider themselves healthy) report positive shifts in one or more areas.

Q: Is it possible to receive Articulation without having done Potentiation?
A: No. Potentiation is the primary DNA activation that makes Articulation (as well as Elucidation and Transcension) possible. One needs to be at the five-month mark of Potentiation or beyond in order to benefit from Articulation. Elucidation is then appropriate after the 42-week Potentiation phase has completed, and Transcension can be experienced after the 42-week Elucidation cycle finishes. Articulation, Elucidation and Transcension can be performed later than this minimum Timeline—without diminishing their effectiveness—but not earlier.

Q: How do I know if the Regenetics Method is right for me?
A: Trust your intuition. We live in a world based largely on denying our own power. The Regenetics Method involves experiencing firsthand the transformational truth that real power exists in and through you. If you are afraid to change; feel locked in victim consciousness; believe that only someone or something outside yourself can “cure” you; or are addicted to old illness or relational patterns, Regenetics probably is not for you—at this time. If, however, the concept of conscious personal mastery excites you; you are committed to your own empowerment; you believe it is possible to transcend limitation; and the Regenetics Method resonates with you—go for it!

Q: Do you offer a sliding scale or other discounts for your services?

A: Click here for information on our latest offering, Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony, where we provide the first DNA activation in the Regenetics Method on a sliding scale. When working with individuals or families in isolation, in the absence of limited-time discounts, we generally do not lower our fees, as we feel they are more than fair for the life-changing services we provide. We do, however, offer special discounted fees for individuals who commit to the three-part Core Regenetics Series or four-part Advanced Mastery Program. In addition, we perform sessions free of charge for children under twelve as long as at least one parent or guardian is willing to experience the same session by paying our normal fee. Children under twelve also are “grandfathered in” for the applicable future sessions when either the Core Regenetics Series or Advanced Mastery Program is purchased. Parents have reported significant benefits even in young children, who naturally engage the Regenetics Method less cognitively and more intuitively than adults.

Q: Do you ever perform sessions for groups?
A: We often work with couples and even whole families. In addition, we now perform a monthly Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony. A collective session is not only capable of addressing individual issues, but also of healing one-on-one and group relational dynamics. This is an extremely exciting application of Regenetics, tremendously broadening the scope of this Method by showing that it can be used not just on an individual basis, but also for “couples therapy,” “family counseling,” and even “community building.”

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact us to schedule your Potentiation session. Or learn how to potentiate yourself.


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