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Due to the evolving nature of all things online, opting to post new articles and other content on Sol’s blog and Telegram channel, we’ve discontinued publication of DNA Monthly. Click here to access the Archives. And be sure to sign up for our Newsletter for regular updates and promotions.

“For FREE cutting-edge news about who you truly are, check out this site. Need I say more?” Steven Otero, Souldish.com

“As always, thank you for DNA Monthly's physical/scientific substantiation of the healing work I do and of all I know (but until now, could not prove) to be true!” Mark David Gerson, award-winning author

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“I am an avid reader of your wonderful newsletter. The content is the best I’ve read and so incredibly exciting—so heartfelt thanks for putting it together. You encompass everything that makes my soul sing!”
Chris Shannon

Your e-mag is simply superb! A wonderfully noetic and intriguing resource. Thank you! Jerald Anthony


DNA Monthly is sponsored by the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, facilitating conscious personal mastery as a bio-spiritual healing path through integrated DNA activation. For information on our unique products and services for transforming the body, mind and spirit, click here.


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