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DNA activation is an increasingly popular form of energy medicine that is, by many indications, capable of stimulating a self-healing potential in the human genetic blueprint.

Our unique approach to DNA activation honors the complete bio-spiritual continuum while focusing on healing as a transformational process of becoming “whole.”

Benefits of DNA activation can range from allergy relief and heightened energy, to healthier relationships and increased abundance, to personal empowerment and renewed life purpose. Since DNA regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, the possibilities are endless!

Expand your concept of the possible by joining Sol Luckman, international bestselling author and cofounder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, for an exploration of the art and science of “ener-genetically” rewriting yourself.

This site provides detailed information on the Regenetics Method, including:

Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning. The first DNA activation in the Regenetics Method, Potentiation “resets” the human bioenergy blueprint, facilitating release of toxins and traumas and establishing a higher harmonic resonance with life-giving “torsion” energy. Potentiation also transforms the disruptive Fragmentary Body through a process called “sealing.”

Articulation Bioenergy Enhancement. The second DNA activation in the Regenetics Method, Articulation stimulates bioenergy and enhances creativity while facilitating the transformation of limiting thought-forms and behaviors. Articulation further “potentiates” the Fragmentary Body.

Elucidation Triune Activation. Elucidation, the third phase of the Regenetics Method, activates a mostly dormant portion of the prefrontal lobes by way of the neocortex, facilitating creation of a “Unified Consciousness Field.” Elucidation works specifically through the emotional body to assist the individual to replace limiting and/or harmful beliefs with life-affirming ones.

Transcension Bioenergy Crystallization. The final DNA activation in the four-part Regenetics Method, Transcension focuses on unblocking and healing the spiritual body, stimulating a safe, progressive kundalini awakening to facilitate luminous embodiment of unity consciousness.

Songs of Distinction. For those who have completed the 42-week Potentiation cycle and are in need of further assistance with rehydration and remineralization at the level of glands and organs, Songs of Distinction are supplemental “ener-genetic” fortifications that build on the restored bioenergy blueprint established through the first DNA activation in the Regenetics Method.

Regenetics Is Different ...

Those with highly evolved consciousness such as spiritual teachers always have insisted that the body-mind-spirit can be “potentiated” by words in the form of songs, poems, prayers, affirmations, or mantras.

The sound of the words must be harmonically attuned to the organism and the intention behind them impeccable. This is why although DNA activation has become trendy, results can vary enormously—ranging from none to life-changing.

The more fine-tuned the Facilitator’s awareness, the less need there is for machines. Many shamanic healers insist that a digital recording is like a clone—lacking spirit—which calls into question the effectiveness of DNA activation CDs and MP3s.

This touches on a discussion of the Path of Technology vs. the Path of Nature. But the bottom line is: there is no substitute for live human consciousness and voice.

In addition, no other DNA activation modality is designed specifically to “seal” and heal the Fragmentary Body. This is a key point because without bridging duality at the level of the human bioenergy blueprint, it is impossible to build a higher energy body.

We have performed Regenetics sessions for many individuals who have experienced prior DNA activation—and the nearly universal response has been that what we do is uniquely powerful and effective.

Finally, the Regenetics Method employs a vowel-only phonetic code keyed to DNA, paired with the recently rediscovered Solfeggio scale.

The Solfeggio is a primordial six-note scale many scholars believe to be the creational scale. This scale is so transformational it was hidden by the Catholic Church for centuries.

One of the Solfeggio notes, “Mi,” used in all Regenetics activations, is a frequency that has been employed by pioneering researchers to repair genetic defects.

Read about the Timeline & Principles for the Regenetics Method.


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